Dark Link x Reader x Link - Haunted Shadows

You wake up in a strange room with no memory of how you got there. After finding a way to escape, you realise that you're trapped in a nightmare, and there really is no way to leave...


1. Chapter One

You tried to open your eyes, but the lack of energy in your body protested, begging you to sleep. Sighing, you gave up, your aching muscles sinking back into the soft silk sheets. You lifted your hand and gingerly rubbed the back of your head, hissing as you felt a bump coming through. You couldn’t recall much of how it happened, just thankful that you were safe and warm in your own bed. You pulled the duvet up to cover your shoulders, the feel of silk soothing the burning pain you felt in every inch of your body. That’s when it hit you. Silk?! When would someone like you be sleeping in silk?! At that instant, you shot up for where you lay, throwing the covers off and cautiously looking around at your surroundings. You were sitting on a bed covered in black sheets, four silver poles holding up a black canopy over you. The poles had a design decorating them that looked like vines wrapped repeatedly around them, in the same silver colour. Your bed was situated in the middle of the far wall in the room, the arched oak door opposite and slightly to the left. Next to the door was a vanity, decorated in that same silver colour and vine design. The cushion of the stool that was next to it was in black. You got up, gasping as your knees wobbled, and gripped onto the bed post beside you to stop you falling. Slowly standing up straight, you stumbled to the vanity, grabbing onto the table part to prevent you from hitting the door.

You couldn’t say that your reflection shocked you; it looked the same as you did every morning, the dishevelled hair tumbling down your shoulders, and the dark bags under your eyes. You looked down at the table and picked the brush sitting there, running it through your tangled locks and wincing as it pulled the knots out. After what felt like an eternity of hell, you set it down and once again looked around the spacious bedroom. Turning your head to the right, you could see a big polished oak desk had been pushed against the wall, the colour matching that of the door. A black pot containing a white quill-pen was sitting on its far corner. The walls were painted a colourless shade of grey and a black plush carpet lay below your feet. Nothing in this room seemed out of the ordinary – it looked like where a guest might sleep upon visiting a manor of some kind. The only thing that scared you was not knowing how you got there. The memories from the day before were completely gone from your mind, though it was probably from the fatigue. Maybe you’d remember something if you just waited.

Taking in a heavy breath, you pushed up on the vanity’s table, standing up straight, grinning once finding out that the strength had returned to your legs. No matter how cosy the space you were in now was, you couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable, as if expecting attack at any moment. Maybe you were just being silly, but you had your reasons. As long as you lived in this era, you would never truly be safe – danger would always be right around the corner.

Weapons was the first thought that came to your mind, and you flung open the drawer. To your disappointment, you could only find a few pins and hair ties, so you shut it with a click. The first thing you’d noticed when you woke up was that your sword was missing from your side, so you figured it must be around here somewhere – unless you were a prisoner of some kind.

Crouching down, you looked under the bed, pushing the big black sheet out of the way to see… Nothing.

“Dammit…” you muttered, dropping the sheet and standing up again, “If I were a sword, where would I be?”

 You slowly spun your head around the room, taking note of every detail, every little nook and cranny you could see. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, and whoever had shut you up in here was smart enough to leave nothing useful that you could use to defend yourself with. You slumped back down on the bed, propping your chin up with your hands, elbows resting on your knees. The last thing you wanted to do was go out with no way to protect yourself from harm. And you knew you’d get harmed. There was always the option of staying inside and welcoming whatever fate your captor had in store for you – I mean, the room you woke up in was kinda nice. You would’ve been locked in a dungeon and chained up if they wanted to torture you. Still, you couldn’t shake the itchy feeling that something would happen if you didn’t escape. There was nothing to use to get out of here, either. A bed, a desk, a mirror… Wait….

You straightened up from your slumped form and gazed at the heaven-sent object in from of you, and you immediately shot up, a plan calculating in your head. Turning to face the bed, you grabbed the black sheet, tearing part of it off and securely wrapping it around your fist. You turned your body once again towards the mirror and swung your fist at it, making a crack in the middle. You watched as it spread, the glass shattering into a million pieces.

“Seven years bad luck…” you muttered, reaching your hand towards it and carefully picking off one of the shards, “well, if I stayed here, I’d have bad luck forever, anyway.”

The shard was indeed sharp; it wasn’t as great and a sword or knife, but it would do for now.

You tucked your make-shift weapon into a gap in your belt loop, and tried the door.

Locked, just as I thought you cursed, walking back to the vanity and taking a pin out of the drawer. It only took you a few seconds to unlock – a skill you’d picked up when locked in a cage by Gerudo when you were caught trying to steal gold from their treasure chamber.

You placed the pin in a way so it was stopping your bangs from falling in front of your face, knowing that if this didn’t work out, you’d probably need it later.

