The Valkyrie Chronicles: Last Days

After being surprised that they saw someone that looks like Bean, Ender and Petra would be even more surprised when he shows his true strength and that he goes by the name of Julius Delphiki. In the meantime everyone else is enjoying their relaxation till they receive word that they are all needed again on a very important mission.


5. 5

After just two days of classes and practices in the Battle Dome Michael walked to the barracks and saw Julius was sitting in his bunk alone as the rest of the students engaged in talk at various parts as if to isolate Julius and Ender said, “Delphiki!”, Julius stood at attention and Ender said, “My quarters if you please!”, and Julius went to Ender’s quarters as Ender followed before the hatch closed behind him and Ender said, “Well Julius how does it feel having your own toon?”, Julius remained at attention and said, “Fine sir.”, Ender said, “At ease Julius, sit down.”, and Julius sat on Ender’s bed as Ender sat at his desk and said, “Having any difficulty adjusting to the students in your platoon?”, Julius replied, “Nothing I can’t handle.”, Ender said, “I can see that.  Especially in all the practices your platoon is the best of the rest in Olympus.”, Ender waited for a response but Julius just kept looking at him and Ender said, “Julius I have a record of you before you joined us and even though I didn’t exactly live in the lifestyle you had before, I can understand it is hard to trust people even when you are living in the streets and ran away from home.”, Julius laughed as Ender kept from showing his puzzlement and Julius said, “Ran away from home?  You really think I can be that stupid and give up a decent life just to survive on the streets and hoping no one kills me in the middle of the night?”, Ender said, “No.  I heard you are spending most of your free time reading military history and strategy like Vauban.”, Julius said, “That’s correct.  So?”, Ender said, “How do fortifications even benefit space battles when it is impossible?”, Julius explained to Ender about defenses even using other planets as a means for early detection and defending a single most important planet if the right emplacements are built to either repeal or destroy enemy ships by firing from the planet’s surface.  Ender said, “Interesting.  Did you even bother to talk to one of your fellow students about this?”, Julius replied, “Joachim.”, Ender said, “What did he say?”, Julius replied, “He approved.  As a matter of fact he finds my military strategies and ideas interesting.”, Ender said, “Good, then I know Olympus is in good hands with you and Joachim as I will be leaving in a few days.”, Julius looked a little surprised and said, “What do you mean?  We still haven’t tested our hand to hand combat skills in any actual battles yet!”, Ender put his right hand on Julius’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, I have full confidence in you to lead your platoon and eventually an army.  Plus, we still have one battle before I leave and I know you will not let me down.”, Julius said, “Sir you know there are commanders here that are not going to let you leave here in one piece!  Maybe even try to kill you!”, Ender replied, “I like to see them try Julius.”, Julius said, “At least allow two of us to guard you and Petra’s quarters or have one of us follow you wherever you go.”, Ender replied, “Denied.  You are dismissed Julius.”, Julius stood up and after he paid his respects he left Ender’s quarters looking both frustrated and angry as Julius believed Ender is not taking the matter seriously.


    They were all surprised by the next two days they had four battles and each one lasted longer than their previous battles before as the commanders of the opposing armies tried to prolong the battles in an attempt to wear out Olympus during the battles or before the next one as if the commanders of the other armies are working together in order to defeat Olympus or Ender.  After the last battle they jogged back to their barracks after they won against Lizard Army and Ender had Julius to lead the army back to their barracks and as they jogged Petra yelped in pain and Ender stopped as the army kept going as he asked Petra what’s wrong as she rubbed her calf.  As Julius lead the army back he noticed a large group of students from various armies stood in front of them and he immediately turned and called the rest of the army to hold their position and cover Ender and Petra.  Ender did not hear the commotion as he nursed Petra’s sprained calf when suddenly a group of students appeared from the Game Room and jumped both Ender and Petra before they could react and they were hauled away gagged.  One of the students in Olympus yelled out, “THEY GOT OUR COMMANDERS!”, and Julius immediately ran at the back of the army shoving anyone in his path aside leaving Joachim behind to command the army.  Julius franticly looked around and even called out Ender’s name till he heard a voice down the corridor to his left saying, “Pick up their legs!  Move it!”, Julius turned and saw a group of students, including their leader Fong, carrying Ender and Petra away bounded and gaged and he ran after them till the entrance to Lizard Army closed right in front of him.  He repeatedly pushed the button to open the door only for the screen to read “SEALED”, and Julius looked around till he looked back at the Game Room and smiled.  Fong set the gravity on in the Battle Dome and his students carried Ender and Petra into the Dome and forced them kneeling on the floor. Fong said, “Do you know what happens when you set the pistol to maximum setting and fired at close range without wearing a suit?”, Petra looked up terrified while Ender looked up in anger and Fong said, “It’s like being struck by lightning.”, he aimed at Petra and she started to struggle under one of the students grips only not being able to budge under his muscle strong hands and Fong laughed as Ender moaned loudly in anger and Fong said, “I am not going to kill you Ender.  We want you to know what it feels like when something so precious to you is hurt badly or worse!  Like our pride and honor!”, Ender moaned loudly and moved to get in Petra’s way as if to point the gun at him, but Fong pistol whipped him knocking Ender to the deck and is held down as Fong pointed the pistol directly at Petra’s head as she looked down at Ender with tears running down her face.  A voice yelled out, “HEY ASSHOLE!”, Fong and the others looked up and saw Julius at the side of the dome on the platform going all the way around the dome and holding a deadline.  Fong yelled out, “You are going to learn your place you little shit!”, at that moment students appeared on the stars floating in the dome surrounding Julius and Fong yelled out, “GET HIM!”, the students and commanders from the nearest stars either jumped on the catwalk or started shooting at Julius as he dodged them as he quickly kicked and punched the others on the catwalk knocking them back or throwing them off the catwalk as they screamed and fell on the deck with a loud thud and even smashed through the glass shielding on a helmet on one of the student’s as Julius punched him in the face and the student fell back dazed and unable to get up.  He then grabbed hold of the deadline and he jumped over a few yards to the nearest star and kicked a student in the midsection knocking him off as he fell far down to the deck with a loud pop noise.  In one yank Julius tore the deadline from its cradle on the catwalk and began using it as a whip.  As he swung the deadline he struck other students and commanders knocking them off the nearby stars as the rest took cover.  He continued whipping the deadline around as he struck a student on the side of his helmet and smashed it to pieces before shedding off the skin on his cheek and falling off the star to land on his head and hitting others that tore chunks off their normal suits and tearing some of the flesh off their skins before they were either knocked back or fell to the deck below with either repeated thumping or popping noises as their bodies struck while Ender, Petra and the others watched in horror.  


