The Valkyrie Chronicles: SHIELD

After settling the conflict in the Alpha Centauri System, Michael Valkyrie is called upon to lead the rebuilding of SHIELD unaware that even as he tears the old one down he will create more enemies. Most of them former agents.


9. 9

The Falcon flew through the air dodging Hammer Drones, quinjets and SHIELD fighters shutting each other as he flew where the drones are being controlled till he was blitzed from the left by a drone.  As the drone held onto him Falcon fired is machine pistol at the drone’s neck before he ripped its head off and the drone fell away lifeless.  Falcon looked to see the river almost right in front of his eyes as he fell straight down and he yanked up just in time as the tips of his boots glazed along the water line as he yelled, “WOAH!”, a quinjet then flew right behind him and started shooting and Falcon pulled out a grenade and threw the grenade behind him and it exploded blasting the windshield before the Falcon spun around, grabbed his machine pistols and shot at the pilots and the aircraft spun and fell.  He quickly turned forward and drones flew after him and fired their machine guns from the forearms.  Falcon flew close to the ground and right around buildings and vehicles and Captain America’s voice echoed through his ear piece, “They maybe drones but they can’t make hard turns!”, Falcon replied, “Got it!”, and an airport appeared as he exited the city and he flew straight at a jet liner that was on the runaway preparing to take off till the pilot’s saw his approach and they exited the cabin quickly as Falcon made a sharp turn between the bottom of the main body and the left engine and one drone hit the pilot’s cabin striking another drone with debris that made it crash into two more before another drone flew straight into the jet engine causing it to explode and the other three drones following struck the debris and fell on the runway or at the bottom of the main body as the jet liners wheels broke and fell on top of the wrecked drones.  In one of the closed hangers there is an improvised control station where two men operated the controls on the single transparent monitor in front of them that is set up like a radar and one of the controllers said, “Sir, the Falcon is heading straight toward us!”, Justin Hammer stood behind them and said, “No shit sherlock, call the Army drones in front of us and have them target the Falcon!”, another controller said, “Sir if you do that we will end up destroying the drones following him.”, Hammer yelled, “I don’t give a shit, bring him down now!”, and seven artillery drones were positioned in front of the hanger and when the Falcon saw them he began evasive maneuvers as they tried to target him when suddenly they were hit in a straffing run as a F-14 tomcat flew down to the left and Michael yelled, “YAAAAHOOOOO!”, and many of the drones were destroyed by the straffing as Michael flew right over while the rest stumbled and unable to target the Falcon when Michael yelled, “Take him out Falcon!”, and the Falcon continued flying straight at the hanger till at the last second he pulled up and the five drones following him slammed into the hanger doors and exploded blowing the doors apart.  When the doors exploded both drone and hanger door debris hurtled towards Justin Hammer and the controllers and they all ducked as the burning debris smashed through the transparent monitor in front of them and smashed into the control center.  The drones all over the city and SHIELD HQ suddenly shut down and fell without power into the ground or river leaving only rogue SHIELD jets and aircraft fighting against the rest and they soon started to surrender.  


    Justin Hammer dug himself out of the debris as well as the controller and as they began exiting towards the front Hammer went towards the back holding his broken arm as he coughed through the smokey air when a voice said, “Don’t even think about it!”, and he looked back when suddenly he was punched in the face by the Falcon and is knocked out.  Michael looked out the side window and said, “Is target secured?”, Falcon replied, “Yes sir!”, Michael said, “Good, take him...”, a female voice said on the radio, “General Valkyrie this is Lisbeth, I just want to inform you Chloe is at Hospital General.”, and Michael’s face looked grim.  The HCV-80 hovered to the left of its sister Helicarrier with the starboard aft pulse engine destroyed as both ships continued to fire their main and secondary guns at the rogue quinjets and aircraft that are still fighting in the air when all of a sudden a rogue Alpha jet flew straight into the starboard bow pulse engine and the entire engine exploded causing the Helicarrier to make a radical sharp right turn till it collided with its sister Helicarrier on the forward flight deck by the forward starboard hull causing multiple chain reaction explosions while on the bridge of the HCV-80 the crews were throttled to the starboard side as some of the crew men smashed through the windows and fell off the side of the bridge outside.  On the sister Helicarrier the bridge crew were throttled to the deck as some of the computer consoles or monitors exploded sending sparks flying into the air.  Michael jumped out of the jet and threw away his helmet onto the landing pad before the aircraft could completely power down and he yelled to Fury who is waiting for him, “How is she?!”, Fury yelled back, “She is stable!  The doctor’s believed she is going to be alright, but we have another urgent matter!”, after HCV-80 slammed into its sister Helicarrier it began falling straight down as both the port side engines failed and tore up the port aft engine and half the port side of its sister Helicarrier raining hundreds if not thousands of pieces of various debris down in the HCV-80’s wake.

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