The Comfort of the Stream

A terrifying tale told by a narrator to the reader of what occurred in a stream years previous. Right from the beginning you know the outcome and the poem leaves you in suspense with a creepy rhyming scheme. Pittsburgh by The Amity Affliction is a perfect music video to accompany this piece. (For some reason I couldn't insert the link for a trailer I'm sorry.)


1. The Comfort of the Stream

There lies a place not too far away where a suicide occurred one dreadful day.

A son ran away from his unhappy home.

He never went back though he felt so alone.

The darkness set in the sky, but something darker brewed inside.

With no protection from himself, he had no place to hide.

The thoughts flooded his head and no one heard his screams.

It was so frightening you'd think it only lived in bad dreams.

On and on he ran the whole night through, trying to escape the fate he knew the darkness could ensue.

Deep in his heart he knew it would be his last night, so he took a spot by the riverbed and he let the water seal his lungs tight.

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