In love with the past's futur

She opened her eyes and saw....Harry? No it's not Harry. But he looks so much like him. How did she land at Hogwarts anyway? DISCLAIMER: HARRY POTTER BELONGS TO J.K.ROWLING.


1. 1.The start.

It was a beautiful day in the middle of June. Cedric's funeral took place less than three weeks ago and fourteen year old Ginny Weasley was more than shaken at the idea of Voldemort's return. She decided to take Hermione's advice and start dating boys other than harry, although he was the only one on her mind, especially after the third task of the Triwizard Tournament. Ginny knew she didn't really like Zacharias Smith but thought of it as an opportunity to make Harry jealous. Harry.....He was the first boy she cared about other than her brothers, and the only one. Her thoughts carried her all the way to a clearing far away from The Burrow. Why did she say yes when she knew she would hurt him in the end? However, before she could answer her question, Ginevra Weasley felt a sudden ache in her head and fell to the ground unconscious. 

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