Calum's Daughter

What happens when Calum Daughter meets Michaels Son. Does it all go good or bad?


14. {15} The Smoothies

In the classroom the girls are gossiping and the boys are being boys. I walk up to the teacher. She turns around.


“Um, Hi I’m Dylan Rose”


“Aww yes Dylan just take a seat anywhere and we will be staring class soon”


I take a seat in the back of the room and the teacher walks up to the front of the classroom. The kids run to their seats.


A girl with blonde hair sits next to me. She turns to me.


“Hi, I’m Kennly,” She points to the girl next to her, “And this is Mya.”


Mya turns to me and she has bright red hair. She waves.


“Hey, I’m Dylan.” I say while waving back. Mya looks stunned.


She stutterers out “You’re American”


I laugh. The piano starts to play and we start to warm up.


*After Practice*


I stand up from my seat and head out the doors before I get there Kennly stops me.


“Hey, um.. Do you wanna go get smoothies with us?” She asks with Mya walking up to her side.


“Yea I guess” I say while walking out of the classroom. James is there waiting for me.


“Hey, James I’m going to go with Kennly and Mya to get smoothies” I say while kissing James on the cheek.


“Okay, I’ll see you at home” He say while kissing  me back. Me and James part our ways and I head to Kennly and Mya.

We head to one of their cars and hop in. I seat in the back. Kennly turns on the radio and play some random song.


We get to the smoothie shop and head in. I order a strawberry smoothie. Mya gets a cookie ‘n cream milkshake, and Kennly gets a mango smoothie.


We take a seat at a table and Kennly speaks first.


“So was that hottie your boyfriends” She says while taking a drink.


“That redhead” I say while thinking of James.




“Yep, that’s him, James” I say while taking a drink of mine.


“HE is hot!” Kennly say and Mya giggles.


The rest of the time we talk about James and other guys, Kennly tells me about her ex-boyfriend. Mya stays quiet most of the time. We finish our drinks and hop in the car.


I tell Kennly the address to my house, and she drives straight there. She pulls in the driveway and opens her mouth really wide.


“You live here” Kennly says.


“Um, yea..” I say while stepping out of the car. Before I leave Kennly grabs my phone and puts in her number then hands it to Mya. Mya puts in her number too and I head inside. I head up to my room.


I throw on my swimsuit and head out to the pool. I jump in and let the water take me. I grab a floaty chair thing and jump on it. I lay back and fall asleep.




I feel me go underwater and I scream. I hear a guy giggle and I know it’s James. I splash water at him.


“What time is it?” I ask while climbing back on the chair thing.

“Like 1 am” James says while sitting next to me.


“We should go to bed.” I say while jumping in the pool. James jumps in and grabs my leg.


“JAMES” I yell while splashing him.


“I don’t wanna go to bed” James says while making a puppy face.


We continue to swim awhile.

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