My Pokemon Adventure

Hi! I am about to take you on the Pokemon journey of a lifetime! I will be going through the Ginan region! I hope you will come to like this adventure that not only I , but also YOU will be taking, as you read. So Come on! Lets go and CATCH EM ALL!!!

-Girl Of Fyre :3


8. My Pokemon Adventure Chapter 8: Evolution

Jett and I looked at each other, then at Lozzie again as waited for our answer, her expression eager.

And then...

"Yeah, you may," Jett replied, sighing loudly and avoiding her gaze.

I nod in agreement, though not too enthusiastically. Lozzie claps her hands happily jumping up and down on the spot, her Lucario just staying to her side, his arms folded.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" she grabbed my hands and started jumping on balls of her feet again, jolting me in the process

I sigh with obvious exhaustion, forcefully released my hands from hers and started to head towards the Pokemon Center.


I can't wait to go to sleep, to feel a fluffy pillow under my head....I smiled to myself, feeling myself relax as I heard a bed calling me

Suddenly I felt a strange force surround me. I screamed out as as a yellow Pokemon, with two spoons in his talon-like hands, landed just in front of me. I flung myself to the side, and as I lay on the ground, shaking and shuddering terribly from shock, Jett ran to me, standing in front of me protectively. 

I heard a deep voice command, "Alakazam! Use Disable!" and Jett fell beside me.

I watched as the Alakazam leaps at us again. It was a powerful psychic Pokemon which could easily kill if it wanted to. I was waiting for it to attack again, when Jett's Granbull slammed into Alakazam. As they wrestled, the Disable's effect decreased somewhat and Jett helped me stand, keeping me steady as the effect of Disable wore off slowly. I coughed, and realized, with horrifying certainty, that Piplup was nowhere to be seen.

As I looked over to where the two big Pokemon were struggling, I heard the roar of an engine high in the sky above me. I looked up, and my eyes widened. In an airship, there were ten people dressed in pink and purple cloaks. There was a picture of an eye on each one. They were all chuckling loudly as they came closer. can't be. Team Mind? So THIS is the Team Mind Professor Ivy was talking about!, I thought. I swallowed, then slumped in Jett's arms, feeling like I was going to black out. 

We were suddenly surrounded, and Jett held me tighter. 

"Jett! Topaz!" Lozzie called out, reaching out to us.

Her Lucario was already in action, helping out Jett's Granbull, keeping a distance while using it's long range attacks. But I didn't have enough time to pay attention to the fight between the three Pokemon, when I heard the chuckling of the Team Grunts before us.

One of the older Grunts grinned evilly, "We need some answers from you, boy." he was glaring at Jett, "Tell us all we need to know, and we will leave the two of you unharmed."

Jett glared at him, "I've already told you I don't know anything about Mew that would help you." he snapped.

Erik shook his head in mock sadness. "Well, looks like I have no choice. Reuniclus, grab the girl!"

A huge clear blob like Pokemon appeared, flying over to me and grabbing me out of Jett's arms.

"TOPAZ!!" Jett cried out, trying to grab me, but only reaching empty air.

As I struggled, screaming, Jett ran at Erik, yelling in anger. He threw punch after punch, all of which were ineffective. 

I tried to call out for help from someone, anyone, but by now customers were hiding, others watching from a distance.

"Topaz!" I heard Lozzie calling, but before she could try to help me out, more members of Team Mind surrounded her, making it impossible for her to help, "Hmph! Milotic! Get these losers out of my way!" she threw out another Pokeball, and in a flash, a beautiful water type with long pink hair like extensions and blue scaled mermaid tail stood before her. It unleashed a powerful current of water in attempt to move the Grunt's out of the way. But they and their Pokemon kept coming strong. 

I turned back to Erik who was smug as he blocked Jett's punches with his muscular arms. Jett stopped, breathing hard.

"Okay, now Jett, you will tell me about Mew. Otherwise..." he turned to me, "Your girlfriend is going to get it."

When Jett opened his mouth to protest, Erik raised a finger, and Reuniclus started to use Psychic on me, causing me to yelp in agony. There was nothing I could do to counter the invisible attack.

Jett's eyes widened, frantic, unable to watch the suffering, "Okay! Okay! I will tell you what I know." Erik lowered his hand, and his Pokemon ceased its attack. Relief flooded Jett, before he took a deep breath, "Mew can learn any move, it's last sighting was on the other side of the world, and there been no reports of anyone seeing, encountering or battling it. It also is the ancestor of all Pokemon. It is a Psychic type, and supposedly, from what people have claimed, it looks like a pink cat."

 Erik raised an eyebrow. "Is that all?"

Jett nodded, "Everything. Now, let Topaz go." 

"Very well." Erik replied almost politely, snapping his fingers. His Pokemon dropped me, and Jett ran to catch me. He sets me down.

"Are you Ok?" he asked, his hands on my shoulders, giving me a slight shake.

