Just Go With It

Jade Williams . Used to just be a dancer making her dreams come true step by step . Now shes getting paid to be the girlfriend of Harry Styles?. They would do anything to get away from each other but when Kendall dumps Harry his emotions turn creating a love/hate feeling towards jade . Will Jade feel different of Harry in the end ?

(P.s This story originated from my Quotev page . So if you have a quotev and you see this story its mine :D )

Copyright ©HazzasTeddyBear 2016


1. Chapter 1 [The Party]

Warning! : This story will make you emotionally frustrated considering they are beating around the bush the entire story . Don't get to upset because I'm not rich and cannot pay for your computer screens. Love you ♥


-Jade's P.O.V-

"Come on Jade I'm not gonna be late because of you!" Harry yelled . There's SOOO many things I wish I could say to that bastard right now . I'm getting paid to date this son of a bitch . Any girl would say I'm the luckiest girl person in the world holding hands with 1D's most finest . But they're wrong . I'm just being used as a cover up to hide his secret relationship with Kendall Jenner . She's a bitch I'm not jealous at all .

I got off the couch and went up to my room to get dressed walking pass Harry

 looking in the mirror fixing his collar on his shirt . I went to my closet pulling out my outfit

 for this evening . I quickly changed since I took a shower already . Then I did my makeup and flat ironed my black hair . "5 minutes!!" Harrys voice echoed into my room . "Shut the fuck up!" I mumbled to myself . I slipped on my heels grabbing my clutch and walking downstairs to the devil .

"Its about fucking time!" He sighed . I rolled my eyes . "Anyway Kendall is gonna be at this party so don't embarrass me like you always do " He took my hand with such strength . He always says I embarrass him so this isn't new . We walked outside getting into the Limo avoiding the paps . Last time there were rumors going around saying I was pregnant and now I guess I'm cheating . I don't really care anymore I'm done with the paps and their idiotic suspicions .
I'm a dancer . I started off on youtube then I started to go viral then long story short I became a professional dancer over time and that's how I met One Direction .
 I was just a background dancer for them but we all became best friend .... well everyone except me and Harry . Harry didn't like me at all and I didn't like him because he's a fucking douche .
But once I became good friends with them I knew about Kendall and Harry and that they didn't want nobody to know about their relationship. So that's when managemet talked me into being Harry's 'girlfriend' until hes ready to tell the world about him and kendall . I hope it happens soon because I've had it up to HERE with Jarry Wyles -.- . We pulled up to the red carpet to the party and the driver quickly got out to let me and Harry out .

"Don't mess this up for me okay ?" He said emphasizig don't . I nodded as we got out I grabbed his hand . We walked down the carpet posing for pics ,signing autographs,and waving . We got in the building seeing a bunch of celebrities walking around mingling and wearing fancy dresses .

The guys started to walk toward us . "Hey Has what's up ? Hey Jade you look lovely " Niall smiled and Liam hugged me . "Thank you" I smiled . Harry furrowed his eye brows . "Aye you don't see me hugging your imaginary girlfriend do you .. hands off" Harry said .The guys don't know this is a lie ."Well if only me and my 'Imaginary Girlfriend' knew eachother " He shrugged .

Harry pulled on my arm getting my attention . "What?!" I whispered . "Kedall is here stop flirting with Liam, Get your head out your ass and come on " He said . "Go over there by yourself " I crossed my arms "Who's my fucking girlfriend right now ? .. if I go over there by myself they'll know some things up cameras are everywhere" He held a tight on my hand .  I sighed "Fine" I mumbled .

He dragged me over to kendall and her 'Boyfriend' Axiel . He was such a sweet heart and when they are in public she still treats him like shit . Kinda like Harry does to me . But anyway Axiel is the bass player for the band and he's comes to the dance studio with me once in a while . I'm pretty sure me and him would Make a better couple .

"Hey Harry .. Hey Jake" Kendall rolled her eyes at me " Its Jade ... Cunt"I mumbled the last part . " What ?" Harry asked . "What ?" I asked back . He shook his head continuing to talk to kendall . I turned to Axiel who was laughing silently . "You 2 go get drinks " Kendall shoos us away . Me and Axiel walked off to the table .

"So how's it going with the Dick ?" Axiel asked referring to Harry . I laughed . " Still hate him ... nothings really changed . " I shook my head laughing a little . "Wow they never change do they ?" He shook his head too . "No .. I guess not" I grabbed 2 drinks off the table . We talked on the way back over to Kendall and Harry .

" So your going to some national Dance competition in LA in a couple months " He smiled . "Yeah .. This is it for me . If I win I'll be going on my own tour soon " I nodded . He smiled "You worked hard .. I'm really happy for you" He smiled . "Thank--" I was cut of by Kendall pushing into me and knocking the drinks all over me . Everyone gasped .

My mouth was open with shock and anger as Kendall was laughing and Harry was trying not to laugh . "Jade are you alright?" Axiel asked . "Oh my gosh .. my bad darling" Kendall laughed . "I will be " I answered Axiels Question . I then grabbed the drinks from his hand and threw them and Kendalls face .

Everyone gasped . I then punched her in the face and pulled her hair . Scratching her face cameras were going crazy paps surrounded me and Kendall fighting . The Harry broke in and pulled me out of the fight . "Let's go" He said . He grabbed my arms and we had to run "Jade!! Jade is Kendall your enemy?" Peps called for an answered .

We just ignored them getting back in the limo and leaving the party .

We got home and he pulled me into the house and pushed me against the wall . "What the fuck was that?!" He yelled . "You just embarrased me ... do you know what this does to the band?!" He asked . "Nothing .. this has nothing to do with the band " I answered .
"Um yes it does it has something to do with me ! .. I wish you werent apart of my life You stupid bitch !!!" He screamed . I began to shed tears . I shook my head and walked upstairs to my room . Nothings worse than living with this ass hole . Nothing at all 


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