The Valkyrie Chronicles: SHIELD

After settling the conflict in the Alpha Centauri System, Michael Valkyrie is called upon to lead the rebuilding of SHIELD unaware that even as he tears the old one down he will create more enemies. Most of them former agents.


7. 7

Petra came out from behind the desk and looked around to see there is only a big hole in the floor where Hardcase use to be and the rest of the floor around her is deserted with the exception of severely wounded soldiers and agents as they moaned in pain.  Her communicator beeped and she answered only to hear a voice said, “Petra this is Lisbeth what the hell is going on?!”, Petra replied, “Answer is dead, including Hardcase and The Harriers, but Animus has escaped.  How is Chloe?”, Lisbeth said, “She is in the hospital and undergoing surgery the last I heard.  Don’t worry about Animus, I am told all aircraft in SHIELD have a hidden secondary tracker that we can use to track.”, Petra said, “That’s a relief, I am heading to the hospital now.”, and she closed her communicator and ran to find another stairwell.  Outside amongst the total chaos both military and SHIELD aircraft are flying around trying to shoot down the Hammer Drones while at the same time being surprised as random SHIELD aircraft turned and fired against their comrades even as HCV-90 made its way to the capital and hovered over the center as more aircraft joined the fray and the Falcon flew off.  Falcon pulled out his two MP5K’s and fired at two drones in front of him as he flew by and shot one down and when he fired again two more also fell till he noticed tracers flying past him from behind and he saw a few drones began tailing him.  Falcon flew left, right and around other drones and aircraft and he turns to fire and was able to shoot down two more drones and when he turned around he saw a HCV crash in front of the Triskelion and he said, “All right you buggers, let’s see how bad you want to chase me!”, and he flew down towards the falling HCV and he went right around and beneath it as he tried to evade the falling ship and debris and four drones were crushed by chunks of debris as they tried to tail him.  He then flew around again through the back as the HCV came crashing down and five more drones were crushed beneath its weight and into the river.  Once Falcon was clear he turned around to see the rest of the drones being slammed into the river as the bottom back end of the HCV fell right on top of them and the Falcon yelled, “WOOOO!  That’s what I’m talking about!”, he then heard a female voice through his ear piece as she called out to him and Falcon said, “Who is this?”, the voice said, “This is Lisbeth, I don’t have time to explain but I believe I may have found the location of whoever is controlling these drones!”, Falcon said, “Tell me!”, a five black SUV convoy drove from the Triskelion and past the bridge into the capital where inside the middle one Carrie was being transported and she said shyly to one of the agents sitting next to her, “Are you sure we are safe?”, the agent said, “The attack is concentrated at the facility and now we are...”, an agent in the front yelled, “WHAT THE...”, and there was a crash noise and Carrie was almost thrown from her seat but remained strapped in as she felt the truck was weightless as the agent next to her lost his seat and she heard another crash noise but then the roof almost caved in and the agent was thrown out smashing through the passenger window and the truck rolled a little till it came to a complete stop upside down.  Carrie is able to catch her breath due to shock and she unbuckled herself, fell on the roof and was able to open the door as it creaked and when she got up dazed and confused she saw the rest of the vehicles were thrown to the sides of the road as well in the street with one smashed into one of the apartment street buildings while the rest looked like they purposely had the roofs smashed in up against the brick steps and walkways into the apartments and she did not see any movement from any of the vehicles.  A voice said, “So we finally meet!”, Carrie looked to her left and saw Mentallo standing in the middle of the street and he said, “I’ve heard so much about you.”, she stood before him with growing anger till she heard a deep throat growling sound behind her and when she looked back she saw Gargantua standing right behind her and Mentallo said, “So, shall we begin?”, Carrie looked up at Gargantua with a look of fear and at that moment Arsenal stopped working on a torpedo shaped device and looked up in fear as well.  He pushed the device back into the horizontal locker and locked it before he turned and hurriedly moved across his lab and pressed a button that lighted up a M-500A endoskeleton and he pulled out a cable and connected it to the back of his M-600 skull and a robotic voice said, “Engaging Mind Sync.”, and the eyes of the M-500A lighted up yellow.


