The Valkyrie Chronicles: Mab-Bu

After finishing their mission on Termina, everyone is finding their own way of enjoying their leave. Except Ender and Petra decided to do something that would help another race to understand their superhuman powers in a way that they know how with the help of a known superhuman, Khan.


1. 1

When the USS Soyuz arrived at Mab-Bu Michael and Chloe entered the transporter room with their belongings to see Gabriel and the others waiting.  Michael said, “Who are you all waiting for?”, Gabriel replied, “For you of course.  We want to say our goodbyes before we leave.”, Michael said, “And what are you going to be doing with your spare time?”, Gabriel replied, “Most likely in the rifle range.  With your connections I was able to acquire a rifle range that is part of this house I am staying.”, Michael laughed heartedly and said, “You lucky dog!  Is it only yourself?”, Law said, “Unfortunately not!  Apparently the place I was going to stay was damaged by a forest fire, so I am forced to stay with him!”, Michael and Chloe looked surprised and Michael looked at Gabriel as he gave a slight smirk and Michael whispered in his ear, “Good luck.”, Law looked at them alarmed and yelled, “WHAT?”, Michael turned his attention to everyone else and said, “I hope you have a nice long rest and hope we see each other again!”, and they all gave each other goodbyes before each of them went up to the transporter pads and began beaming down to the surface of Mab-Bu.


    Once Gabriel and Jen Law rematerialized on the surface they were greeted by a large two story colonial house right in front of them and Law looked at him shocked and said, “Seriously?!”, Gabriel replied, “I’m use to living in big houses.  It’s a force of habitat, that and sword fighting and rifle shooting.”, Law grabbed her only two bags and walked briskly ahead of him and said, “I’m taking the first bedroom I see.”, Gabriel said, “Except the main bedroom, that one is mine.”, Law looked at him before reaching the steps and replied, “Then you better claim it before I do!”, and she continued onwards as Gabriel throat growled in aggravation and he grabbed his bags and walked towards the front door as Law opened it and he walked fast to catch up as he said to himself, “This is going to be one hell of a vacation.”, before he entered and kicked the door close with the back of his knee high boots.


    The doorbell rang and Ender walked up and answered it to see Michael and a tall latino black haired male standing beside him and Michael said cheerfully, “Hi Ender, how is the unpacking going!”, Ender sighed and said, “We just finished.”, he looked at the stranger beside Michael and Ender said, “Who is this?”, Michael replied, “Ender I want you to meet Khan Noonien Singh.  Khan this is Andrew Wiggin I was talking about.”, Ender then looked wide eyed at Khan as he extended his hand and said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Wiggin.”, Ender hesitated but quickly overcame as he took Khan’s hand and he replied, “The the pleasure is mine Mr. Singh.”, Khan said, “Please, just call me Khan.”, Michael lightly laughed and said, “You can relax Ender.”, and Ender noticed he was tensed and he relaxed with a sigh of relief and said, “Thank You, you can just call me Ender likewise Khan.”, Petra yelled from upstairs, “Ender who is it?!”, Ender replied, “Michael and a guest!”, Petra yelled back, “Do they want anything to eat?!”, Michael and Khan nodded and Ender yelled back, “No, we’re good!”, and Ender invited them inside and Michael said, “We have something special for you and Petra if you are interested.”, and they all sat in the living room.  Khan told Ender he has brought a special ship with him that was formally a botanical cruiser but is reconfigured into a Battle School similar to what Ender and Petra were on.  Ender kept a straight face as he remained silent as Khan further explained that the school is built to test or regain their superior abilities.  Khan said, “I will be one of your instructors and I will personally teach you and the classmates you will lead self-defense and tactics.  When I met with the leader of the Velora Aggregate and told him about you and Petra as well as myself and my people he and his people are delighted and wish to have their younger generations join in the training if you and Petra approve.”, Ender sat back in silence till he replied, “Why would I want to be a leader of an army, if this school is organized like the Battle School I remember, and how will this keep me from turning into my brother who is obsessed with killing?”, Khan said, “Michael told me about your hesitation with killing or hurting others and the only way to overcome your fears is you must strengthen your mind and body and develop a sense of control while doing so.  These children are like us and your girlfriend but have no sense of direction or control and some of them may even try to challenge you.”, Ender said, “What about communications?  Can I talk to people outside the school?”, Khan replied, “Since we are not at war you can receive and send letters or calls to whomever you wish, as long as you don’t discuss about your training in detail.”, Ender said, “How long is this supposed to last?”, Khan replied, “For now it is one year.  This is the first year that this school or station will be operational and after one year the administration and I will determine how long should the school last for each group of students.”, Ender stood up and said, “Then I will join.  I’ll talk to Petra but if I agree then no doubt she will to.”, Ender and Khan shook hands and Khan said, “Excellent.  In one week the school year will begin and the ship is right now in orbit and awaiting for your arrival.  Just hail them on your communicator and they should beam you two up.”, they all said their goodbyes and they left Ender and Petra’s home before Ender could fully process if what he is doing is right.

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