My Pokemon Adventure

Hi! I am about to take you on the Pokemon journey of a lifetime! I will be going through the Ginan region! I hope you will come to like this adventure that not only I , but also YOU will be taking, as you read. So Come on! Lets go and CATCH EM ALL!!!

-Girl Of Fyre :3


1. My Pokemon Adventure Chapter 1: The Beginning

My eyes opened slowly. A little groggy with sleep, I could hear Mother loudly calling my name.

"Topaz!" "Topaz!"

I mumbled loudly in response, rolled over and pulled my pink fur pillow over my head, Just a few more minutes...

"Topaz!" my older brother Jack came in, still wearing dark blue pyjamas.. "Mom is calling you. She is saying something about Professor Ivy." he yawned, probably still in a similar state to me, and walked out towards his own room, probably going to watch TV.

I thought for a second. What did he mean...? What...? then it suddenly came flooding back to me, Oh no! I gasped loudly, I can't believe I almost forgot! It's my tenth birthday, which is the day!

Jumping out of bed, I threw back the purple and black striped covers and swung open my wardrobe. Deciding on  my best dress, I also put on my beanie hat and allowed my brown hair to spill over my shoulders. I pulled on some boots as well and admired my look in the mirror. All in all, I think I slightly resembled my friend Dawn from the Sinnoh region. Nodding in approval, I turned around in a circle to give my room one last look before heading out and closing the door behind me.

I heard Jack's TV murmuring from his room, so I chose to leave him alone, knowing how aggressive he gets when he is dragged away from his TV den even for a few minutes. Instead I dashed down the stairs, my excitement bubbling in my stomach.

But that all left when I encountered Mom and her oh-so-well-known yelling. Her face was showed obvious annoyance (you could tell by the Cheri berry red cheeks "Topaz! Hurry up and get in here or you'll be late for Professor Ivy!" she yelled as she heard my boots clomp down the stairs. I rolled my eyes at her impatience and obeyed, heading straight for the kitchen. She turned around from washing the dishes and smiled brightly and walked over to me, "Happy birthday honey, but in future please get yourself up when I call." I just chose to keep a straight face, and immediately she continued, "Are you ready for today?"

I nodded enthusiastically. That feeling in my body began to flutter back again. It felt like a group of Butterfree were having a party in there!

She shook her head, her smile showing me I was wrong somewhere, "No, you're not. You can't be an official trainer without these. Here." she handed me a brand new Bag to match my outfit, a Trainer Card showing my ID, and a Badge Case. I studied the case, feeling determined to fill it up with all my Gym Badges.

I look back up at Mom, "Is the Professor ready for me now?"

She nodded, "Yes, she's waiting for you at her lab, but please come back after you get your starter Pokemon. I would love to see it!" her eyes glittered with excitement even I didn't see often. This was clearly big for her too.


But as I neared the Lab, I began to hesitate. What if the Professor is mean? I've heard she's very passionate about Pokemon and her research. What if I don't meet up to her standards? What if she won't give me a Pokemon at all!?

I shook my head vigorously, trying to push my fears aside and slowly reached my hand to open the door to the huge lab which stood in the middle of the town. Inside was like any other lab I see on the TV. Full of scientists in white coats, complicated silver machinery and tables covered in Pokeballs, fur samples and test tubes. 

"Good morning. You must be Topaz." a blonde woman in her mid twenties stood up from her computer at the other side of the room and walked over to me, clipboard in her hand. She reached out her free hand for me to shake, "It's so nice to meet you at last, I don't think we've ever spoke properly, even though we pass each other in the streets frequently. Come come." she beckoned me into a back room down the hall from the main lab. I followed her into the room to find out it was just as large as the last and was covered wall to wall with thick hard-back books on Pokemon. Some of them must have been at least100 years old! There were more assistants bustling about, but not as bad as the ones in the other room. Then my attention turned to the three Pokeballs on the table in the middle of the room. 

Professor Ivy nodded towards the Pokeballs, "Since you are the first one here, you are lucky to get to choose one of the three rare Pokemon I have been researching."

Oooh...just one? How can I choose just one? I rested my finger on my chin, deep in thought, Which one which...

I was about to reach for one of the Pokeballs when a tall, lean boy with dark hair, a black t shirt, and dark skinny jeans burst in. Of course it has to be Rick who interrupts me like this. He may be my best friend, but he's annoying as heck sometimes. Why is he here? That's when I remembered, Of course...he turned 11 a couple of weeks ago, and his mother said she'd let him start his journey.

