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The story is about 16 year old Maddie, she's in High School in McKinley High, she just moved back from Canada where she's been living for 2 years, but has been on vacation to keep the contact with her best friends in her hometown Ohio. (yes, i stole the name idea from Glee)
But is it so easy coming back? And how does it feel to see a well-known face who doesn't recognize you?


2. Get Harry to remember

The week have been pretty weird. I found out Allison had a boyfriend and they have been dating for like 7 month, and I still didn't hear anything about it? Claire didn't eat lunch with us the day i bumped into Harry because she has a crush on Louis. And Harry don't remember who I am, great. 

I really want Harry to remember me

I walk down the hallway and see Claire and Allison at my locker. 

''I have the perfect idea for you to get Harry to remember you!'' Claire says with a big smile on her face.

Oh Lord, please make it stop

''You sign up for the big soccer game on Saturday!'' she says a little to loud, people look weird at us. 

''Eh, no'' I say ''I'm not gonna play soccer, and what if I'm the only girl? What if Harry isn't there? 

Of cause he's gonna be there, he loves soccer

''You really think he isn't gonna be there?'' Allison and Claire ask at the same time

''No, but I don't sign up, okay?'' I say certainly and walks away

I kind of want to sign up, but I can't. I know they just tries to help me, but it's not that big of a deal, he doesn't remember me and so what?

''Hey bump-girl!'' Harry shouts as he walks by, I just smile and walks a little faster to class. 

Stop calling me bump-girl Harry and remember my name, maybe I should sign up for-

The bell rings and disturb my thoughts. I sit down and find my books.


''I'm sorry okay? But you have to, and I know you want to do it'' Allison say

''Allison, it's not okay. Of cause I want to and I probably was going to sign up anyway'' I say angrily back

''Then why is it such a big deal that I did it?'' she ask a little confused

''Because you did it when I said I wouldn't do it, you did it behind my back'' I say a little more soft this time.

She looks at me, and then she looks down. ''Sorry'' she says quiet and look at me apologetically. 

''It's okay, I mean, I would have done it anyway'' I say and gives her a smile. 

''Hey girls'' Claire say while sitting down next to me. The next thing we know 3 boys are coming at our table. ''Can we sit here?'' Harry say and smiles a little. 

''Sure'' I say and smile. Niall and Louis har sitting beside Allison once again and Harry sit next to me, I can smell his parfume. 

Oh my God, he smells good.


We walk with the boys until we came to our classes. ''See you later babe'' Niall says to Allison and kiss her. 

Well, this is awkward. 

''See you around'' Claire and I say and walk into the classroom. 

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