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Jade Williams . Used to just be a dancer making her dreams come true step by step . Now shes getting paid to be the girlfriend of Harry Styles?. They would do anything to get away from each other but when Kendall dumps Harry his emotions turn creating a love/hate feeling towards jade . Will Jade feel different of Harry in the end ?

(P.s This story originated from my Quotev page . So if you have a quotev and you see this story its mine :D )

Copyright ©HazzasTeddyBear 2016


5. Chapter 5 [Uh .. A Date?]

 Jade's P.O.V

We were walking hand in hand into the store followed by reporters and cameras and fans . An average day of shopping . All the question were about why I was at Kendall and Axiel's yesterday . I REFUSED to say anything . Harry told me to ignore them anyway and I was doing a pretty good job of doing that .We walked in the store greeted by my personal stylist who showed me what she picked out .

I began to try stuff on and we went through about 6 outfits"Ugh can you hurry up !" Harry said impatiently . "Shut up" I said . He rolled his eyes . Went from Loving and Caring back to an ass like that . Then I tried on one more and it was perfect . "I would like this one" I said looking in the mirror . "What size" My stylist asked "This size is fine" I nodded .She walked to the back to get my dress .

I twirled around in the dress barefoot . I looked in the mirror at Harry who was standing there by he wall with a smile on his face . I don't know if he was thinking about something else or .. that smile was for me . I turned around "Do you like it ?" I asked him .

"Kendall was built just like you .. Except she was skinnier than you " He looked up in the sky . I rolled my eyes . I went back to change back into my clothes and then she came out with my dress ,my shoes , and the accessories that matched . She rung me up "That will be $1833.53 will that be on you credit Ms. Williams" She asked . "Yes please" I smiled taking out my card . "Let me pay for it for you Jade " Harry said .

Before I could say anything he already gave his card to her "Ill pay you back " I whispered  . "You don't have to" He shrugged . I smiled . Wait .. SMILED?! . I grabbed my bags off the counter and we walked out .

We got home and I went upstairs to get ready I took a shower then I did my makeup and My hair . After that I slipped on my dress and shoes and stuff completing my outfit

    I came downstairs kiking Axiel 

Are you and Harry becoming an actual thing or something ? -Love Axiel
No or ... I don't know he's being weird -Jade It Up
Well I just wanted to know because there's something I wanna tell you - Love Axiel
Yeah ?- Jade 
Love Axiel is typing .....

Before He could kik back my phone died . "Shit!" I said . "What's wrong with you ?" Harry asked as he came down the stairs . "N-Nothing " I smiled . I walked down the rest of the stairs putting on my jacket . "Shall we ?" Harry said holding out his hand . I took his hand and we walked out the house. Now I'm never gonna find out what he said . We got into the Limo and it then drove off "Um is Axiel and Kendall gonna be there ?" I asked .
"Why should you care ?" Harry asked back . "Well because Axiel is my --" He cut me off "Look I don't want you hanging out with Axiel anymore alright ? " He mumbled "Why ?" I asked him . "Because you belong to me Jade " He mumbled pulling me close . Harry was scaring me . He was rubbing me the wrong way and I felt very uncomfortable . 

We got to the awards and we sat in the front with the rest of the guys Harry was touching me uncomfortably again . I couldn't stop him . Nobody can stop Harry Styles from doing what he wanted . I felt someone sit in the seat next to me and I turned around to see Justin and Selena next to him . "Whoa hey jade long time no see " Justin smiled . "More like 4 hours ago " I mumbled .
He laughed "You're so funny " He shook his head while laughing . "I guess . Shouldn't you be battling with the press or making sex tape with Selena " I asked him . Something has to get this guy away from me . "Wow I took that to the heart that you think I'm like that too " He said . I rolled my eyes "You are like that" I chuckled at how he didn't even notice he was like that .
"I can change if you don't like that " He smirked . "Noo trust me I want nothing from you but to be yourself " I giggled . He smiled "Sweetie I think its time for you to get ready for your performance " Selena said . I saw Justin's eyes roll and he got up from his reserved seat . Selena was about to get up but she was stopped "You stay here okay ?" Justin said . She smiled and nodded . She's like a fucking test doll how does he do that ?! He winked at me before walking away . Okay then . 

Justin was on stage performing and everyone was clapping and dancing to all that matters except for the band . Niall had to secretly dance because he knew that if Harry were to see him . Harry would be pissed . I wanted to dance too but I couldn't either . Selena was screaming and everything like a weirdo  and I just looked at Justin to see if he was gonna give her a reaction.
Instead he winked at me . It surprises me that Harry didn't notice any of this yet . When Justin's performance was finished everyone cheered and clapped . I felt Harry's hand snake around my waist . "You weren't starring at him were you ?" He whispered in my ear . I turned to him .
I shook my head not sure if this was a lie . He smiled as his face lined up with mine . His hand made its was to my ass and I yelped .He shushed me starting to kiss on my neck . I was scared by this . Why is Harry acting so nice all of the sudden . "Hey Uh Harry we gotta go to the stage " Liam tapped his shoulder . Harry groaned he got up "You coming ?" He asked . I shook my head smiling "No thankyou" I said . He smiled then walking away . Sat back in my chair starring at the ceiling .

I tried to put together in my head why Harry was being so nice to me but I was interrupted but Justin then walking back to his seat and tapping me on the shoulder . "I'm back " He sung . "Mhm I see" I said looking around . "So while up there I was thinking .. Maybe we can go on a date tomorrow . a private date . No paparazzi .. just me and you " He said . I chuckled "So you really just asked me on a date infront of your girlfriend .." I said .

He shrugged " As far as management knows we are still together .. I know you and Harry's relationship is fake I can see it all in his and your eyes " He said . I looked away . "So .. What do you say ?" He asked . I looked back at him . "I guess" I said  "cool um ..Is after the callback okay with you ?" He asked . "Yeah that's okay " I smiled . He smiled back . "Jade!" I heard Harry's voice call . I turned around and he was motioning me toward him . I got up and began to walk toward him "Bye" Justin said . I turned back and smiled then jogging the rest of the way to Harry's side 

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