"I'm here for my first Pokemon!" he almost yelled jumping up and down while slowly heading towards us.

Someone's excited, I thought, rolling my eyes not for the first time today.

Prof. Ivy smiled politely, after getting over the shock of the over-enthusiastic boy, "Hello, Rick. I was just helping Topaz choose a Pokemon. You can choose yours after her." 

I heard Rick grumbled slightly impatiently, before he looked at me. I think he only just noticed that I was actually here! His frown immediately turned into a smile,"Hi, Topaz! Hurry up and choose a Pokemon! Then I will choose mine, and we can battle!" his dark eyes were shining, eager. 

I grinned and slapped him a high five then linked it into a fist bump. I turned to the Pokeballs again. Hmm... Piplup, Charmander, and TreeckoI thought I had decided earlier but now, after that interruption, I am just as lost for choice than ever! 

I thought...and thought...and thought.

"Come on, Topaz! I wanna battle!" Rick whined, flailing his arms up and down.

"Ok, Ok!" I snapped, picking up one of the three Pokeballs, just to stop his complaining. But I was decided now. I pressed the button on the Pokeball to release my new partner. A little blue penguin with big oval eyes appeared in front of me. 

"Pip~ Piplup~!", he chirped up at me using his little flipper to do a salute. He tried to do a twirl but fell on his stomach, "Pipluuup...~"

I laughed and picked up the little Pokemon, patting his head and cradling him in my arms. 

Putting Piplup back down, I turned to Rick, who was already staring bug-eyed at the remaining Pokeballs on the table.

He let out a know-it-all chuckle as he thought, "I wanna have the best chance of winning against you Topaz, so..." he snatched up one of the Pokeballs and pressed the button, "I'll have you!" 

Out of the Pokeball came a gecko like Pokemon. So he had chosen the Treecko.

Clever...I thought, But completely cliché

Treecko happy hung from Rick's arm in excitement as he started moving his arm up and down, "Okay, want to do our battle now, Topaz?" Rick grinned and when I nodded he fist pumped the air, "Heck yea! Topaz, I challenge you to a ba-"

He was cut off by a shrill "NOOOO!!! WAAAIT!" as we all heard footsteps dashing down the hall and into the room.

A girl with blond hair in a bob cut burst in, gasping for breath. She was wearing a pink jacket and a purple pair of sweatpants. 

I grinned and greeted Clara, as she panted, out of breath and leaning against the door frame, "You need to stop always being late for everything!"

She nodded, still trying to catch her breath. "I... I am here now... for my first... Pokemon..." 

Professor Ivy giggled at the flustered girl and gestured towards the table, "Go ahead. This one's all yours."

I stepped aside, allowing her to access the Pokemon, waving my arms in a sweeping motion. She glared at my sarcasm and walked over to the last Pokeball. She picked it up and let the Chimchar out. Chimchar looked up at Clara, her tail flame burning brightly. "Chim~! Chimchar~!" she smiled brightly up at her. 

Clara squeals loudly and grabbed her new Pokemon into her arms, giving her a huge hug, "Finally! I've got my very own Pokemon!" she kissed the top of her head. She turns to us, smiling widely, "Can I battle you, Topaz? PLEASE?" 

I laughed, "You can after I battle Rick."

I was about to turn to Rick when we were interrupted yet again. This time by a tall thin boy with black spiked hair and tattoos on his arms. He came skulking in his hands in his pockets, roughly shoving me out of his way. I crashed into a nearby table, but was luckily caught by Rick and Clara who helped me back up again.

"You Ok, Topaz?" Rick asked, keeping me a little bit closer to him, probably for my protection.

I nodded and we all turned back to the new boy who was glaring at the table, then at the storage machine which was used to store Pokemon.

"WHAT?! No Pokemon left?!" he exclaims, turning to the Professor, "I came here for my Pokemon. Where is it?" he demanded, giving her a particularly fierce look. 

She sighed, placing her palm to her face, "Garren, You should be quicker. Hold on and I will go to the storage room to get you one." she goes back down the hallway in search of a new Pokemon

Garren turned to us, sneering at our Pokemon, "Tch...glad I didn't come here earlier. I wouldn't want to be stuck with weak Pokemon like that..." he smirked at us and let out a chuckle.