Mustering up the courage, you turned the knob and slowly opened the door, stepping into the stone corridor in front of you. Your boots made no sound except a tiny pat as you slowly tip-toed across the red carpet in front of you. Dimly lit candles guided your way through the darkness as you walked, and you tightly clutched the ends of your black tunic to ease your nerves. Wait… Black? Didn’t you normally wear (colour)? Okay, that’s weird… Maybe you decided to change it up and couldn’t remember because your head was currently jumbled? That seemed about right.  It was empty and eerily quiet, slightly scaring you as your mind conjured up the images of things hiding in the shadows. You felt ashamed of yourself for feeling this way, wondering where your courage had got to. Then again, anyone would be afraid, right? Some wouldn’t even dare to break a mirror in fear of getting cut, let alone walk out of the room – which you did. At least it proved that you weren’t a complete wimp.

The corridor was long and winding, but you kept following it, not even thinking about giving up or looking behind you.

A couple of times, you lost your balance due to the weak feeling returning to your legs, so you had to steady yourself on the stone wall before you collapsed. It was odd how one minute they were fine, and the next, they felt so heavy that you could barely stand.

The deeper you walked, the darker it turned, the whole setting in front of you looking like a still life monochrome painting. Either it was night time or you lost the ability to see light colours. If the ground beneath you made the littlest sound, you’d jump in shock and spin around. You were too paranoid at the moment, and you didn’t like it one bit. You could hear your own deep breathing in the eerily quiet halls, and the pounding in your heart didn’t cease.

“Ah!” You spun around, falling to the floor and backing away from your attacker with your hands. The dark figure cast over your form, but didn’t follow you. “Huh?”

Lifting one hand in the air, you took note of how the figure copied, and sighed in relief once you realised it was only your shadow.

Slowly getting up, you turned around, and took off running in the other direction, your feet barely making a sound as they padded the soft crimson carpet.

You couldn’t recall how long you’d been walking down this carpet for, and started to question whether it was a trap or not. But then… If it was, why would the door be locked? Was your captor trying to give you a false sense of hope? What good would that do?

Just thinking about the sick twisted person who did this to you made bile rise from you throat, and you hated them immediately. What had you done this deserve this? Well... You could understand if it was a monster or locked you in here, seeing as you’ve defeated so many of their kind. It was expected that they’d want some kind of revenge. Locking you in a room, and when you’d finally found a way out, plague you with a long winding corridor so you lost all sanity and hope of ever finding a way out… Wow, torturing the young mind… That’s a bit harsh… Hopefully, that wasn’t the case.

You’d reached the point of exhaustion and collapsed onto the floor. Pushing your back against the wall, you buried your head in your knees, muffling your uncontrollable sobbing.

“N-no…” you stuttered, “there has to be a way out…”

This was your fate? No, you wouldn’t stand for it. You’d find a way out, or you’d die trying. You’ve read enough books to know that there’s always a way out. Even if an enchantment was cast, there’d be a way to break it – or the wall, if that didn’t work out.

Drying your tears with your sleeve, you got up slowly, taking deep breaths to calm yourself. You didn’t let go of the wall, using it to help you walk further up the winding corridor. After all, you would never give up. If you did, you weren’t the only person that you’d be letting down.                                                                   

“Ouch!” you hit the ground with a thud, wincing at the impact. The person in front of you just gave you a disappointed look.

“C’mon, (Name), I thought you were better than this,” they sighed, shaking their head at you.

“No! That’s it, I give up! I’m finished!” you shouted, glaring up at them.

They gestured to the small wooden sword next to you, “pick up your weapon and fight! Never give in. If you give in, you’ll lose either way. Do you want to lose?!”

Your childish (colour) eyes widened, “n-no, but I keep losing against you! There’s no way I’m gonna win!”

“Yeah, definitely not.”


“With that attitude, you might as well just throw yourself into Ganon’s piggish mouth.”

“Don’t say that! I’m trying!!” you pouted, banging your fists on the ground.

A wooden sword much like your own was pointed at your abdomen, the wielder growling at you.

Poke, poke

“Ow! Stop it!” you squealed in upset.

“Then fight!”



 You reached out the grab the weapon.


You launched forward, poking the boy in front of you with your sword. He fell back onto the ground, you landing on top of him. He laughed, and soon, you followed.

“I’m so proud of you, (Name), so proud…”

You showed him a toothy grin, “I promise that I’ll never give up! Then you’ll always be proud of me!”

For his sake you couldn’t. You would never give in. Not until your last breath.        

