Anna Baker is 16 years old and lives with her uncle in London, Anna's parents died in a car accident when she was 10. But she's abused by her uncle since she was 12 and one day something really bad happens. She run into a special person, after that her life change.



18. Anniversary

So Liam and I told the boys what happened on the so called ‘Date’. Non of them were mad, not even Harry. He just smiled and told me that I he’s happy for me and I deserve to be happy. No hard feelings, cool.

Today is kind of a big day for me, it's the one-year anniversary for me living with the boys. March 16th. Hell of a year. So many things have happened, it’s weird thinking back at it, I mean, I was in a coma for 6 months so I haven't really 'lived' here in a year, but things changed for me a year ago and that's kind of a big deal for me, something I want to celebrate. I'm feeling better now, I'm actually safe now.


''Good morning'' I say as I enter the living room where all of the boys sit.

''Good morning'' they all say in a choir but non of them look at me. I’ll ignore that because this is going to be a good day.

I walk out in the kitchen to get a glass of water as I hear someone follow me. I stop and look back, I see no one. I look back in the living room, they’re all gone.

I get a little nervous but turn around again.

''HAPPY ANNIVERSARY'' the boys shout happily, they stand right in front of me.

''How did you get there?'' I say and laugh.

''Magic'' Louis answers me and gives me a wink.

''Smartass'' I say back at him with a fake-offended voice.

He laughs and hugs me. ''We’re really happy that you’re okay again, and that you have lived with us for a year!'' he says while we hug.


''Hey beautiful'' Liam says while enter my room

''Are you kidding me? I’m having a towel wrapped around my hair and I’m standing in a robe.'' I answer him with a little laugh.

''Couldn’t you just say thank you?'' he says with a laugh

''Well thank you then, Liam'' I say with a wink.

He falls down on my bed and pull me down to him. I kind of scream and laugh at the same time as he pulls me down.

''LIAM!'' I say loudly

''Sorry'' he says and kiss me. I lay in his arms.

''Can you please tell me where we are going?'' I beg him

''No, it’s a surprise'' he answers me

''Well, can you at least help me find something to wear then?'' I ask him politely

''Sure, what do you have in mind?'' he asks me.

''I mean, we’re in march so it isn’t warm outside. How about my black jeans, my white turtleneck t-shirt, my oversized denim jacket and my old-school Vans?'' I say and pull all of it out of my closet.

''Try it, make a catwalk for me'' he laughs

''Liam, I’m serious'' I say back with a smile

''So am I'' he says

I give him my 'it’s-not-gonna-happen' look.

''Well, then at least try it and I’ll tell you how you look'' he says again.

I go into the toilet and put on the clothes. I look in the mirror; I think it’s an okay outfit.
I put my hair in a messy bun and put on some makeup, now I’m ready to show Liam how I look.

''How do I look?'' I say as I walk back in my room. I stop in front of the bed were Liam is and spin around.

''Wow'' he says

''Wow what? Wow good, wow bad?'' I ask him and laugh

''You look... beautiful'' he says and smile at me. I lean forward to kiss him.
I sit on the ground to put on my shoes. Remember you’re my girlfriend, no one can have you'' he says. I stop tying my shoe and look at him fast.

''Did you just call me your girlfriend?'' I ask him in a weird way. He never called me that before.

''Yeah, I mean, if you want to be'' he says fast and shy.

I jump off and on him in the bed. ''Are you kidding me? Yes of course!'' I say. A big smile grows on his face and he kisses me again.

''LIAM, ANNA! COME ON, WE HAVE TO GO'' we hear Harry yell from the living room.

''Coming!'' I yell back and kiss Liam fast and stand up. Liam looks good, his black jeans, a baby blue shirt and his black leather jacket. + his white Nike shoes.


''Guys, when can I look?'' I ask the boys. Niall has been holding his hand over my eyes since we parked the car 15 minutes ago or something.

''Now'' Harry says and Niall remove his hands. I see a big fun park, there are some big rollercoasters.

''What are we doing here?'' I ask them happy

''We are going to spend the anniversary here'' Niall says

''You deserve some fun so we all thought ‘why not a theme park’ so you’ll get a little more out'' Harry says with a happy voice

''And I guess you guys love places like this?'' I ask them

''We’re like kids in a candy shop here'' Zayn answers me and we all laugh.

