Anna Baker is 16 years old and lives with her uncle in London, Anna's parents died in a car accident when she was 10. But she's abused by her uncle since she was 12 and one day something really bad happens. She run into a special person, after that her life change.



3. Hospital - Harry's story


''ANNA'' I yell and try catching her. She fell, again. I lift her up at the couch. 

She's so thin, I'm scared of breaking a bone. 

''Niall! Get some water'' I yell and look at him. He run out in the kitchen and comes back with a glass filled with cold water. 

''Anna, wake up. Anna. Come on'' I say worried, I lay my hand on her wrist to feel her pulse. Then I really begin to worry, I can't feel it. I see Louis coming toward us. 

''What happened? I hear a yelling'' he says and then he see my beside a unconscious Anna. He sit down next to me and feel her pulse. 

''We must call an ambulance'' he says and pick up his phone. 

''I said we wouldn't go Louis'' I tell him ''She don't wanna go'' 

''If she don't go, I don't know what will happen'' he answer me with a convincing look. I nod at him and hear him make the call. About 5 minutes later I hear the sirens. I lift her up in my arm, and run toward the door. 

''Meet me at the hospital'' I yell to Louis, I see him nod an move on with running down the stairs to meet the doctors. They lay her on the stretcher and begin to put a drop and all that. ''Are you coming with? '' they ask me. I nod and rush into the ambulance. 


''Harry'' I hear Louis voice. I look up and I see all the boys are hear. Liam and Niall take the chairs next to me. Louis lay a hand on my shoulder and I look into his eyes. 
''How is she?'' he asks. 

''I don't know, they said they would give me some information as soon as possible but told me to wait here'' I answer him, I see a nurse come out from the doors I know Anna is behind. 

She walk against us, ''Who of you are Harry?'' she ask. I stand up, ''I am'' I say politely. 

''Please follow me'' she says and turn around, I look back at the boys, they make the sign that I should follow. She walk into a room, I look in and see Anna lay with her eyes closed. There are hoses connected to almost her entire body, I go up beside her and take her hand. 

''May the other boys come in here?'' I ask the nurse and look at her. She nods, ''Sure, but I have to ask what happened first'' she say. 

I tell her that I ran into her yesterday and she had a cut in her leg and everything she told me. Special the part where she told me that she couldn't go back. I told the nurse that all the bruises she had was made by her uncle. 

''And you didn't think of bringing her to the hospital before she collapsed?'' she ask while noting my story. 

''Yes, but she was afraid of going her in case her uncle would find her'' I answer her. 

''She could have been dead if she had been alone'' she tell me. ''She haven't had anything to eat in about 5 month, and she has internal injuries after what you say to be her uncle. Lucky for her, she escaped and ran into you'' she say and smile to me and walk out of the room. 


''The nurse told us what happened and then she asked Niall and Zayn what they had seen'' Liam tells me while we wait for Anna to wake up. I still hold her hand in mine. We smalltalk in about 30 minutes. Suddenly I feel a squeeze in my hand and look up at Anna, her eyes slowly opens. I stand up and so do the other boys. 

''Welcome back'' I say and smile 

I met this girl yesterday but I care about her, I will take care of her

''Hey'' she say with a smile. Her voice is a little rusty. 

She look a little confused as she look at the other boys and then she look back at me. 

''This is all the boys who live in the apartment with me. You've already met Niall and Zayn'' I point at them and she smiles to them. 

''Then there is Liam and Louis'' I say and point at both of them while saying there name. Liam lay his hand on her blanket where her leg is and smile at her. ''Hi'' he says. She smile back and look at the smiling Louis. 

''WHERE IS SHE!?'' I her a angry voice outside the room. I look at Anna and see her freeze completely. She begin to panic, try to sit and her tears stream down her face. Zayn and Liam goes outside the room to make sure he doesn't come in. Anna pulls me down and whisper in my ear ''It's him'' I can hear the panic in her voice and quickly get up and look at Louis and Niall. I nod at them and they get my point. 

''Sir, you can't go in there'' I hear a nurse say. ''No sir, I won't let you in'' I hear Zayn's voice. 

''MOVE'' I hear his voice again and then someone grabs the door handle.

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