You took off running this time, determined to reach the end. You weren’t going to succumb to whatever this monster had in store for you. You were a fighter. A strong, fierce and capable girl who could do anything you put your mind to. This Ganondorf scum may have thought he bested you, but he was so wrong. Seeing something moving in the distance, you squinted your eyes at it to get a closer look, nearly toppling over with a mix of anxiety and joy. In front of you was a shadow-like portal, the frame of it aimlessly waving around. You stopped yourself from jumping in. This could be your ticket out of here! You would be free!.. Or would you? Who knows what lurks beyond that portal? Perhaps the monster set this up just to tire you out and then brutally execute you in front of millions and you stepped out in your exhausted that. Well, hey – it beat this, didn’t it? And quite honestly, what did you have you lose?

Without a second to spare, you shut your eyes closed and jumped through, holding in your breath as you landed on the other side. Your eyes shot wide as you took in ever little detail – you were right. Yes, you were still standing in the same corridor, but it seemed much shorter than before, this time with several room and different hallways leading elsewhere. Lucky for you that the main path was a lot grander than the others, portraits and fancy tapestries decorating it rather than plain candlesticks – though there were still some for light.

Your right hand continued to hover around the shard, just so you’d be ready if something were to leap out.

You stopped.

You had reached the end of the winding passage, and your breath hitched in your throat. It was a dark room with two grand staircases on either side, joined in the middle by a balcony of sots. The same silver vine design was painted onto the banister, but you couldn’t tell what colour the carpet was. Due to the one grand candle filling a peep hole in the wall, you guessed it was some kind of burgundy or dark shade of red, though it might’ve been your eyes playing tricks on you due to the lack of colour, and it could just be black. The room didn’t stir, it was quiet – and that made you all the more nervous. Surely if something was going to jump out at you it would’ve done so by now? You inhaled sharply to calm your beating heart, and surveyed as much of the room as you could from where you stood atop the stairs. It was empty, and the walls were once again decorated in portraits. Most were of Ganondorf, and some were of the legendary fight between the Hero Of Time and himself in his beast form. You felt a chord of fear shoot through your body, and you gasped. It couldn’t be… You couldn’t possibly be in Ganondorf’s Castle, right? Didn’t Link seal him away? Well, that’s what he told you, but who knew? No matter how truthful Link is to his word, he can’t guarantee Hyrule’s safety from Ganondorf. He’s the King of Evil for Goddess’ Sake! What would Ganon want with you though? If he did escape, wouldn’t he just march straight to the castle and declare war on the kingdom? It wasn’t like you had any royal ties as far as you knew. You’d been raised as a normal Hylian.

The more you thought about it, the more it didn’t make sense, and you were praying that your memory would find a way back to your head sometime soon. You currently couldn’t make sense of anything and needed a sign that you weren’t losing your mind. What good would it do, staying here? Firstly, you had to get out – you could deal with other things later.

If you stayed in this dark and spooky castle any longer, you doubted that you would live to see the light of day. You really would lose it, just like your captor wanted.

Even the past few days were a blur. No matter how much you put your mind to it, you couldn’t remember anything that could help you figure out even the slightest detail as to why you came here. The only memory you had was tending to your horse with Malon somewhere near Lake Hylia. Willow, your fairy, was there too, laughing and dancing around the water. The glow she gave off was similar to a healing fairy’s and it reflected beautifully in the crystal blue lake. She was always with you, and when realisation struck you that her cheery voice was no longer there to give you advice or cheer you on, you began to panic, moving your hands to tug your hair so that you could focus on the pain rather than letting the possibilities of what happened to her tear away your remaining threads of sanity from you. What kind of person… Would do this…? Your companion… Your friend... No. She wasn’t dead – you could feel it. She’s probably in Hyrule field right now, looking for you and hoping that you’re alright. What if she isn’t, though…? What if they have her locked up, and are torturing her this very second just to break you once you find her? Oh Goddesses… No… Willow… She has to be okay…

All you could do was pray for her safety as you tip-toed down the staircase, nothing on your mind but her. And what about your family? They’re worried sick too, right? Well, at least they’re safe… And Willow’s smarter and stronger than you give her credit for. Even if they did lock her up, she would’ve found a way out by now.

The silver banister felt cool against your hand and you gripped onto it as if your life depended on it. Each step was cautiously taken, and you were always looking behind in case something was going to jump on you. It was really hard not to scream, but if you did that, then soldiers would be charging at you from every angle for sure. You managed to compose yourself enough and were able to walk down the length of the stairs without shaking too much.

You were basically in the throne room of Ganon’s castle, and hadn’t realised it until now due to your fear. At the corner of the other end of the room, you could see another passage way with the door open. For all you knew it was your ticket out of here, and you began to slowly walk towards it.

“Going somewhere?”

