Just Go With It

Jade Williams . Used to just be a dancer making her dreams come true step by step . Now shes getting paid to be the girlfriend of Harry Styles?. They would do anything to get away from each other but when Kendall dumps Harry his emotions turn creating a love/hate feeling towards jade . Will Jade feel different of Harry in the end ?

(P.s This story originated from my Quotev page . So if you have a quotev and you see this story its mine :D )

Copyright ©HazzasTeddyBear 2016


9. Chapter 9 [Nothing Will EVER change .. right ?]

Jade's P.O.V

After practice I went shopping for my date at the fair with Axiel . I want everything to be special because this could possibly be my first real relationship . I've been stuck in this fake bullshit since 2012 and now I really want something real . Something that I can make memories out of . I got in the shower and stuff and then I chose one of the outfits I bought 

  I did my make up and flat ironed my hair .

I walked downstairs to the basement to get my jean jacket off the couch and when I got down there all the guys were over playing FIFA . "Hey Jade" Niall waved . "Hey what's up " I waved back . Everyone ooed at me . The game was paused and I felt everyones eyes on me . "You look beautiful Jade " Liam complimented me . "Thank you Liam " I smiled getting my jean jacket and puting it on .

"And where are you about to go ?" Harry's voice asked . "I'm going out with some friends " I responded walking back up the stairs . Like I'm gonna tell Harry I'm actually going on a date . But it looks like he's already got the idea because he followed me up the stairs He shut the basement door behind him so the guys wont hear us . "I asked you .. Where are you about to go ?" He stood infront of m who was sitting on the couch putting on my shoes .
" Do I really have to tell you .. Like .. I doesn't apply to you where I'm going " I shrugged . I got up after putting on my shoes . His fingers grabbed onto the waist band of my skirt . "I didn't say you could walk away from me .. Tell me where you are going !" He yelled . "Not with that attitude "I said . "Cut the fucking bullshit Jade and tell me where the hell you are going !" He was know at his breaking point .

He was gonna snap at me even more if i kept this up and I didn't want him to yell at me so I just kept quiet . "Jade !!" He yelled . "I'm going to the fair with Axiel " I mumbled . He sighed turning away from me . "A-Are you mad ?" I asked . "Am I fucking mad ?! are you really that dumb ?" He yelled . I covered my face . I don't why now it affects me when he yells at me . Usually I would yell back . "Harry I'm sorry " I whispered . "SORRY ?! IF YOU KNEW YOU WERE FUCKING WRONG FOR THIS WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DO IT !!!??" He growled in my face . "Because maybe Its time for me to do things my way !" I yelled .

He stopped . "You know what ? I'm so fucking tired of you .. You think you can just control my fucking life whenever you want to . Well wake up Harry ! This relationship if a fucking lie !!! . You don't care about me so why do you act like it ?! . Nothing is .. Nothing is ever gonna change .." I felt a tear come down my cheek and I turned away . I couldn't look at him anymore I was gonna literally break down crying . I tried to walk away from him and he grabbed my wrist . "Don't walk away from me ... " He said quieter and softer .

He pulled me to him slowly and and softly . Our chests touched together and our faces met . He dried my eyes with his sleeve "Don't cry " He whispered running his thumb over my cheek. I just looked into his eyes . The innocence in his eyes .I don't know why we do this . We aren't really even dating and we argue like a married couple . Just then there was a knock on the door .

I sighed getting my bag off the floor and getting my phone of the table . I turned back to Harry . "What your not gonna ask when I'll be back ?" I said . He looked at me for a seconed then he shook his head "Don't worry about me ." He said smiling a little . I turned back slowly and opened the door to Axiel . "Hey Jade you ready ? You look beautiful" He kissed both of my cheeks . "Thankyou " . I saw him glance at Harry then back at me . "Lets go I'm ready to have some fun " He smiled taking my hand and pulling me out the door .

I couldn't stop thinking of Harry or what he just did . I know things are hard between us but things could get different . But the way he yelled at me and his mood immediately changed . He does it all the time but why now do I get so upset ? .. Nothing will ever change .. right ??


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