Crystal rose

Aurora rose gets put under a sleeping curse by Maleficent her “evil“ Godmother. Maleficent puts a spell on one of her blood red roses then on Auroras special 16th birthday she goes to pick flowers and ‘accidentally’ pricks her finger on a gorgeous red rose and falls asleep ,for the next 100 years while she is sleeping. Auroras kingdom is put to sleep by her fairy godmothers so when Aurora wakes up nobody is dead, but while everyone is sleeping Maleficent has quietly taken over the snoring kingdom. Auroras godmothers sent every prince on the entire earth (thats not sleeping) , into the castle where Maleficent rules. They grant each prince one wish to help them on their journey. most ask for bravery or a map but one prince stood out, his name was John. He asked for an extra long life so he could find Aurora. The godmothers granted him his wish and he set off. Over 200 men went in. But none came out except for prince John who came back with only a blood red rose petal.


1. aurora rose

                               Aurora rose


There I lay asleep on the top of a hill all alone on a fluffy bed. A golden sword lay at my

feet and a red rose in my hand. Even though I was asleep I could still sense, feel and see everything. There was fire everywhere, people lay on the ground showing no sign of life

and there amidst the chaos I saw her, Maleficent, the evil being that had cursed me when I was just a babe.

I could still hear my fairy Godmother say to me “It is your destiny to defeat the Destroyer,”

when I turned back to face the woman, she had taken a new form. In the place of the wretched witch was a bloodthirsty dragon. She towered above me, growling and hissing as you picture a dragon would.

With a whispery voice she beckoned me closer and closer. So close l could feel her hot fiery breath on my face. My only thought was  that I was going to die. “Help!” I shrieked. Suddenly, I  woke up hot and sweaty with my 12 Godmothers hovering above me muttering things like, “Oh the poor dear!” and  “It probably was just another nightmare.”  “Stop fussing over me”, I said, “Today is my day because it is my 16th birthday!” Little did I know that the special birthday that I was so looking forward would bring with it a prison that would hold me captive for the next one hundred years.


 Many people have heard my story up until now but what they don't know is that the prince didn't save me from the slumber I was condemned to after pricking my finger that unfortunate 16th birthday, for we hadn’t even met. A prince breaking my spell with “true love’s kiss” was only a bedtime story told to soothe young children. When I was born the jealous Maleficent cast a spell on my life, cursing me to prick my finger while picking a rose near the castle and fall instantly dead. Merryweather, one of my fairy Godmothers,  tried in vain to revoke the spell. Her powers were not strong enough to remove it completely,  but she was able to lighten the curse. So I would not die but rather sleep for one hundred years alongside all those in my kingdom. As long as I held the rose, my sleep would be broken when a century had passed.




Smoke! I smell smoke. Fire! I see fire. Wait. I could... I could see! I was awake! I could move my limbs! I could drop the cursed rose! I felt as if I could fly! Hold on... fire, smoke, thorns, people on the ground. This could not be the kingdom I once knew. What was going on? Maleficent!! She was behind all this.

I suddenly had an urge to go to the palace where I was born. I looked down at the rose I’d held so long. The magic of the spells had hardened its delicate petals into crystal and it shone with a golden brilliance. I placed it in my robe, grabbed a sword for protection and set off.

As I crossed the grand entrance of the palace I saw a dark figure turn toward me and say ,“Oh how nice of you to show up! Now I finally get that perfect battle I’ve been planning.” It was Maleficent. “Why you…” I ,screamed. “You’ve been planning this ever since you knew I was born   Right? You just wanted to get rid of the royal family so you could come in here and rule my kingdom. Well, I won't have it! I will avenge my kingdom if its the last thing I do!” “Oh but darling. It will be the last thing you do. Have you met me in my newest form?” said maleficent with glee!

A flash of green light shot from Maleficent's body. The next thing I saw sent shivers down my spine. It was just like in my dream. Maleficent had turned into a hideous dragon. I grabbed at my sword and stabbed it into the ground, “Aaahhhhhhhhh!!” Maleficent shrieked. The sword was jammed through her scaly foot. I yanked it out hard but as I did I watched in amazement as the wound instantly healed. My anger surged as I slashed wildly at any part of her within my reach. These gashes too closed almost as instantly as they’d been opened. “Honey, nothing you can do can kill meeee,” she hissed.

A thought then flashed through my mind, “If she put me into a spell, I can do the same to her. But instead of only for 100 years it will be forever!” This was my last chance to show Maleficent she had made a huge mistake in casting her spell on me. I threw the golden rose at her. Its tiny thorn pricking her scale-covered finger as it fell. “You fool!” she screamed in agony. “Do you know what this does? Magic reversed is nothing but a curse! It will kill meeeeeeeeee!” Her giant form writhed, withered and shrunk until she lay dead before me in her regular form. Just an ugly wretched witch.

I turned my head and saw my parents running toward me. “Oh darling, is that you?” My mother said on the verge of tears. “Yes, yes! Oh how I’ve missed you!” I said. We all embraced and I saw my 12 godmothers and a man standing behind them. “Oh honey, let me introduce prince John, he has been searching for you for 100 years.” said my father.Well, I guess I was wrong about the prince and true loves’ kiss being only a bedtime story. Maybe I do get a happy  ending.

Now that I've told my story I guess there’s not much else to say except for “And we all lived happily ever after”.

The end.

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