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Katka, a girl with a severely burnt face and shattered heart, is if off to a special boarding school. What will she find there?


1. Katka Carrioll Scryptem's Reflection


I stand, barefoot, on the cold floor and stare into the depths of the mirror before me. My nightgown hangs limply off my too-thin frame, and two empty blue eyes stare out of the blackened face. Head cocked, my reflection peruses my feature with a detached gaze. Then the deformed face straightens and contorts itself, as if wishing that I wasn’t it’s mirror image. But I am.

I turn, my long black hair swishing behind me. I wish that I were pretty, so my reflection would smile upon seeing me. So that I wouldn’t have to wear the mask.

The mask is made of a light weight manilla substance, and has two round eye holes so that I can see. It covers most of my face, except for my mouth, which is covered by a black cloth attached to the mask. It has a place for my nose, too, so I can breath. I don’t like it much, especially not in summer. Still, it’s better than the alternative.

    I walk over to my bed, an ancient four-poster that my family still hasn’t sold. I suppose they’ll wait until I’m gone to get rid of it. In other words, by tomorrow they’ll have enough for a few decent meals.

    I pat the old mattresses surface, that sick-sweet sadness undulating in my chest. I will not lay here for a very long time. A tear finds the familiar path etched into my face by the fire, rolling through the warped volcanic rock that my visage is. I will miss this place, which has been my sanctum for so many years, with it’s empty halls and hollow rooms. Emptiness that I filled.

    My parents, however....


    Anyway, I, like a ghost, will be gone in the morning. And so will the reflection in my dusty mirror.

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