The Hidden Shadows Within the Clouds

The freshness of the air is pure like nothing I've ever smelled or tasted before; it's like inhaling lightness and freedom. For once, I was glad I could let go of my problems and have a little fun for once, if fun just happened to be alone.
Well, I mean, I thought I was alone, until I was tackled out of the air so suddenly I was paralyzed with surprise.

In this thrilling and intense story, a girl named Topaz had fallen out of the sky, been saved by an angelic stranger, and thought to be a spy. This story shows the struggles of being different and suspected as evil.


1. Prologue

Flying high over the fluffy white clouds, similar to colorless cotton candy, I enjoy the things I may only experience once. It seems quite peaceful up here with the wind rushing through my hair, my hands skimming through the clouds, and me flapping my ebony black wings joyfully. The freshness of the air is pure like nothing I’ve ever smelled or tasted before; it’s like inhaling lightness and freedom. Finally, I could get off of the ground for once and be free! I flew higher, gaining altitude. For once, I was glad I could let go of my problems and have a little fun for once if fun just happened to be alone.

Well, I mean, I thought I was alone until I was tackled out of the air so suddenly I was paralyzed with surprise.

I fell and fell, the body on top of me grasping onto my arms so I wouldn’t be able to escape, and I felt the sharp coolness of a blade against my neck. The air was rushing around us as we descended with more and more speed. I was so confused and I panicked, struggling against the weight on top of me, and my forearm was cut by the blade in the process. I screamed, but the wind swept away my shriek and my blood flew through the air sickly. My speed was gaining as gravity took back my freedom and shoved me out of the sky. I could not see my attacker, but I suppose it didn’t matter now. I was probably going to fall to my death, but it didn’t mean I was going to stop trying.

I tried to turn myself around so I could regain my bearings and recapture my control, but I couldn’t. The attacker was relentless but was trying to slow the fall, but we were falling too fast. I looked over my shoulder and glanced at a peaceful and beautiful valley, covered in soft green grass and vibrant wildflowers. I silently thought to myself that this was the end. This was how I was going to die.



Right before we crashed, a brilliant cascade of multicolored light surrounded my attacker and I, making us hover in midair. The peaceful surrounding seemed to wither and blacken, the color sucked out of the grass and flowers until we fell onto the circle of gray grass as the light disappeared. I didn’t see my attacker clearly, for my vision was blurring and fading but saw a very faint outline of a scar on its bottom lip. I think it was somewhat human, or at least, that’s what it looked like; if you didn’t count the great white wings on its back. I then lost consciousness as the world faded around me and I sunk into a deep dark sleep.


I opened my eyes. It was dark, and I was in a bedroom, somehow hovering over a body engulfed in thick blankets. A digital alarm clock on a bedside table announced that it was almost midnight. I glanced at where my body was supposed to be, but I only seemed to inhabit a faint outline of a strange creature. I didn’t pay attention to that because it didn’t seem to matter.

A human body below me was struggling against a nightmare when suddenly the door opened quietly to reveal two hooded figures with some sort of small portable machine with a slightly glowing green light with a quiet hum. They set the body upright and tapped a button on the machine. The green light glowed brighter and more intense, washing the room with green light, the hum growing louder of the peculiar contraption. The first figure whispered something I almost didn’t catch, but it said, “This should work.”

The other figure nodded. Its voice was somewhat masculine, but it was scratchy in a way that made it sound inhuman. The cloaks covering their backs shifted in an almost nervous way as the light grew brighter, the hum growing louder. They took a step back.

The green light expanded and seemed to be creating a baseball-sized ball of forest green light, aimed for the body.

Then, the machine released the light and the entire room exploded with light and an almost deafening screeching noise. The light hit the girl right in the chest, whose eyes opened wide with fear. The room faded around me as I withered away in the horrific light until I turned into nothing but dust to be blown in the wind.

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