    Mentallo saw Carrie’s expression as she started cowering back a little and he said, “I’ll leave you two alone for awhile.”, and Carrie looked back at him in fear as he turned to walk away and when she looked back up at Gargantua he raised his hand to strike her.  She suddenly turned her head away and covered her face when suddenly a dozen wrecked vehicles were thrown at him and he was knocked back a little before he began deflecting them away and smashed into the nearby apartments by every swing of his forearms and hands.  He then charged after her but as soon as Carrie realized what’s going on she threw her hands up at him and he was thrown back till he slammed into a gas truck where it sprayed gas all over him.  She then looked up at a nearby telephone pole and with her hand up the cables were snapped off sending sparks to the ground and the area around the gas truck bursted into flames as well as Gargantua before the gas truck exploded.  Gargantua screamed in anger as he charged out from the flames and came after Carrie with his fist raised and she threw up hands when suddenly a metal fist punched Gargantua directly in the face and he was throttled back onto the ground.  Carrie looked up in shock and as she turned back she saw Arsenal in his original M-500A form and he made an agreeable grunt sound and nodded.  Mentallo stood behind all of them and said, “Well Gargantua it looks like you finally met your match!”, Carrie looked at him and Mentallo said, “Looks like it’s just me and you.”, and she walked towards Mentallo as Gargantua charged at Arsenal with a roar and brought his fists down on him as Arsenal tried to block them and ended up having his feet crushing the pavement below him.  He shoved his fists away and in one thrust with his fists he hit Gargantua in the chest and is knocked to the ground.  Arsenal then roared as he pounded on Gargantua’s face and chest till Gargantua backhanded him across the right side of his face and Arsenal was thrown up against a brick wall below an apartment smashing parts of bricks off as well as multiple cracks.  He then charged after Arsenal as he roared but Arsenal dived and flipped him on his back but as Arsenal brought his left fist down on his face Gargantua grabbed it and flipped him over and tried to pound his face but Arsenal rolled to the left, grabbed a humvee and smashed it against Gargantua and when he turned he hit him in the face and he fell back against a tanker and Gargantua came to punch him again but Arsenal dodged it and his hand went into the tanker and Arsenal grabbed two military vehicles and when Gargantua pulled himself free Arsenal pounded him both in the face, chest and body till the vehicles were smashed to pieces.  Gargantua then grabbed him and threw him into a building and he grabbed a gas truck, threw it at Arsenal and it exploded setting the building behind him on fire.  Arsenal busted through the burning wreckage as fire trucks approached in the distance but stopped as they saw Gargantua and Arsenal looked up and saw Gargantua roar and Arsenal sighed and shook his head.  Gargantua again roared and charged after him as did Arsenal and they both grabbed each other’s hands and began pushing against each other and the pavement below began crumbling beneath their feet.  


    As Arsenal kept him at bay his retinal display showed the increasing amount of pressure being exerted by his hands and flashed the words, “Target increasing size.”, and it showed an outline of Gargantua’s body and it increased.  Then Gargantua overpowers him and hurtles Arsenal to the barricade of fire trucks and smashed the two red fire engines away before landing in the middle of a crowed street as people tried to run away.  As Gargantua charged after him he grabbed random vehicles and threw them at Arsenal as he got up and Arsenal punched most of them away while the rest hit him and almost made lose his balance.  When he was on top of him Arsenal grabbed him from below and flipped him on top of a city bus smashing the roof in.  Arsenal’s retinal display analyzed options to destroy Gargantua and Arsenal selected the option of self destructing his power cell.  Before he knew he saw Gargantuan’s foot flying to his face and Arsenal was kicked back and slammed his back into a fire engine that was laying on its side.  As his retinal vision flickered as he struggled to get up Gargantua charged at him, grabbed him and threw him down an alley till Arsenal slammed and crushed half a dumpster.  Arsenal tried to reach one of his power cells but he is unable to move his arms as his retinal displayed a system failure.  He quickly tried to reroute power but by the time he did Gargantua is right on top of him and he pounded Arsenal’s chest till Arsenal punched him in the face.  Arsenal noticed a cut cable spurting sparks of electricity and he quickly grabbed it with his left hand and shoved it onto Gargantuan’s neck electrocuting him.  In one swift move Arsenal tore out one of his power cells and shoved it into Gargantua’s mouth and immediately punched his jaw smashing his mouth close and forcefully swallowing it.  Gargantua pulled the cable from his neck, grabbed Arsenal and threw him on his back and tried to grab hold of him but Arsenal kicked him in the chest and he fell back.  Arsenal quickly grabbed him and bear hugged him as he activated the self destruct.  Gargantua roared in anger and began pounding Arsenal’s back to let him go but to no avail and Arsenal said, “You are terminated.”, before his yellow eyes turned off and a robotic voice said, “Transfer complete.”, and Gargantua lighted up blue from the inside as he screamed, “NOOOOO!”, and he, the T-500A’s endoskeleton and the two buildings in the alley exploded.

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