My Pokemon Adventure

Hi! I am about to take you on the Pokemon journey of a lifetime! I will be going through the Ginan region! I hope you will come to like this adventure that not only I , but also YOU will be taking, as you read. So Come on! Lets go and CATCH EM ALL!!!

-Girl Of Fyre :3


3. My Pokemon Adventure Chapter 3: Telly Town

It was only 2 o clock in the afternoon when we arrived at Telly Town, but it felt so much later than that; we were exhausted. 

My stomach was churning for the past hour, God I wish I packed myself some food this morning. I am so hungry I wouldn't mind eating Jett. I was cut away from my thoughts by the sound of my stomach growling loudly. I felt my face heat up when Jett turned to me chuckling slightly, Crap he must of heard me. That's a little embarrassing... 

He beckoned me over to a bench under a cherry blossom tree, sat down and patted the seat next to him. I hesitated for a second, but decided to do as I was told. He shrugged off his black backpack, rummaged around in it for a second, and pulled out a bag of cookies.

He handed it to me with a close eyed smile, "Here, you can have them."

My eyes widened in surprise at Jett's act of kindness but that disappeared quickly, so I could try and keep up my tough guy act.

"Thanks." I muttered, taking the bag off of him and opening it.

The smell that hit me made my mouth water, and almost unconsciously, I thrusted my hand into the bag, pulled out one of the soft, thick cookies and stuffed it into my mouth. The taste of the dough dotted with white chocolate chips was almost heavenly. They were so good. 

I must have eaten about five of them when Jett suddenly grabbed the bag out of my hands. I looked at him with narrowed eyes, the look on my face saying, Why'd you do that?

He smirked and said, "There isn't an unlimited supply you know. We need to save some for later."

I growled in annoyance, but then had to agree, because he was right. I nodded and got back to my feet, Jett in tow. 


As we were walking down the streets of the town, we bumped into a little girl, a Skitty and Glameow following her.

Jeez, the crazy cat lady...I thought.

We were about to pass her, but she and her Pokemon intercepted our path, a big smile forming on the girl's face. 

"Hi!", she squealed, looking up at me with big blue eyes, before flicking them over to Piplup, who I held tightly in my arms..

I smiled at the little girl, trying to look as polite as possible,"Hello."

"Your Piplup is so cute!" she edged closer to him, her eyes sparkling with fascination, "Do you want to play with me and my big sissy's Pokemon? They are just staying with me while she is at the market to get some stuff. Mommy is over there." She pointed over to a nearby market place, full of different stands selling all sorts of goods. 

I smiled and asked, "Why don't we have a battle? I'm sure Piplup and your Pokemon will have loads of fun." 

The little girl beamed excitedly, nodding her head vigorously. She ran into the crowd shouting, "Mommy! This trainer wants to battle sissy!" the two Pokemon follow her close behind.

Jett chuckled slightly, "Well someone is determined." he folded his arms in front of him, his eyes closed.

I shrugged my shoulders, "So what? It'll be good practise for us both."

He just gave me a nod of approval.


A few minutes passed before the little girl returned alongside an older girl who looked about the same age as me. The two cat Pokemon were following behind her this time.

The older girl stood in front of me and looked me up and down with a disgusted look on her face. She grunted suddenly and flipped her blond hair over her shoulder. "Hmph! You think you can beat me with that Piplup? Ha, you must be joking. You know why? Because I have more Pokemon than you AND I have defeated five gyms. Do you REALLY want to battle me?"

I didn't hesitate to nod, clenching my fist on front of me, "Yes, I do! Me and Piplup may be beginners, but we all need to start off somewhere, don't we?"

The girl looked at me, her eyes a fraction wider than before. She then turned her gaze to Jett, then back at me, "Tell you what. Why don't we have a double battle seeing as there are two of you?"

Me and Jett both turned to each other, before we simultaneously shrugged our shoulders, "Sure." we both said at the same time.

The girl grinned, "Ok then! Let me just contact my friend Heather. Hold on."

She tapped her Poketech on her wrist, then said to it, "Yo Heather! We have been challenged to a double battle! Come over here quickly!"

While she continued to converse with her friend, we noticed her younger sister grinning brightly at us. She was clearly just as excited as me.

Finally we heard a, "Okay! Let me just finish off here and I will be right there!" this girl's friend was on our way as we spoke.

Our latest rival then turned to me and held out her hand, "Just so you know, my name is Genna. And what is y'all's names?" 

Raising my eyebrow at the sudden change in vocabulary, I muttered, "I'm Topaz, and this is-"

"I'm Jett!", Jett interrupted with a cheesy grin on his face, shaking Genna's hand enthusiastically.

I sighed and rolled my eyes at the rude interruption from Jett, but I decided to shrug it off, knowing I need to get used to this.


After waiting for another few minutes, we were finally approached by yet another girl who looked about ten. Her hair was dyed a bright pink and he was chewing a lump of bubblegum. A Charmeleon, Emolga, and Espeon were with her, all of which looking very determined.

She sighed and put her hands behind her head, "So, you are the ones who wanna fight?" when we both nodded she rolled her eyes, "Well, let's get this over with then."

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