I was starting to see red at this ungrateful guy's remarks, but when Rick placed his hand on my shoulder and gave me a sullen face, I decided to keep a lid on it...for now.


A few minutes later, Professor Ivy returns with a Pokeball, handing it over to him if a little hesitantly

"Take good care of your new Pokemon and partner." she says, looking him at an angle as he snatched the Pokeball and and sent out the Pokemon inside.

It is a Magby, who seemed very enthusiastic about finally having a new partner.

But instead of being pleased, Garren just scowled and turned his back on it, "I don't want this thing. I want another." he tossed the Pokeball up and down in his hand. 

The Professor shook her head disapprovingly, watching as Magby's face turns sad, "Garren, the key to being a trainer is to love all Pokemon. Weak, strong, cute or not. All Pokemon should be loved. If you can't learn to love all Pokemon, you can't be a trainer. And you will be shunned by all trainers for your poor behaviour." she was almost scolding him.

This is what I meant by her being passionate about Pokemon.

Garren sighed, "Fine..." he muttered, scooping up Magby in his arms, and storming out, yelling, "I'm going to be the most powerful trainer ever! I'm going to get to Telly Town and be the first to get a Pokedex! YOU'LL SEE!" 

The atmosphere went a little quiet for a while, all of us looking back at the Professor who was looking very stern all of a sudden.

"We have to get to the next town for the Pokedex?" I asked, and immediately her face softened again.

She nodded. "Yes. That is where Mr. Bell lives. He is the only one in the Ginan region who personally knows Professor Oak from Kanto. So he is able to get Pokedexes for new trainers. " 

I sighed and nodded slowly before remembering something. I turned to my friends, "Okay, guys, wanna battle now?" They nod. Professor Ivy smiles and holds up a hand. 

"Wait, kids. You can't battle in here. Pokemon can get very feisty when they are in battle. We can use the field out back. You will have more room for your Pokemon to move then. And you will get to see some more of the Pokemon I have been researching. I let them roam around in the back instead of keeping them in their Pokeballs."  she gestured for us to follow her out the back of the lab.


As me, Rick, and Clara follow her to the back, I couldn't help but stare at Piplup's Pokeball, this was MY Pokemon! I just couldn't believe it!

When we were in the field, I gasped as I looked around. There were Pokemon EVERYWHERE! In the flower garden there was different grass Pokemon. I recognized a Leafeon, Pansage, and a Breloom. There were many others in the garden as well. In the trees there were different Bug and Flying types. There was a Minccino, a Normal Pokemon, who was resting against a tree and wandering around in the field were many different types of Pokemon all happily enjoying the morning sun and the abundance of berries available on the trees and bushes. 

That was when I got a big surprise. An Absol came from out behind a tree, followed by a Blaziken. I know Absol doesn't evolve, but you could tell it was at a high level, like Blaziken seemed to be. 

Professor Ivy smiled and patted the two Pokemon on the head. "Hey, you two", she whispers to them in a kind voice that I haven't heard before. They make satisfied noises and rub against her hand as she pets them. Then she turns to us, and the two Pokemon moved to stand on either side of her. So they are her Pokemon. I bet she is a very strong trainer.

"I forgot to tell you. I decided to keep two of the Pokemon I had from my journey I started when I was 12. I ended my journey when I was 15 because I really wanted to take up Pokemon research. I let the others go, but I kept these two, my first Pokemon-" she patted the Blaziken "- and the Pokemon that saved my life from Team Rocket when I was attacked." she patted the Absol. "And they stay here where I can come out and see them." she smiles at us sadly, "But unfortunately, a new evil group who call themselves Team Mind have been causing problems everywhere in this region. They have been kidnapping Pokemon and causing damage to places. I just don't see what they're going after. I would try to stop them if I could, but I can't defeat them all with just two Pokemon. I just want to say to you children, if you should ever encounter Team Mind, please don't put yourself in deliberate danger. They are a group not to be messed with."

I nod, understanding, Incredible...all that happened in three years...I wonder what will happen on my journey. And who is this Team Mind? I haven't heard of them on the TV. But I chose to shrug it off for now until the time comes. Shyly I approached Absol and stop in front of it, nervous it might attack me. I tentatively reach out and rub its nose. 

It rubs my hand happily. "Abbbsoolllll....~" it made an odd purring noise as I wrapped my arms around it's neck and hugged it happily, "Absol~!" it cries out again as it snuggles against my cheek. I sit on the ground and shake its paw, being careful of the claws. It nudges me with it's nose. 