    He then pulled out his pistol and fired at the students making them freeze but so doing they fell unable to move as they screamed, even as one student fell and smashed his head on the deck sending a large blood splatter that reached Petra’s knees.  The students began zeroing in on Julius and he whipped his deadline as it wrapped around another student’s neck, as he clawed and began choking, and Julius swung to another star kicking a decorated commander off in the face sending out a splash of blood before Julius landed and the student (that had the deadline wrapped around his neck) fell far down to the deck below.  Fong seethed in anger and he pulled Petra where he pointed the pistol at the back of her head making her face Ender as Ender was just able to pull his gag off and he yelled, “FONG LET HER GO!  This is between you and me!”, Fong said, “I will when she’s dead!  You...”, a student jumped behind Fong as a star struck him and knocked both him and Fong down making Fong firing his pistol and just singing the hair on the left side of Petra’s face as the shot hit the deck.  Julius then cast the deadline away and jumped high off the star firing a shot to his right at a student trying to aim at him (hitting the student through the helmet) and landed hard on the deck as he slid on his feet in the kneeling position.  As he slid he tore off a metal shard on the deck and struck a student in the throat as he grasped the shard with blood running down his chest and hands.  Julius then pulled out his stick as a student tackled him in the front and as he tried to choke him Julius engaged the stick and shoved the beam through the face plate and part of the beam exited at the back of his head.  More students ran up to him and Julius sliced the Achilles tendons on the two and stabbed one through the chest and another down his back as they both yelped/screamed in pain.  Another started to grab Julius from behind, but Julius swung around and stabbed the stick through Sparrow Army’s commander’s head into his right temple.  Julius yanked his stick out as the rest of the students stood back and Julius put his stick away as he aimed his pistol at Fong and walked up briskly towards him.  


    The hatch opened on the deck and a security guard appeared with his rifle raised and he yelled, “Put the gu...”, but Julius shot the rifle from the guard’s hands as he continued towards Fong as Fong yanked Petra back to her knees and rested the barrel of the pistol at her left temple as Julius stopped right in front of him.  Fong yelled in anger, “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?”, Julius replied calmly as he stared down at Fong, “Let her go.”, Fong yelled back, “FUCK Y...”, but Julius fired and hit Fong’s left hand knocking the pistol off his grip as he screamed and Petra was able to break free from his grip.  Fong kneeled as he was shot and he saw that his left hand is burnt black and he held it as he looked in shock and screamed in pain.  Julius then grabbed Fong by the throat with his right hand and lifted him up in the air (even though Fong is twice his size) as Fong looked down at him shocked as he tried to break Julius’s grip from choking him but to no avail.  At this point Khan and the other teachers and students arrived and they all looked around in shock as they saw the students either stumbling to get up, moaning in pain, while the rest remained on the deck either unconscious or dead.  Julius kept looking up at Fong as he is choking him and made a villainous grin when Ender yelled, “JULIUS STOP!”, Julius then looked at Ender and saw him kneeling next to Petra as she held her left temple and looked up at Julius with tears still stained on her face.  Julius turned back on Fong with a grim look on his face and he dropped Fong down as Fong struggle to regain his breath.  Fong looked up at Julius with a look of anger and he said, “You...”, but as he looked up Julius kicked him squarely in the face, knocking him out.

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