Calum's Daughter

What happens when Calum Daughter meets Michaels Son. Does it all go good or bad?


7. {8} The Drink

Hey guys it’s duckie and I just want to say if I don’t put the point of view it’s gonna be Dylan’s, Wuv Duckie


I’ve been in my room all day facetiming Jess. There a knock on my door and I yell “Come in.”


Calum walks in. I say “brb,” to Jess and I mute myself.


“Um I just want say your have school monday, so tomorrow”


I nod my head in agree.


“I thought you might want to know.” He says while walking away.


I unmute my phone and tell Jess I got to go. I check the time to see it’s already 5 o’clock. Holy shit I haven’t gotten out of bed all day. I fall out of bed and onto the floor.


The next thing I know Calum is picking me up and putting me in bed.


“What time is it?” I sputter out.


“Midnight.” He say while covering me in the blanket.


I turn around and close my eyes. I hear Calum walk to door and shut off the light. As he closes the door I hear him say. “Goodnight, Dylan Cole Rose.”


I smile.


I wake up to the sound of kids running around in the hallway. I check the time to see it’s 7:00. I roll back around and try to fall asleep again. I hear my door open and then Zoey’s voice.


“I thought you might want to know we leave at 8:00 for school.” She says then leaves.


I roll out of bed and onto the floor. I stand up and head to my mirror. I put on my make-up and throw my hair in a braid.


I put on a Los Angeles shirt and some jean shorts. I throw a black cardigan to top it off. I look at the time to see it’s 7:30. I walk downstairs and into the kitchen. I grab an apple and pull out of my phone.


I hear people run all over the place and then James walks in the kitchen.


“Hey” I say while looking up from my phone.


“Hi, I was wondering if you wanna ride with me to school.” He says while pouring a glass of milk.


“Sure.” I say while trying to act cool, but knowing me I failed.


James comes over and sits across from me. He keeps drinking his milk and looking around the kitchen. I check the time and it's 7:40. I can feel James look at my phone. I smile to myself.


“We should go now, you want to be early at this school.” James says while picking up his backpack.


I nod my head and also grab my bag. I follow him out the door and into his car.


“Oh shit!” James yells while looking around the car.

“What” I say.


“I forgot to grab my history book.”


“I can grab it if you want.” I say while moving around in my seat.


“Could you, It’s on the living room coffee table.”He say while turning the car on.


I jump out of the car and into the house. I dash through the house so nobody can stop me. I get to living and I see the book. I grab it and dash back ot.


I open the car door and hop in. He grabs it from and I can feel our finger touch but I quickly move them away.


He puts his book in the back with his bag.


James looks at me. “You wanna get some coffee.”


“I guess” I say while buckling up. James turns up the music and drives. We pull into the starbucks drive thru.


“What do you want.” He say while grabbing his billfold.


“Um a Perrier carbonated water with ice and 4 pumps of strawberry and cherry syrup, with whip cream on top.”


James looks at me with a face. “GIRL, and you call them a white girls!”


I giggle. He repeats my order perfectly and gets himself a black coffee. Welp I found a flaw in him.


We get our drink and he takes a sip of mine first. “Hey that is actually pretty good.” I take the drink from his hands


“Why do you think I get” I wipe off my straw then I take a sip.


“You know you are really sassy” He say while drinking his black coffee.



James counties to drive and we pull up to the school parking lot. I look at the school. It’s a lot fancier than my old one.


James grabs his backpack from the back and his history book. I step out of the car and look around. I can already pick out all the stereotype groups.


The jocks, the divas, the druggies, the drama freaks, the skaters, the geeks, the sluts, and finally the outcasts, the ones who don’t fit into any group.


James walks up to me and we head inside. I follow James and we go into the office. James speaks to secretary.


“Um this is Dylan Rose, can we have her schedule”


The secretary nods and hands it to him. James looks at it as he walks out of the office.


“We have Gym, 5th period, and World History together.” He says while handing it back.


I look at my schedule it goes.





1st Period-Home Ec

2nd Period-Gym

3rd period-English

4th period-Math

5th period-

1st & 2nd part-lunch

    3rd part-Study Hall

6th period-Biology

7th period-French

8th period-World History


The classes look pretty easy.


“Um let me show you your locker.” James says to me while he starts to walk down the hallway. I follow.

We walk through the hallway with a few kids here or there. We reach a locker and James opens it.


“This is your locker” I nod my head.


“Ok well the bell is going to ring in like 4 minutes, so I can show you where the Home Ec room.”


“Could you.”


James nods head and I follow. We go around corners and then finally we reach a door. “Here you go.”


“Thank you” I walk into the room a lot of the kids are already at their seats in I walk up to the teacher.


“Um excuse me, I’m Dylan Rose.” The teacher turns around.


“Aww yes, Dylan, I’m Mrs.Romeo, so you and Jasper will be kitchen partners, um he is right over there in the brown beanie and glasses.”


I thank her and walk over to Jasper.


He looks up from his phone. “Hi I’m Dylan.”


He hold out his hand and I shake it. “Jasper Clint.”


The bell rings and I take a seat to the left of Jasper. The teacher walks up to the front of the classroom.


“Alright class, today we are making homemade brownies, so head to your stations the recipe is there.” She says


I follow Jasper to the last kitchen in the classroom.


I pick up the recipe and Jasper looks over my shoulder to see it.


“I’m gonna go get the crap we need”

The rest of the period we make our brownies and we ended up burning our brownies. Me and Jasper walk out of the classroom and I see James standing across the hallway.

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