Just Go With It

Jade Williams . Used to just be a dancer making her dreams come true step by step . Now shes getting paid to be the girlfriend of Harry Styles?. They would do anything to get away from each other but when Kendall dumps Harry his emotions turn creating a love/hate feeling towards jade . Will Jade feel different of Harry in the end ?

(P.s This story originated from my Quotev page . So if you have a quotev and you see this story its mine :D )

Copyright ©HazzasTeddyBear 2016


14. Chapter 14 [LOL I'm not Jealous -_-]

Jade's P.O.V

After the show we all went back to our hotel rooms for the night and tomorrow we'll be returning home . Me and Axiel decided to share a Hotel room because I just knew him that way . People take that excuse in a fucked up way .. if you know what I mean . After changing into a pair of Nike basketball short and a cropped top I pulled my hair into a high ponytail and walked over to my bed . Shortly after Axiel came out of the bathroom with his sweat pants and t-shirt covering his body as he ruffled his hair .

" Today was long ! " He sighed loudly flopping in his bed with his Mike Wisowski stuffed animal . His fetish for Monsters INC is absolutely adorable .
" Well its  over now we can stop stressing . I'm just happy to go home " I admitted . For some reason I felt myself actually miss being home with Harry . I mean yeah we argue , and he pushes me around constantly . But I've been bothered about what Justin told me .. and I just wanna be at home now . " What you miss Harrryyy" Axiel joked making me laugh as I threw a pillow at his head .
"No .. Its just what Justin said .. " I shrugged . I'm surprised he didn't ask what Justin said but Axiel isn't the type to get in peoples business or personal things . and I respect that . I turned off the lamp between our beds making the only light come from my phone . Axiel continued .
" Well I got to dance with my Idol and my new girlfriend in front of millions of people that used to be where I was ... but I don't think my night is complete yet . " I said . "Why" I questioned him . He was quiet for a second ." Because I'm not cuddling with you J" He said . My cheeks burned red not even a few seconds later I was running over to his bed with my phone and charger in my hand .
He held me tightly in his arms . I could hear his heart beat go at a nice and medium pace as he relaxed himself in a peaceful sleep . I closed my eyes trying to stop thinking about going home to Harry knowing I also wanted to be with Axiel . and then Justin comes through and its even harder to sleep . And as if the thoughts of Harry were bad enough before I fell asleep a text from Harry pops up on my screen reading 

I can't wait to see you in the morning .. GoodNight beautiful <3 -Harry


Getting off the plane and driving home had to be the weirdest feeling I have had in a long long time . Its all because of that text from Harry . That I still didn't respond to . I hope he's not pissed about that decision . Once I was back at me and Harry's house I grabbed my bags , unlocked the door , and walked in the silent house , The only light coming from the windows . As I dropped my stuff and looked up I saw the person who obviously has been dying to see me . Harry . " So your gonna give me a hug or are you still pissed off ?" He smiled lightly leaning against the cocaine white walls . I thought one hug wouldn't hurt . I walked over and he pulled me into this warm and fairly tight hug that if I said I hated it I would be lying . As I felt his lips plant a kiss on my temple I simply melted inside . " I was waiting for you to come home because I wanna ask you on a date ." He said . I looked at him confused like because .. Jarry has NEVER been on a date . LIKE EVER ! ." Ha .. Really ?" I folded my arms  "I know its a weird request but . I just wanna show you that we can have a good time . " He explained . I really wanted to say No but this little bug inside me just wanted to give him a chance . " Alright fine .. where are we going ? " I asked knowing he was probably gonna go all out . "Not telling you . just put on anything " He told me then walking away . Okaaay thenn 
I went upstairs one step at a time and went to take a shower . After I got out the shower I decided to do my hair first then put on my outfit and do my make up . It took some time but I finally walked back down the steps to Harry in totally different Clothes . "Ready to go ?" He rose from the couch fixing his shirt and smiling at me . "Ready to go to bed ??" I whined . He chuckled grabbing my hand "Its just just a jet lag . you'll be okay . that'll definitely wear off " . "Where are we even going ??" I asked as we walked out the door . "don't worry about it . It's a surprise and I won't spoil it " He said shutting the front door behind him . 
I don't understand what the hell the surprise was . Once we left he took me on this quick jet ride to paris He took me around to shop and stuff that I actually LOVED to do . Harry has never done anything like that . Then after that bit he took me to a hat's festival . It was over the top funny watching him try on top hats and dance around for a while . It definitely went on snap chat . 
We tried like 20 different kinds of macaroons and he took the weirdest selfies with me OFF GUARD . I was good looking still . We ended the day , my phone full of pictures and videos and my mind of of simple memories that meant a lot to me . He carried my bags in one hand and my hand in the other . "There's one more place I wanna take you " he says in a subtle voice . "Wheres that ?" I asked , He smile and I see us walk towards my favorite place in the world . The Eiffel Tower .
We took the elevator all the way to the top and to make the moment better we were alone . We watched the stars together kinda just enjoying the silence between us for once . The whole time my phone buzzed in my pocket and I felt maybe this was the right time to shut the buzzing up . I unlocked my phone to a bunch of text on kik and messenger from Axiel .
JADE!!! -She's My Life 
JADDDDDEEEEEEE 💚💚💚 - She's My Life

