The Valkyrie Chronicles: SHIELD

After settling the conflict in the Alpha Centauri System, Michael Valkyrie is called upon to lead the rebuilding of SHIELD unaware that even as he tears the old one down he will create more enemies. Most of them former agents.


8. 8

Mentallo stood before Carrie on an adjacent street to where Arsenal and Gargantua are fighting and he said, “Time for you to die little girl.”, Carrie’s eyes dilated as she looked at him in anger and she said, “I’m not a little girl!”, and she swung her right hand and a large truck was thrown through the air at Mentallo but he raised his left hand and the truck was deflected in mid air and exploded as it smashed into another vehicle.  He then raised both of his hands and multiple vehicles rose in the air and he flipped his hands forward and the vehicles flew towards Carrie.  She raised her arms to cover her head as she looked away when the vehicles fell on her in a pile up.  Suddenly the vehicles were thrown off in multiple directions as they either smashed into the surrounding buildings or down the street and Mentallo dodged them with ease as Carrie screamed in anger.  She then looked to her right and stared at a light pole as it shook and tore itself from the ground, turned in the direction of Mentallo and Carrie looked straight at him as the pole flew but it stopped in mid air as Mentallo raised his left hand at it.  Carrie kept forcing it forward in her mind while Mentallo kept holding it back till out of nowhere a random book flew from the ground and hit her across the head making Carrie lose her concentration.  Mentallo then had the pole fly at Carrie but she dodged it just in time as it struck the pavement and bounced on the ground.  She then looked at a trash can and back at Mentallo and the can flew at him but he deflected that as well with ease and before she knew it she was jerked forward as Mentallo raised his hand and her throat connected with it and Mentallo began choking her while holding her high up.  She tried to break free with her bare hands but to no avail and suddenly a slab of a sidewalk tore from the ground and flew at Mentallo hitting him on the left side and Carrie was dropped from his grasp as he yelped in pain.  Without hesitation she stomped her right foot on the pavement and cracks issued forth and chunks of earth fell inwards leading towards Mentallo.  As the ground collapsed around him he raised his hands outstretched to his sides as if he is holding two objects back and a transparent blue bubble surrounded him and he looked at her and said, “Damn you are hard to kill.”, as she concentrated on him she raised her hands as if trying to grasp him when a car flew and struck her on the left side and was thrown off her feet as she slammed onto a side of a parked car and smashed the side window.  The ground stopped falling apart and Mentallo lowered his hands making the barrier disappear and he watched as she didn’t move while blood trickled down the side of her head and he said, “You better be dead freak.”, and all of a sudden (not caring the police and military made a barricade to his right) the military and police started shooting at him both bullets and explosive ordnance sending a large cloud of smoke covering Mentallo’s position and multiple voices yelled, “CEASE FIRE!”, and they stopped.  When the smoke cleared Mentallo is still standing like before and most of the soldiers and police looked up in shock as he stared right back at them.  He then waved his right hand past their direction and all of a sudden the ground beneath the military and police flew up in the air sending the military and police (including their vehicles and weapons) flying into the air before falling back to the ground in a heap of mess as dirt, pavement and rocks fell on top and around them.  At that moment a quinjet landed and The Winter Soldier appeared with a M16 grenade launcher as multiple SHIELD vehicles and agents appeared behind him and they surrounded Mentallo.  Mentallo looked back at him, smiled and said, “Are you sure you can trust your own men?  After all, their partners were former agents as well.”, all of a sudden an agent turned his sidearm from pointing at Mentallo to the agent to his right’s head and fired and then about half the agents surrounding Mentallo began shooting at the others.  The Winter Soldier then turned back against Mentallo and fired his grenade launcher at an armored vehicle that turned its .50 turret on him and blew the turret and gun apart before turning his gun on the agents that pointed theirs at him and he fired without hesitation.  


    A female voice said, “We haven’t finished yet!”, and Mentallo turned back to see Carrie standing back on her feet and Mentallo looked at her in anger.  A quinjet then appeared behind him and above the battle between the SHIELD agents and The Winter Soldier and Mentallo outstretched his hand at it and the aircraft shook and wavered before he threw his hand forward at her.  The quinjet flew uncontrollably at Carrie and she just stood there staring at it till just when it was in front of her swung her left arm and the aircraft flew away from her and smashed into an overturned tank and exploded.  When the quinjet exploded Carrie immediately outstretched her left hand (as her pupils dilated) and the flames flew up to her and she swung her hand forward and a jet of flames flew at Mentallo and he threw his hands up to block it but did not noticed one of his helmet sensors is damaged in the process.  Mentallo said, “You have to do better than that!”, Carrie stared down at him as her pupils are still dilated and she said, “You got it.”, and she raised her hands and the ground around Mentallo crumbled and Mentallo raised his hands as well to stop her from trying to drag him down as he felt pressure above.  She clawed her fingers and her muscles tensed as she increased pressure and Mentallo behind sinking into the crumbling ground and the shield surrounding him began to flux and waver and he looked both shocked and angered as he said (under pressure), “This can’t happen!  I built this suit to defeat freaks like you!”, Carrie replied, “The difference is you built that suit rather than harness this power.”, he then stared down at her and Carrie almost lost her footing by an invisible force but she kept her ground and she turned her hands and she shoved forward and an invisible force hit Mentallo and a sensor on his helmet popped and the shield fell to the point it is just surrounding his body and began sinking faster into the ground, but then a trickle of blood appeared from Carrie’s nose and Mentallo yelled, “You’re bleeding!  It looks like this is too much for you after all!”, Carrie ignores him as he sunk deeper and more blood came out of her nose in both nostrils now and her eyes start to turn bloodshot and Mentallo’s body was instantly covered with rock and dirt as his shield completely failed and he desperately tried to hold her back as he screamed in anger and Carrie screamed as well but louder and more furosity as he outstretched his right hand at her as if to grab her before his head, arm and eventually his right hand is buried beneath the ground.  Carrie kept using all her force and kept burying him deeper and deeper as she felt him struggle till she felt no pressure anymore and the ground ceased movement as Carrie lowered her hands.  When she looked up she noticed the shooting has ceased and the agents and soldiers that turned on their comrades were on their knees and their hands zipped tied.  She continued looking around dazed and her vision began to blur when she saw The Winter Soldier first walking up to her and heard mumbling when he spoke when her vision began to blur out and the last thing she saw was The Winter Soldier (Bucky) running up towards her.

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