The Blaziken stays by the Professor, watching with an expressionless face.

"Don't worry about old Blaziken." Professor Ivy chuckles, patting its shoulder, "He's an old softy really. He just doesn't like to admit he gets nervous a lot."

Blaziken made a loud remark, looking taken aback at the Professor's remark, before folding his arms and looking away sulkily. He barked under his breath.


"Coooome ON. Topaz!", Rick suddenly whines. "What about our battle?" His dark hair falls in his eyes, and he pushes it behind his ear, "You said..."

"I know, I know." I sighed, releasing a snoozing Absol from my grasp and dusting myself down after I stood back up.

I turned to Rick, who nodded determinedly at me, before we took a few strides back to give ourselves enough room for our Pokemon to battle.

Professor Ivy calls for one of her assistants to come out with two flags. One green and one red. She was to be the judge.

"All right!", the assistant announces. "This will be a single battle with each trainer using all their Pokemon. Since they both have only one, the first trainer to knock out their opponent's Pokemon wins! Trainers, send out your Pokemon!" 

"Ok, Piplup! Time to show your stuff!", I yell, throwing the Pokeball. Piplup comes out, appearing on the grass. 

"Piplup~! Piiip~!" he puffs out his chest, ready for battle.

Rick grins and throws Treecko's ball, shouting, "Treecko! Its time!" Treecko appears in front of Rick, its arms crossed in a brave way. 

The judge smiles and holds out the flags. "Okay! LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!"

"Piplup! Use Peck!", I yell. Piplup charges at Treecko, his beak glowing and getting sharper.

Piplup starts to stab at Treeco with blinding speed.

"Treecko, use Absorb!"

The Treecko takes energy from Piplup as he was being Pecked. The Peck attack was weakened as energy was stolen. Piplup backed up to me, but remained strong in his stance.

"Alright Treecko, now use Fury Swipes!" yells Rick, clenching his fist before him.

Treecko leaped up into the air aiming directly at Piplup, claws sharpened and extended. It slashed at Piplup multiple times.

"Piplup, weave in and out to dodge the attacks!" I called out the interception.

Piplup dodged the aggressive swipes, moving side to side in an agile manner.

"Now, Piplup! Use Whirlpool!"

Piplup opened his beak to make a Whirlpool of water above him before launching it at Treecko. Treecko's eyes widened as he became submerged in the swirling water. Though statistically that move would not have been very effective, the end result showed otherwise. The Whirlpool died down, leaving Treecko lying on the floor all swirly eyed. Fainted. 

The judge waved the green flag towards me. "And the winner of this match is...Topaz!" 

I remained stunned at first before the news finally sank in. I let out a warrior cry and started jumping up and down on the balls of my feet, pumping my fists in the air.

Piplup was also jumping up and down foot to foot. "Piplup~! Piplup~!" he definitely deserved my hugs and affection after that battle.

Then I stopped, realizing I didn't congratulate Rick on a good fight. I saw him looking down at Treecko, his hair hiding his face. He was quiet as he pulled out his Pokeball to return Treecko.

Immediately I rushed over to him and reached out, touching his arm, "Rick... you all right?" I asked.

He remained quiet.

I chuckled nervously, "You did really well back there. Well done." I tried to give him support, running my hand up and down his arm to comfort him.

Suddenly he flicked his head up and I noticed he was smiling hugely, "That... was... AWESOME!!!" he flung himself forward and engulfed me in a suffocating hug, "Well, Topaz. I think you just might become the champion! That was immense!" he declared, patting my head in approval.

I winced at the contact. 

"Ohhh, NO!!!", Clara yelled, "You can't say that until I battle her too! Go, Chimcha-" she stopped as Professor Ivy held up a hand. 

"Wait, Clara. First, Piplup needs healing. It may still be energetic, but it is not at full HP, so it won't be a fair fight." Ivy comes over and picks up my Pokemon, spraying a Potion on his head.

Piplup immediately looked happier and flapped his flippers in determination. Professor Ivy smiled and nodded once before setting set him down. Piplup ran over until he was in front of me, his eyes flaring with even more enthusiasm.

Clara grinned and said, "Go, Chimchar!", throwing the Pokeball.

Chimchar appeared, her tail flame blazing with energy. 

"All right, Piplup! Use Bubblebeam!" a shot of bubbles hit Chimchar, causing her to flinch, showing that she was already weakening quickly. A super effective hit. I was off to a good start.

