My Pokemon Adventure

Hi! I am about to take you on the Pokemon journey of a lifetime! I will be going through the Ginan region! I hope you will come to like this adventure that not only I , but also YOU will be taking, as you read. So Come on! Lets go and CATCH EM ALL!!!

-Girl Of Fyre :3


10. My Pokemon Adventure Chapter 10: Aura Reading

As we walked outside, the bright lights and busy streets of Spotlight City greeted me. 

There were people and Pokemon everywhere! I started walking ahead of my friends who remained gawking at the city. I watched as people passed, waving 'hello' every now to them and their Pokemon. I continued to walk deeper into the city and it never got boring.

Suddenly, I stopped in my tracks, My keen nose is sensing something. I take in a deep waft. A really good, very distinctive, smell wafted through the air. And it was one that made my mouth water and stomach growl

"Pasta!!!" I shrieked at the top of my voice, throwing my arms in the air and almost punching Jett in the face who was standing behind me. When I heard a cry of alarm behind me, I turned around to look at him glaring right back at me, and immediately blushed, "Sorry..."

We walked a little further down a smaller road, following the smell until I finally pinpointed it. I spotted a little restaurant, ironically called 'The Pasta Place' just at the end of the road.

Slowly I turned to my friends and gave them the best puppy dog eyes I could, "Can we...?" I whispered, pleading with all three of them, I only need one to say yes.

Jett rolled his eyes and sighed at me playfully, "Off you go then." As soon as he said those words, I let out a squeal and jumped up on the balls of my feet and charged dangerously towards the restaurant with Prinplup and Luxray following close behind. I left behind a sighing Jett and Lozzie and a very confused Ty. Jett chuckled lightly and placed a hand on his shoulder, "She runs very fast when excited. Trust me you do not want to get in her way."

Ty just nodded once as if understanding and turned back towards the restaurant smiling lightly, "She is a cute one alright." he commented, before heading over to the restaurant to see where I disappeared to. 

Jett scowled after him, but Lozzie was there to see it, "Jealous, Jett?" she asked, nudging his ribs with her elbow.

Jett instantly turned to her, his scowl replaced with a look of denial, "Of what?" he snapped, before shaking his head and heading inside himself.

Lozzie was close behind, Lucario by her side, "He knows exactly what..." she muttered under her breath. Lucario nodded slowly.


I was ordering the Big Cheese Pasta Special for us all to share when the others came in. I turned to them happily. 

"I already ordered the most popular thing they have." I declared, pulling out a small wad of Pokedollars and slamming them on the counter.

"Jeez, you were eager..." Lozzie muttered, pulling out her purse and placing some more notes next to mine. Altogether, the four of us chipped in to buy the pasta, which I believe we were all really eager to taste. I even heard Jett's stomach rumbling which was really cute. He just cleared his throat and shook it off. 

"I hope you enjoy your meal!" chimed the waitress, who handed over to us a takeaway box filled with the delicious smelling cuisine that I could literally stick my face into and devour myself if I could.

I looked at her name tag and smiled up at her brightly, giving her a small tip, "Thanks Fiona!" I almost shouted, before turning around and heading out on the restaurant, "Come on guys! Let's have a picnic in the park over there! And Lozzie, leave the Munchlax alone!"  

"Ohhh~" Lozzie sighed, putting down the Munchlax near Fiona's feet so he could go back to eating bread crusts from a plate, before he was so rudely interrupted.


"This looks like a nice place!" I declared, pointing to an area of grass underneath an apple tree.

Jett nodded and unrolled a black and blue checkered blanket and spread it out on the grass in the exact place I chose. All of us plopped down and allowed our Pokemon to play while we dug into our meal. 

But just as my fork was about to delve into the melted cheese delight in front of me I stopped abruptly, remembering something. I hadn't healed my Pokemon!

"Dammit!" I cursed, explaining my ordeal to my friends, "But I'm so hungry...and the Pokemon Centre is back on the other side of the city." I pouted as best as I could.

"Well, your Pokemon seemed alright a second ago, playing with Lucario." Lozzie piped in. She turned around to see where they were and then frowned, "Oh..." Prinplup and Luxray were fast asleep against the tree, Lucario nudging them to see if they were Ok.

When Ty saw my conflicted face, he came over and sat beside me. He smiled charmingly.

Not that face again! I snapped in my head, clutching my cheeks to hide the blush that I really didn't want to be seen.

Ty just chuckled and took out two Full Restores from his pocket and walked over to my Pokemon to spray the medicine all over them. 

They both were immediately healthy, scurrying over to me and gazing eagerly down at the pasta in front of us. I beamed at Ty. He closed his eyes, waiting for a thank you.