Axiel 💘💍💏

---------------sent 2:30 pm--------------------
- Sorry I didn't text you . I
accidentally fell asleep . and then I forgot I was cooking
noodles and my noodles burned  😭

- Well at least my headache went away  😁
-And those noodles were yummy 

-Hey I'm just shoplifting 
-Sike nah . I'm trying to find some new stores with Josh .
There's alot to choose from
-Aw shit theres a store with shirts that have bad puns on them
-Dudee . I already picked out like 5 shirts . 
-I got one for you . It says the only 2 letters that should describe you is QT haha get it .
Cause your a cutie  😍💕🎀
-Done checking out . Just realized I bought the whole store . 
I knew you would like some of the stuff in there so I got you some stuff . ❤😊
 -But I know you might be busy right now  ❤😔💔

-Hey .. I just wanna tell you That I'm off to bed .
I miss you and I love you .
We didn't talk much today and that makes me a little sad .
But that's okay I get to see you tomorrow I hope .
I'm mentally kissing you goodnight . Hope you feel it .



"So ." Harry says out of no where . I looked up from my phone after texting Axiel back . "You and Axiel huh ?" . "What about us ?" I asked him . Why did he even want to know . I thought this was a date . He shrugged holding his hands up in defense ."Nothing its just . I uh . Never though YOU would fall for the guitar player . and that nose piercing doesn't it creep you out when you kiss ?" He gawks on and on . I just laugh "No actually I think its cute . " .
"Oh .. well that's your opinion honestly . Its not like one of those piercings could be dedicated to you or anything like that . I'm guessing  you guys have a lot of fun together , He takes you everywhere you wanna go , buy you whatever you want , knows you like the back of his hand . You know I'M just guessing cuz . I don't know " . As soon as he finish I just look at him as he held onto the fencing separating him and the long fall beneath us . "To me you sound .. a bit jealous .. " I smirked at him .
He looks at me then just starts to laugh , really loud , and really hard . "I'm not fucking jealous where did you get that bit from " . He slaps his knee in laughter . " I don't know why else would you care about me and Axiel and what we're doing in a relationship . What you think you can do better ?" I folded my arms . He lightly chuckled calming down from that loud outrageous laughter . "Well of course I do but .... I can't help but love to see you smile . No matter how it goes from here into the future .I mean duh your my 'Girlfriend' " He said .
He placed his hands on my hips . "Your managed girlfriend . I get paid for dating you remember " I reminded him smiling . "Yeah yeah I remember . But . I just don't wanna see you forget about me you know .. " He sighed .

I put my head to side as he speaks . " I mean . it took 3 years to build up this relationship we have thought it might not always be as good as we play it to be . And some day you're gonna Oh I don't know run off with Axiel and start a life and a family .. and I'm gonna just be a little memory . But I'll never forget about you . No matter what you do " He said . I couldn't help but smile at him . But he wasn't done "And just to show you that ."
He goes into his back pocket and pulls out a diamond necklace with a diamond and gold heart pendant
. "Harry You didn't -" "I did . and if Managed Girlfriend is all you'll ever be . there's no way in hell I can treat you the way I have anymore . and cherish the time we still have together " He says .
He turns me around and puts the necklace around my neck slowly locking it into place . I wanted to cry of happiness . I never knew harry felt like that or would he even do something like this . And maybe I'm jealous of what he brings kendall everyday of his life . He treats her like the world . But that doesn't mean I'll think bad about Axiel because He gives me the world already .  

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