Clara thought hard, her face thoughtful, and then she cleared her throat.

"Chimchar, use Scratch!", she yelled. Chimchar swiped at Piplup with it's claws. Piplup winced at the impact but remained strong. 

I smirked, then shouted, "Piplup, use Whirlpool!"

Piplup shot a powerful Whirlpool at Chimchar. Chimchar tried to dodge it, but the Whirlpool followed her wherever she went, before surrounding Chimchar, swallowing her up. We only watched as the attack did it's thing, then the water fell to the ground in a big splash, making a huge sludgy puddle in the soft green grass. Chimchar was lying on the ground, fainted.

Clara sighed, but accepted defeat, returning her Chimchar to the Pokeball, then skipped over to grab me into yet another big hug. She then pulled back, smiling. "Rick's right. You just might be champion material!," she says, looking at me with appraising eyes. 

I ran my hand through my hair, like I usually do when I'm nervous or embarrassed. "Aw, guys. Don't say that. I haven't even started my adventure yet."

Professor Ivy saved me from more embarrassment by clapping her hands to get our attention.

"All right, kids. You three got your Pokemon, you know how to battle, and you know the basics of raising Pokemon. So I think you three are ready to go on your journey. Go and say goodbye to your parents and come meet me at the border of Route 1 at the north of town."

We nod and immediately disperse.


Climbing up the steps to the veranda of my house I opened the door and entered, Piplup following closely behind. Once in the kitchen, Piplup started to look around, checking everything out curiously. He tilted his head as he studied the air vent in confusion, his eyes wide as it made a rattling sound. I laughed and scooped him up into my arms, then called out for Mom and Jack. Mom came from the living room, immediately, shortly followed by Jack who came stomping heavy footed down the stairs. I could hear his TV still mumbling upstairs and came to the conclusion he was watching the Pokemon Talk Show. Probably waiting for one of the pretty gym leaders to take their interview... 

When Mom sees Piplup, her face brightened. "Oh my, Topaz! This little guy is so adorable!" she reached out and petted Piplup on the head. 

Jack stayed a couple feet back, looking nervous.

I put on a smirk and say, "Come on, Jack. Piplup ain't gonna bite." I got the sarcasm from him when I was little.

Jack gave me a scowl before hesitantly stepping over and petting Piplup quickly before stepping back again. 



We managed to catch up for a few minutes to talk about what happened back at the lab when we heard a knocking on the window. I looked over to see Rick and Clara waving their arms, obviously wanting me to hurry up. I held up my hand, wanting them to hold on.

I turned back to my Mom and Jack and couldn't help welling up, "Bye, Mom. Bye, bro." I set Piplup down and threw my arms around my brother and Mom, choking back my sobs

After a minute, I pulled back, my face streaked with tears.

"Just make sure you come back to visit. We would love to hear all about your adventures." Mom said, stroking my cheek and smiling proudly.

"No need to rush though...take your time." Jack smirked, nudging my shoulder with his fist.

I just grinned back before picking Piplup up. I got one final kiss from a slightly sobbing Mom and a fist bump from Jack before I finally ran out the door.

"I will visit one day!" was the last thing I said before I closed the door.


When I reached my friends, I saw they had tear stains on their faces, too. We looked back at our homes for the final time, silently saying goodbyes, then started walking towards the border of Route 1. Piplup squirmed in my arms, so I let him down so he could survey the area and sniff around a little.

We reached the border in no time at all, where Prof. Ivy was waiting. She immediately noticed our sad faces, but there was probably nothing new for her there.

"It's all right, you three. You'll be back home in no time! It's time for me to send ya'll off." she smiled brightly at us, and instantly our faces brightened up again, "All right. Now, your destination for the beginning of your journey is Telly Town. That is where you will meet Mr. Bell for the Pokedexes. There are also some people there who can give you advice, and a little girl named Amy who might give you a tour of the town, since there has been changes made to fit a Pokemon Center and Pokemart. But Amy will probably not be there."

We nodded quickly, probably in an attempt to show our desperation to get going.

Ivy chuckled, "Okay then. I want you to take your first steps into your adventure together. Then you three are on your own out in the open."

I take Clara's hand, and Rick takes her other. Our Pokemon behind us, we walk into the grass, and Professor Ivy waves bye, "Good luck, you three!"

We started walking and then... our journey began. 

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