The Valkyrie Chronicles: Last Days

After being surprised that they saw someone that looks like Bean, Ender and Petra would be even more surprised when he shows his true strength and that he goes by the name of Julius Delphiki. In the meantime everyone else is enjoying their relaxation till they receive word that they are all needed again on a very important mission.


3. 3

Once Ender is considered fit for full duty he left his quarters and began making his rounds in Olympus’s barracks and the physical training room around the ring and his and Petra’s quarters and noticed the students are a lot more relaxed.  He then went back to his quarters and heard a low hum sound and he opened his locker and one of the drawers to see a small cocoon shaped object covered in a thick blanket that glowed orange.  Ender rubbed the covered cocoon and a soothing male voice said, “I see you are still finding a home for the Hive Queen.”, Ender turned back shocked and saw Khan standing by the doorway and Ender said, “How do you know?”, Khan replied, “I read the report from the transport ship’s computer database when you went outside the base into one of the Formic ruins and came back carrying something small, plus passing security checkpoints as you boarded the Battle School also found the same object but they have detected life.  I told them to let it on board as I know it means so much to you.”, Ender relaxed and said, “It does.  I am still searching, hoping to repopulate a species I nearly completely destroyed.”, Khan said, “The way you are progressing you will be given a ship under your own command so you can continue your search.  I really came by here though to tell you those people that were on board the transport ship have been cleared and are now heading this way to join the rest of your crew and other students to undergo further training.  I even heard this Julian Delphiki III insists on joining your army.”, Ender replied, “Then I would like to meet him once he arrives.”, Khan said, “Excellent.  This should be very interesting, I hope your own people can be as formidable as you or Petra when they begin their training.”, and he left leaving Ender pondering his thoughts wondering when they arrive if they will be happy to see Ender or be angry at him for desertion and repopulating a species that nearly whipped out his home world.


    The next morning a ringing sound woke Ender up and he looked to his right to see a rolled up piece of paper in the mail tube.  He opened and read it silently when Petra stirred next to him under the covers as she held him and said tiredly, “What is it?”, Ender replied, “It seems those children on the transport are going to be in their own launch group and not be integrated with the rest of the armies in the ship.”, Petra said tiredly, “At least they will be together.  Let’s sleep...”, the digital alarm clock went off and Petra grunted with frustration as they slowly got up.  Ender finished dressing and opened the door to see Julian standing right in front of him and Ender stumbled back a little startled at first and then he said, “What do you want launchy?”, Julian said, “The name’s Julius Delphiki.”, there was a short pause and Ender said, “Sir.”, Julius said sarcastically, “Sir.  I know you have the power to object the Captain’s decision and allow us to join other armies and I can be the best man you’ve got, sir.”, Ender stared down at him and said, “If I had the power why should you join my army?”, Julius stared up at him unwatered and said, “You know why, sir.  I can lead a platoon on my own and train them so you can use us to do whatever special mission you wish.”, Ender said, “Knowing what to do with them is easy (if you can manage), but training them and getting them to do whatever you want is another.  Plus you are a launch so who would want to follow you anyway?”, Julius replied, “I will earn their respect sir.”, Ender said, “You, a launchy, will earn their respect?”, Julius said, “I just told you, sir.”, Ender then shoved him up against the pillar without losing his temper but his voice showed his aggravation as he said, “Listen smart mouth!  You have not fought in the Battle Dome nor set foot in one and you still have to prove that you are a good soldier and you can follow orders without talking back to your superiors.”, Julius just smiled and said, “Yes sir, and if I am in your army I will accomplish all that when you give me the chance.”, they stared at each other silently as Julius still smirked at Ender till Ender let Julius go and said, “I will consider it.  That is all launchy!”, Julius left and Petra stood next to Ender and said, “Do you think it is wise Ender?”, Ender replied, “We’ll see.”, and he left with his desk as Petra led Olympus to their classes.

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