''What do you want to try first?'' Liam ask and walk up next to me.

''That one!'' I say and point at the rollercoaster on the right side.

''Okay then'' he says and grabs my hand, we all get in the line. It’s a rollercoaster where you have to sit 3 next to each other.

''It's us now'' Liam whispers in my ear. We step in and I’m sitting in the middle. Liam is sitting on my left and Niall on my right. Harry, Zayn and Louis are sitting right behind us.

I feel some hands on my shoulder. ''Are you ready for this?'' I hear Harry’s voice.

''I don’t know'' I answer him

''What do you mean you don’t know?'' he asks.

''I’ve never tried this before'' I say and the rollercoaster start

''WHAT'' Harry yell


The tour ends and Harry looks at me.

''Are you okay?'' he asks me

I look at him with big eyes and all the boys look worried at me.

''That was so fun'' I shout and laugh. They all laugh and I get eye contact with Harry, he gives me a big smile and pull me into him in a fast hug.

We go on to the next rollercoaster, and the next, and the next and so on. I think we have been in here in hours, some girls have stopped us for an autograph and I think it’s fine.
We split up in groups. First I was with Liam for a while, then Louis and afterwards Zayn and Niall and now I have been alone with Harry for a while. I begin to feel a little hungry.

''So, what do you want to do now?'' he asks me as we get down from a new rollercoaster.

''I’m kind of hungry'' I say

''Me too. Should we find the other boys and find something to eat?'' he asks me. I nod.

''So is things getting serious between you and Liam?'' he asks me as we walk around in the park.

''I don’t know; I think so'' I answer him

''You don’t really know?'' he asks me a little confused

I stop and look at Harry. ''Can I tell you something?'' I ask him.

''Sure, what’s up?'' he answers

''Liam called me his girlfriend today'' I say and wait for a reaction.

''Wow, that's big'' he says. Not the reaction I excepted but it's cool.

''Yeah, I've never been called that before'' I say again.

''I wouldn't mind of calling you that, but when I can't I’m happy that Liam can'' he says

''Wait what? You would-'' I say until Harry interrupts me

''Yes'' he says and look into my eyes.

''HEY GUYS'' we hear Niall shout. thank you Niall. I smile at Liam as he walks towards me and kiss me.

''Anna is hungry'' Harry says and we get eye contact again and he winks at me. I look away and pull myself into Liam.

''Niall and I are hungry too, should we go?'' Louis says

''Yeah, let us'' Liam says.

We walk out from the park and down on a street close. I keep catching Harry staring at me and every time I look away fast, I don’t want to have eye contact with him right now.

We go into a small restaurant and as we enter some girls screams a little quiet. They ask for some autographs and the boys give it to them. One of them catch Liam and I holding hands and ask us if we’re dating. Liam looks at me with a happy face, I smile at her. ''Yes we are'' I say. Liam kiss my cheek and I feel the butterflies in my stomach again until I look at Harry who's looking weird at me. I lift my eyebrow and walk away.


''Do you want dessert?'' the waiter ask us as she take our plates.

''Do you want some sweet dessert?'' Harry asks me with a smile.

''No'' I say and look away. He’s been sitting right on the other side of the table on purpose and he keeps looking at me and say weird stuff. I feel a foot touching my leg and jump a little. All the boys look at me and I look at Harry, he sits with a big, innocent smile on his face.

''Are you okay?'' Liam asks me

''Yeah, I just really need to go to the bathroom'' I say and stand up without letting Harry out of sight.

I wash my hands and put some cold water in my face as the door goes up.

''They sent me to get you, we’re leaving'' Liam says.

''How long have I been in here?'' I ask him

''15 minutes'' he says. I sigh and walk with him out, he gives me my jacket and we go out.

''Let’s go to a nightclub'' I say and all the boys look surprised at me.

''Come on guys, I think I have to try it someday'' I say to convince them.

''But you're only 17?'' Niall says

''18 in a month, and I don't absolutely think it would be a problem for me to get in as long I'm with you guys'' I say again. 

''Are you sure about this?'' Liam asks me

''100%'' I answer him with a smile.

''What are we waiting for then?'' Zayn says and we begin to walk down the streets to find one. 

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