Calum's Daughter

What happens when Calum Daughter meets Michaels Son. Does it all go good or bad?


12. {13} The Accident

4th period, math. I’m one of the those random kids what actually likes math. I know I’m a freak. I start to zone and doodle in my notebook. I hear the bell ring and i throw my math book in my bag and head out of the class.


Lunch Time.


I decide to sit with Jasper and the rest of the guys. I walk up to the table with my lunch and sit down next to Simon.

“She likes me the most.” Simon yells at the guys.


I laugh.


“So, Dylan, It’s going around school that you and James are a thing.” Adam says while staring at me.


I gulp, did everyone know.


“Um yea we are”


Adam speaks next. “Why?”


“Why what?” I respond.


“Why would you date James.”


“Because I like him”


Adam rolls his eyes and say “fuck you” under my breath.


Simon laughs and I know he heard me. I see James walk in the lunchroom. He looks around trying to find me but fails. I laugh to myself.


He walks over to his group of friends and sits with them. The rest of lunch me and the guys have a argument of which pokemon is better.


I walk into classroom 108 for study hall. I sit at the table James normally sits at. I watch the door waiting for him to come in. When he does I smile.


James takes a sit next to me. “Hey Dyl.”


“Sup” I say while nodding my head.


“Ok, do you like not eat lunch because I can never find you?” James ask while taking out his books.


“No, I’m there” I say while taking out mine too.


“Then where the fuck are you?”


“No, where”


“Stop being so cute” James says


I blush.


I start to work on my french homework and I can tell James is struggling with his math. I grab his notebook and do the problem for him.


“You're even good at math!” He says while looking surprised.


I smile. “I guess so.”


The rest of study hall I help James with his homework and laugh at how dub he is.


I go through the rest of my classes until I get to World History. I sit in the back waiting for James when a guy dirty blonde hair and blue eyes walks up to me.


“So I heard you’re dating that freak James.”


“Fuck you” I say


“Somebody has a attitude any way you know you can do a lot better.”He says while smirking.


I roll my eyes. I see James come up to us and he turns to the guy.


“Leave her the fuck alone, Erik” James says


“You think you are so tough” Erik says while walking away. James rolls his eyes and sits down next to me.


“I’m sorry, people at this school are just fucked up.” James says


“I can tell”


The teacher walk in the room and the lesson begins. I take notes but really shitty ones. The bells rings and I jump straight out of my chair.


I trip over James backpack and he laughs. I flip him off.


We reach James car and we drive straight home. I head up to my room and start on all of my homework. I get a call from Jess. I answer right away.




“OMG DYLAN” Jess says and I can tell she is crying


“Jess, what's wrong?”


“It’s Kayden, he is in the hospital”




“He was running for cross country and he tripped and fell as a car was coming.”


I feel a tear run down my cheek.


“The doctors say he might not be able to run again” Jess says while crying even more.


“I’ll be there tomorrow” I say while hanging up the phone. I get up and head to Calum’s room.

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