The chill voice stopped you in your tracks and your breathing hitched in your throat. It was a soft deep voice that sent shivers down your spine, almost as if it had been surrounded with shadows. You knew this voice, and it was the reason you were stuck here all along. It was the reason of the sudden memory loss that at this very moment was flooding back to you, and it made you want to scream in agony due to the sudden impact invading your brain. Yes, you knew this voice. It belonged to the Prince of Darkness himself.

“Dark Link,” you spat, turning to glare at the smirking entity reclining on the throne. His left elbow was resting on the arm and his cheek was resting on his fist. His legs were casually crossed as if he were watching some kind of sick entertainment that seemed to amuse him. The red fairy hovering next to him illuminated his twisted grin, the rest of his black-clad figure shrouded in darkness. Oh how you wanted to much up there and slap that smile right off his face – but knowing what he put you through in the recent past, you decided against it.

His grin widened when you looked at him with all the hate you could muster – it was sickening. How did he get so much joy in watching others suffer? Especially you, and why hadn’t he even killed you yet? Is Willow okay? A memory about that would probably come back to you in a minute or so. This man… Was sick.

The demon put a hand on his heart as if to show he was wounded, yet only amusement was shown in his glowing ruby orbs, “do you really hate me that much?”

Oh he had no idea.

“Where am I?! Where’s Willow?!” you snarled.

His expression never wavered, “oh, your annoying fly? Unfortunately, she got away. But then again, she was so annoying that I probably would’ve killed her within a few hours.”

You breathed a sigh of relief, steadying the beating of your heart, but it disappeared as soon as you registered the insults being thrown at your friend, “she’s a fairy, not a fly.”

“Really? I couldn’t tell,” Dark Link rolled his eyes, emphasising his sarcastic remark. It only fed to your annoyance. This guy was unbelievable; he’d do anything to piss you off! Willow meant so much to you, and she was always beside you. To think that something got her, or that she was no longer living… It… It was horrible… You’d like to think the shadow let her go, but knowing him, that wasn’t the case. It was probably Willow’s smart wits and her speed that got her away. His eyes hardened slightly before his mouth opened again, “I’m gonna give you a choice, (Name).”

You felt like laughing at this and raised an eyebrow, a smirk painted on your own lips. Crossing your arms, you replied, “a choice? What choice?” Now you were amused. What could he possibly put you through now?

“You can either go back up those stairs to the room you came from, or…” his eyes grew redder, “there’ll be consequences.”

You gulped, but tried not to let your fear show. People like Dark fed on fear. Give it to them, and they’d eat you alive. Even so – making you go back through that was too much. “Yeah, I think I’ll pass.”

The Shadow Prince grinned, “You’re more idiotic that I thought. That passageway had an enchantment on it to make you lose hope of getting out. Stepping through the shadow portal broke it. Humans really are filled with determination.”

You rolled your eyes, “and what are the consequences?”

“If you disobey me,” his smirk widened once again, “I think you’ll find out.”

You sighed, giving him one last glare before looking at the steps, and slowly trudging towards them. This was it – being a prisoner in a demon’s castle, your life-long dream, not. Someone will find you and get you out of this hellhole, you know that much. So for now, you just had to succumb to this sicko’s wishes.

You placed one foot slowly on the first step of the stairs, glaring at Dark from the corner of your eye. A look of victory was planted on his face, and you turned your head away, facing the steps once again. Another foot went on the step above the first before you grinned, “psych!”

You pushed off of the steps to give you air, before spinning and running in the other direction, the door to freedom just within your reach. Bolting through the passageway, you didn’t give up, no matter how much your legs hurt. You promised Kanen, your older brother, that you would never give up. When you were kids growing up with the Sheikah tribe, he’d always take care of you, and he also taught you how to fight. His short white hair was a contrast from his dark complexion and his deep red eyes shone like a gem. A red birthmark was painted underneath his left eye that resembled two tears entwining to make a dagger at the end. According to Impa, having those marks were normal for a Sheikah. You always wondered why you stood out so much from the tribe based on appearance, and Kanen guessed it was probably because one of your parents were Hylian and that it made you both twice as special. Even know, as your legs wanted to tear themselves from your body, you had to keep going, because you’d never get to see him again if you didn’t.

“Stop her!” Dark yelled, and at that instant, Stalfos shot up from the ground, cornering you. You backed up a bit before breaking off into a sprint again, banging your head into the chest of the being that appeared right in front of you, smirking. You gasped as he grabbed your hand, and you tried your best to escape. A mini spark was felt between you as your flesh touched, and you both looked at each other in confusion before realising the situation you were in. You gripped the shard of glass, pulling it out and aimed it at his chest… And froze, dropping it to the ground where it shattered. Your eyes grew heavy and you collapsed. Dark caught you before the glass could pierce your skin. If you weren’t in the midst of fainting, you would’ve been shocked at the gentle embrace.

The last thing you heard before passing out was, “you know what to do.”

Then it all went black.

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