Just Go With It

Jade Williams . Used to just be a dancer making her dreams come true step by step . Now shes getting paid to be the girlfriend of Harry Styles?. They would do anything to get away from each other but when Kendall dumps Harry his emotions turn creating a love/hate feeling towards jade . Will Jade feel different of Harry in the end ?

(P.s This story originated from my Quotev page . So if you have a quotev and you see this story its mine :D )

Copyright ©HazzasTeddyBear 2016


8. Chapter 8 [Should we date ? Or Nah?]

Jade's P.O.V

I saw rain droplets fall from the sky through the grand window in Harry's room . My head rose from the pillow to see nobody next to my naked body . I was scared to see I was naked but then I remember oh yeahhh I had sex with Harry last night . For some reason I wanna say I don't regret it .. Because I kinda don't . Yes It was that good . But It was more of angry 'I hate you' sex than making love honestly . I'm not complaining .

I don't love Harry and I never will . I pulled the covers off me and let my feet touch the cold cherry wood floor . I scratched my head walking out of Harry's room and into my own changing into my practice clothes for today .


 I walked downstairs as the aroma of bacon and toast shot up my nose . I peaked in the kitchen to see Harry cooking in his robe like every other morning .

I walked in the kitchen soon after getting a water bottle out the fridge . I walked over to the cabinet getting my Nutella out when I felt the presence of someone behind me . I could smell a Mix of Playboy cologne and sex which made me know it was Harry . His fingers ghosted on my hips light touching them . Light gentle kisses trailed on my neck . "Did I tell you that you taste so good " He smirked .

I couldn't hold back the fact that his kisses felt so good . I let out a soft moan making him chuckle . "I like how turned on your getting ... I just wanna fuck you right on the table right now " He growled in my ear . "Too bad you can't . I'm already late for practice because of you " I picked up my bag off the floor . He groaned "Why do you always go to practice .. What to see Justin " He teased .

"No to practice ... And just for the record .. I don't like Justin .. He likes me " I smiled . I grabbed my umbrella out of the umbrella holder and took my keys off the table . "So are you gonna lie to me again about what time you come home or are you gonna tell me for real " Harry asked . "I don't know . Should I actually tell you ?" I answered him in another question . He sighed " You should tell me " He smirked .

I rolled my eyes at his smirk "I'll be home at 3 " I walked out the door . "Bye Jade " He waved . "Bye" I said back . WAIT !! Did he just call me jade and wave at me ... I think Harry is losing it . First Its' I hate you '.. Now he's actually calling me jade and everytime of the day its ' I WANNA FUCK YOU SENSELESS' WHAT THE FUCK !!!! I'm soo confused . 


Doing the routine for the third time I watched Axiel through the dancing mirror singing Confident to himself .


 He moved so perfectly I couldn't help but stare . It may seem like I'm falling for Harry , Justin , and Axiel but the truth is Axiel is all I want . He's all I have ever wanted . Once we finished everyone clapped it up for ourselves taking a breather . "Okay everyone take 5 . Jade can I see you " Justin called . Everyone ooed like a bunch of first graders . I rolled my eyes walking over to him .

"So what happened after our date last night .. Were you missing me or nah ?" He smirked . "I think I survived .. was that all you needed ?" I asked trying to walk away but he grabbed me . "No .. I was asking if you could come over tonight for some movies or something . I really like hanging out with you and stuff . "He whined . "Um .." I asked . I turned back seeing Axiel talking to some friends then he looked at me and winked . Once he turned back to his friends I turned back to Justin .

"Um .. I can't .. I have plans tonight .. But I'm free after the concert on tomorrow . " I smiled . "Okay cool .. I'll be texting you " He winked walking away from me . I rolled my eyes . Its seriously disgusting that he keeps flirting with me but I mean come on .. It is JUSTIN BEIBER . I walked over to Axiel and his friend "Hey " I said . His attention quickly came on me "Hey " He smiled . "Guys we're about to go to the practice stage " One of the dancers said pointing to the door to the practice stage .

"Cool we'll be in there in a second " Axiel said . She nodded going in with everyone else . He looked back at me his eyes peering into mine "I was just thinking about you " He smiled . "Really ?" I asked smiling back . "Yeah .. I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go to the fair with me tonight and If we could go as ... " He stopped himself . "Go as what ..." I said trying to make him continue .

"Nothing .. But do you wanna go ?" He asked with a little smile . "Of course " I smiled . "Good good .. I'll pick you up at 6 ?" He asked grabbing his stuff . "Yeah that's fine .. I really looking forward to this " I smiled . "Me too " He nodded as we walked into the practice stage doors together .

Liek for moar !!!!!  

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