The Valkyrie Chronicles: Last Days

After being surprised that they saw someone that looks like Bean, Ender and Petra would be even more surprised when he shows his true strength and that he goes by the name of Julius Delphiki. In the meantime everyone else is enjoying their relaxation till they receive word that they are all needed again on a very important mission.


1. 1

They pulled up to what looked like a bomb shelter built into the side of a rock wall and Carol walked in with the others.  Once they were inside the one large, half moon shaped room that had a ceiling that is covered with various glass colored bottles that either had flowers or candles lit in them as the rest of the room had various sized soft cushioned furniture ranging from couches to chairs all over the place with random placed folded out walls to give a sense of privacy.  Prin said, “Did you buy those clothes?”, Carol said, “No, I made them myself.”, Prin said, “Groovy!  Now lets do your hair and I’ll show you some of my clothes that I am getting rid of and see if you look groovy in them as well!”, Carol tried on various hippe/loose clothing while one of Prin’s friends took pictures of her.  After trying on various shirts, pants, etc. they decided to go out to a local arcade and as they hung out Carol grew a liking to one of Prin’s boy friends who introduced himself as Alex.  They played many arcade games together as Carol told him she never played an arcade game before and she enjoyed herself while playing with him.  


    They went back to their hangout and Carol tried on some more clothes until Prin turned on the jukebox and “Season of the Witch” by Donovan played and some of them began dancing while others smoked as they sat and watched and Carol decided to join in and danced as well.  She then noticed Alex is watching her intently and she moved in his direction and sat on his lap as he looked up at her and she moved her hips and upper body over him as she continued to dance and ran her hands over his shoulders, chest and arms as the others watched (but looked high) till Carol flopped down on her back onto the couch resting her legs and feet on Alex’s lap.  She closed her eyes and Alex began massaging her stocking feet and legs and Carol moaned with pleasure and said, “Dude, you got good hands.”, Alex said, “I work at a massage parlor.  Maybe you could come by sometime.”, Carol replied, “Maybe.”, and the others moved away to the other side of The Hangout leaving Alex and Carol alone.  She looked up as they were whispering to each other and she said, “Where are they going?”, Alex replied, “I guess they want to leave us alone.  Finally.”, Carol looked up interested and said, “Why?”, Alex said, “I usually prefer to be by myself.”, Carol said, “I usually do too.  Except this time.”, they looked at each other and Carol grabbed Alex behind the neck and she sat up and kissed him.  Alex held her as well and he began kissing deeply till Carol is on her back and they made love.


    Carol exited the car as they dropped her back home and she entered the estate to see it is dark and quiet.  She took a few steps till a voice said behind her (dull), “Did you had a good time?”, and Carol swung around in shock till she saw Crow was standing right behind her and she sighed in relief and kicked him on the right knee cap and said in an angry voice, “Yes I did!  Stop creeping me up like that!”, and Crow stood there (with his face still hidden) unflinched by her kick and he said, “Sorry.”, Carol replied still frustrated, “Okay whatever, just don’t do it again.  Yes, I did had a good time, the best in awhile.”, she then started her way upstairs and noticed Crow wasn’t following and she turned back and said, “Well are you going to come and get yours or are you going to stand there!”, before she knew it she was swooped up and there was a rush of air before she fell back on the bed and Crow began furiously kissing her and Carol replied in kind as they both had rough sex.

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