Anna Baker is 16 years old and lives with her uncle in London, Anna's parents died in a car accident when she was 10. But she's abused by her uncle since she was 12 and one day something really bad happens. She run into a special person, after that her life change.



1. Get away

''ANNA!'' I hear my uncle yell. ''COME HERE YOUR STUPID KID'' I do as he say, I always do. I run down the stairs and see my uncle standing pretty upset in the kitchen, I walk a little slow out in the kitchen. 

''I'm here now'' I say a little scared. 

''You didn't do the dishes Anna, I told you to do the dishes!'' he says angrily. I'm scared of saying anything, I'm scared of move, I don't really know what to do. ''Don't just stand there! DO THE DISHES'' his voice rises a bit more and I begin to do the dishes. ''FASTER KID, FASTER'' he whisper in my ear and his hands begin to touch my body slowly. I feel really uncomfortable which actually is my natural feeling in his house. I'm not allowed to go outside unless I have to pick up the newspaper for him. 

''You like it?'' he say. I feel his hand slowly coming under my dress. ''You like the dress I bought for you? It looks really nice on you, but maybe better off you'' he starts pulling the dress up, I'm about to turn around and accidentally hits him in the stomach. This wasn't going to be good. ''I'm so sorry, it was an accident'' I say fast. 

''You little bastard'' he says angrily while standing up. ''You will regret this.''
He start walking towards me, and before I know he pushes me up against the wall. I feel a cut in my leg and look down. He cut me with his knife, I scream but he holds his hand over my mouth. I feel the tears streaming down my face. ''Quiet!'' he yells. 
He takes his hands around my neck, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think, I couldn't do anything. As a reaction my leg kicks. I accidentally kick him between his legs and he fall right down and so do I. 

I don't know what I'm thinking but I just start running. I tear up the front door runs out. I just keep running and running. Until I run into somebody by accident. I fall down to the ground, I'm still crying, I can't help it. 

''Are you alright?'' I hear a dark voice say. I slowly get up and look back to see if my uncle are following me. I feel a hand on my shoulder and screams as I turn around. ''I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you'' I hear the same dark voice again. I look up and into his eyes, as he see my his face changes from happy to choked. 
''Oh my God, are you okay?'' he sounds a little worried as he ask me. 

''I'm fine, I'm just a little dizzy'' I say and wrap my tears away. He takes my hand and makes me look at him. ''No you're not, my gosh your bleeding'' he says and look at my leg. The cut from the knife of course.

''I can't go back'' I say scared to him

''I'm not letting you, ok? Please let me help you'' he says politely while taking his coat of. He puts it over my shoulders and hold me into him as we walk away. 


I wake up in a strange place, really confused where I am. I look at the clock and rush out of the bed. I take my clothes and heads quickly to the front door but a curled hair boy stops me. 

''Where are you going?'' he ask a little surprised. 

''I have to go back, my uncle's gonna kill me if I don't'' I explain him with a scared voice. 

''I can't let you go back! Did he do this to you?'' he ask touching my face. 

I look down, ''yes'' I answer. 

''Stay here, you're safe here'' his hand lifts my head up and I see a kind smile. 

''He will find me, he always does!'' I try to sound politely but I guess it's impossible. 

I hear some footsteps behind me and turn around really fast and see a guy with dark hair. ''Please stay, Harry told us what happened to you after you fell asleep yesterday'' he says and smiles. ''You are safe here''

I guess the curled hair boy is Harry

I smile and turn around looking right in Harry's eyes. ''You promise?'' I ask him. 

''I promise'' he says and smile to me. ''I won't let anyone do this to you again, but we have to go to the hospital with your leg'' he says. I smile back at him and he pulls me in to a hug

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