I nodded slowly, still a little shaken from the horrific encounter. But then I realise something and look around frantically, "Where's Piplup?", I ask. 

Suddenly, one of the Grunt's came charging at us. We both stood our ground waiting for her to come near. But then she stumbled back as a blur of blue shoots from a bush, and an older-looking version of Piplup pecked at her, squawking loudly. The Grunt cried out, swatting at the Pokemon before retreating to hide somewhere. My Pokemon charged after her.

The Pokemon came over to me, looking up and smiling in a familiar way. 


"Jett! My Piplup evolved!", I squealed happily, giving him a hug.

Jett hesitated at my sudden display of affection before slowly wrapped his arms around me.

"That's great." he whispered into my ear.

I felt my face heat up again at his warm breath on my ear.

We heard the sound of loud laughter behind us and noticed Erik grinning at us with a cruel expression. "Well, I have the information I need. Time to eliminate you three. Reuniclus, use Thunder!" 

I latched onto Jett as Reuniclus began to charge itself with electricity. 

"Lucario, Aura Sphere!" we heard a familiar voice shout out.

From behind our head we felt a blast of air as a blue orb was fired inches from us and directly hitting Reuniclus. The orb exploding sending it tumbling backwards and ramming into Erik.

"GET OFF ME YOU USELESS POKEMON!" Erik shouted, shoving his dizzy Pokemon aside and glaring at whatever was behind us. His eyes widened for a second, before returning to normal, "Team Mind! We're getting out of here." 

He pressed a large red button on a remote in his hand and the door on the side of the Team Mind airship opened, and a rope ladder came tumbling down. Erik and the Grunts gave us one last glare before climbing up. Then the airship flew off.

As we watched the airship disappear, me and Jett both looked at each other. My lip twitched up slightly before I started to laugh. I felt Jett put his hand on my shoulder, and he laughed as well. Something that was not frequent with him.

"Are you Ok?!" I felt a strong pair of arms wrap around my neck almost choking me, "I was so worried! I'm so sorry I couldn't help you! I was surrounded by losers and they wouldn't let me past so I had to fend them off otherwise I would have helped of course I would!!!"

I struggled in Lozzie's grip as she tightened it, blubbing her apology. I managed to turn around and look at her, noticing dramatic tears falling down her cheeks.

"I-I'm fine thanks...can I" I asked.

She immediately snapped out of the drama and let go, smiling brightly, "Good! Glad to hear it."

I gently placed a palm to my throat as I allowed deep gulps of oxygen to enter my lungs, "A-are you and Lucario Ok?"

Lozzie nodded quickly, "Yup! We managed to escape in the end. Along with Milotic of course." 

Lucario stepped to her side, but this time he looked different. His sensors on the side of his head were longer and with brown ends, the claws on his paws were larger, and the markings on his face were different. Surrounding him was a light blue aura of some sort.

"W-what's this?" I asked, approaching Lucario, who just remained cautious.

Lozzie looked to Lucario, "Oh that's his Mega Evolution." she touched the pendant she wore around her neck and it glowed. Immediately Lucario flashed in a bright light before returning to his normal form and smiling slightly, "Got it while I was exploring Kalos. Just gives him an extra boost of strength in case of emergency like this, y'know?"

I just nodded slowly, patting Lucario on the head, who seemed to be pretty accepting. Then I turned to my Pokemon. He was smiling brightly at me and waddled over. I giggled and knelt down to give him a pet.  

"So, you've evolved huh? That's amazing." I spoke to him gently as he let out another cry. I turned to Jett, "Say, Jett, what is my Pokemon called now, since he's no longer a Piplup?"

Jett grinned and knelt down beside me to pet my Pokemon's head, "Well, if I recall, it is called Prinplup when he evolves."

I smiled at Prinplup. "Well, Prinplup, looks like you are much stronger now. You showed those Grunts who were boss. But we need to get you healed up now I think." I yawned, "I think we all need to heal up."

Lozzie cleared her throat. "Well, I must say your Pokemon and you did great against those guys! I'm glad I decided to follow you two or I think I would have been in a pickle if I accidentally ran into them on my own." she scratched the back of her neck, "Anyway, now they are gone, let's head back to the Pokemon Centre! Need our beauty sleep after all. Especially you Topaz, now you are gorgeous!"

I nodded, grinning slightly at Lozzie's good nature, while Jett just sighed. 


I collapsed onto my bed taking in a deep breath and groaning loudly in relief, "Bed...bed...bed..." I muttered slowly over and over as if I have never felt one before in my life.

Jett smirked at me and rolled his eyes before taking the bunk bed above me. Lozzie took the one across the room, but she was already asleep, her Lucario asleep on the beanbag next to her bed.

Prinplup settled next to me, chirping happily in his sleep. I heard Luxray lay down in the corner.

Finally, at long last...time to rest....

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