"Thank you so much, Ty!" I expressed my gratitude sincerely, "I'm so glad you are chock full with Full Restores."

Ty scratched the back of his neck and chuckled nervously, "Actually, those were my last ones."

I sighed, "Oh...sorry. But you really didn't have to..." I muttered feeding Prinplup a piece of pasta and watching as he ate it happily.

Ty knelt down in front of me and placed a hand on my shoulder, "But of course I did. Your Pokemon needed them more than mine did." he took his seat next to me again, "Anyway, why are we leaving this to get cold? Let's eat."


We were around halfway through the box of heaven when I decided to spark up a conversation, seeing as there was an awkward silence surrounding us all, making me feel uncomfortable. I turned to Ty.

"So...Why do you call yourself Ty? Is it a nickname?"

Ty nodded, looking to me and smiling at me again in a disarming way. "Yeah. My real name is Tyler, but I like to be called Ty."

"Well, I like it," I complimented, "I think it suits you."

"I'm glad you think so." he winked, before a malicious grin formed on his lips. I was about to ask what was up when he reached his fork forward and snagged a forkful of pasta from my plate. 

"WHAT?! NO!!! YOU LITTLE %#$&!!!", I yelled out, lunging forward to retrieve my stolen mouthful, but he quickly popped it in his mouth and gulped it down.

"Hmph!" I grunted crossing my arms.


Ty yawned when he finished his final serving of pasta, stretching his long, lean body out. He had taken the cape off, so he was now in his black shirt, black jeans, and black boots. He lay down in the grass and closed his eyes, relaxing in the evening sun. Jett was more focused on his Pokemon, for some reason avoiding eye contact with me, and Lozzie was whining about how much weight she was going to gain from eating all that pasta. 

I sighed and stared down at my empty plate, There is nothing to do...everyone is so...out of it.

"Do you think I look fat, Topaz?" Lozzie looked up from her compact mirror but stopped talking when she noticed my boredom. She frowned slightly, then turned to her Lucario, who was calmly meditating beside her, "Hey. Show her..." she stopped talking and cocked her head towards me.

Lucario opened one of his eyes to his master as if she was still speaking to him, then nodded once. He rose to his feet and walked over to me, smiling slightly in his calm way. He stood in front of me, holding its paws out in front of him. Closing its eyes, I suddenly felt like there was a presence inside my head.

Good evening Topaz. I heard an unfamiliar voice greet in my head.

My eyes widened as I looked at Lucario. His eyes were still closed, but I swear it was him speaking.

L-Lucario? I questioned in response

A slight chuckle, You are correct. I just want to say, thank you for bringing my master on your adventure. She went through a hard time before, with no friends and being away from her family for a long time. I have never seen her this happy in a long while.

I smiled, It's no problem Lucario. I love having you and Lozzie around. You are such great company. And thank you for telling me about her insecurities. I am glad she is happy.

And I can sense that you are happy as well. All you can think about is your friends and your Pokemon. That is the sign of a great trainer. Your Pokemon are lucky to have you as a master. Just like I am happy to have mine.

My smile widened as I realized that Lucario was reading my aura. He knew I was happy. And he was telepathically speaking to me. He's in my head! Truly incredible.

I can also see you have crushes on your male followers it would seem...Lucario's voice went mischievous.

"HEY THOSE ARE PRIVATE!" I shouted out loud, a vein popping out of my head, snapping me and Lucario out of our connection.

Lucario just opened his eyes and smirked. At first I scowled, but in the end I sighed and smiled back, patting the blue and black Pokemon. It nudged my hand happily, and walked back to Lozzie, I never would have thought Lucario would actually be as similar to Lozzie as he is...

"Well, Topaz," Lozzie said, grinning at me brightly, "Wasn't that cool? What did Lucario say? I can't communicate with him when he is connected with another."

I nodded, "I really liked the experience, but what Lucario said to me is our little secret."

"Aw~" Lozzie moaned, pouting, but she shook it off quickly, "Oh well, me and Lucario have our little secrets too, so I can understand."

" use telepathy all the time?!" I asked, my eyes widening.

Lozzie nodded, "Yup! Me and Lucario have been everywhere together, to loads of regions over the past couple of years. We have become very close, and you know what they say. Lucario can understand human speech and can sense and read aura. We telepathically speak to each other since we are literally in sync. It shows the sign of a good bonding between a trainer and their Lucario."

I shook my head, it was feeling a little light after that experience but it was nothing that wouldn't go quickly. It just makes me think, does Lozzie have to deal with this all the time?

I turned to Ty to ask if he wanted to try, but he was dozing off, his hair in his eyes.

All of a sudden, there was a scream!

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