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The story is about 16 year old Maddie, she's in High School in McKinley High, she just moved back from Canada where she's been living for 2 years, but has been on vacation to keep the contact with her best friends in her hometown Ohio. (yes, i stole the name idea from Glee)
But is it so easy coming back? And how does it feel to see a well-known face who doesn't recognize you?


5. Hiding secrets

''Hey Mags, wait up'' I hear Harry's voice behind me. 

''What's up?'' I ask as he runs up beside me.

''Have you been avoiding me the last couple of days?'' he ask. I just stand there looking at him. ''I mean, since Monday where I said we are best friends?'' he continues. 

''No, that's fine. Why do you think about something stupid like that. I mean, we are, I guess'' I say and walk slowly down the hallway next to him. 

''You guess?'' he asks confused. 

''Yeah.. I mean we haven't seen each other for 2 years and you didn't recognize me before the soccer game'' I answer him a little hard.

''Sorry, you've just changed'' he say.

''YES I CHANGED HARRY, AND YOU DIDN'T OR WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?'' I yell at him and then I walk away quickly.

God, you are stupid Maggie, he miss you!

All those things with my dad, the fake smile I have to put on every day and people telling me I have changed, it's just to much! 

The english lesson are taking 100 years today, I can't focus but I have to keep my grades in top. I promised my dad. I just do what we have to but my mind are anywhere but here. 
Finally I hear the schoolboy ring, I stand up and pick up my books. It was lunch time and last time I were with Harry I yelled those stupid things at him. Great. Well I could eat in the library I guess. Or just go home, I don't want to be here. I go home and I don't come back. 

*** 10 DAYS LATER ***

I look at my phone; 5 messages from Harry, 4 from Claire, 9 from Allison and 2 from Liam. It's the same questions everyday but I don't answer them. ''Where are you?'' ''Maggie pick up the phone'' ''Are you okay?'' ''Are you gone again?'' ''Why won't you answer?''

I haven't been at school since the day I yelled at Harry. Which is 10 days ago. 

I feel bad for him, what if he think it's his fault? Nah. 

My mom lets me stay home, Michael are going to school but are always coming home before school ends, he tells me which questions he got about me. He always say the same, ''I think she's sick, I don't know'' and I just think it's amazing he helps me. 

My mom haven't been going to work since my dad started on the treatment. She's visiting him all the time, but I'm still not allowed to come with her. Michael are still asking when we can visit him and I feel bad for him. 

My phone rings, I pick it up and see the name. MOM. She don't call me unless it's important. 

Me: Hey mom
Mom: Pick Mike up from school and come to the hospital!
Me: Mom, what's going on?
Mom: Dad
Me: Is it bad?
Mom: Just do it, quickly. I will meet you in the reception.

I feel the tears streaming down my face. I put my shoes on and run down to the car and drive fast, maybe a little to fast. I run into the school to find Michael - where is he?

I run down the hallway, I'm still crying. He's in english class, great with Harry, Louis and Claire. I just needed to get him out in the car now. I knock on the door and hear a voice ''Come in'' 

I open the door and everybody are staring at me, I look at Harry quickly, he looks choked. Nobody have seen my crying before, not even Claire or Allison. 

''Mike!'' I say, he look up on me and his mood change completely. I'm still crying, I can't help it. He quickly gets up and wrap his bag over his shoulder. He takes my hand and start running. 


''Mom! Where is he?'' I yell while running towards her with Mike behind me. 

''They are operating him now'' she break down in tears. ''I was talking to him and then suddenly he stops breathing''

''Mom, calm down'' I say. 

''Michael'' she says and hug him. 

''I'm a bad person, I'm sorry mom'' he say and start crying. 

''No you're not, I love you. Daddy loves you, okay?'' she say and wrap his tears away. ''It's going to be alright''

I look around and see a nurse walking slowly toward us. She stops right in front of me and look me in the eyes. 

''He's alive but he's not awake'' she say. 

I take Mike's and my mother's hand. ''Thank you'' I answer her and she walk away. 

''He wakes up soon'' I say to my mom. I make her sit down. ''Mom, breathe'' I say, she's just staring out in nothing. 

''Mom, dad wakes up soon, he won't leave us yet'' I hear Mike say, he's trying to convince her but he's don't believe it himself. 

My mom stay at the hospital while Mike and I are going home. 


I hear someone knock on my door, I assume it's Michael. 

''Come in'' I yell 

Mike's coming in and sit on my bed next to me. 

''Are you going to school tomorrow?'' Mike ask me. 

''I don't think so, are you?'' I ask

''Well, people are going to ask about you and what have happened. So no'' he answer me

''Are you okay?'' I lay my hand on his shoulder. 

''No, what if he don't wake up'' he say and I see the tears in his eyes.

''He will Mike, he promised me'' I say and smile at him. 

''Can we just lay down in silence for a minute?'' he ask me

''Sure'' I answer him and lay down next to him. He lay close in to me and I hear him cry. I put my arm around him and rubs his back until he fall asleep. My phone is vibrating once again; Harry. 

Harry: Mags, are you okay? I have never seen you cry before, what happened?
Me: Thanks for thinking of me, I just can't Harry. 
Harry: Talk to me, like old days
Me: This isn't old days Harry

Once again I had to sound mad at him so he wouldn't find out about anything. 

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