The Valkyrie Chronicles: SHIELD

After settling the conflict in the Alpha Centauri System, Michael Valkyrie is called upon to lead the rebuilding of SHIELD unaware that even as he tears the old one down he will create more enemies. Most of them former agents.


6. 6

Back at SHIELD HQ Petra and Chloe ran down the hallway to one of the emergency staircases as personal ran about till as they approached the staircase there was a large explosion that blew them back on the ground as the staircase exploded raining rock and debris about them.  As they struggled to get up they saw through the cloud of dust SHIELD geared soldiers appearing and they started shooting down both the hallways and Petra immediately grabbed Chloe and they leapt into the nearest room (which was a conference room) and they crawled behind the desk and chairs and saw agents hidden behind there and Chloe yelled, “TIP IT OVER!”, and she and the others pushed the large desk to its side facing the front wall just in time before the wall blew in.  A radio on one of the agents belt went off and a male voice said, “They are in the building!  I say again, they are in the building!  We have agents turning on one another!  Everyone either get out or remain....”, and there was static.  Chloe yelled over the gunfire, “WHAT DOES HE MEAN?!”, an agent said, “There are agents here who know those that are attacking us and most of them are joining their side rather than with SHIELD!  We have no idea who is who!”, they heard the sound of boot falls as someone is entering the room and Chloe pulled out a grenade from Petra’s belt, pulled the pin and threw it before it exploded and two soldiers went down.  Chloe and the others then kneeled and began firing either their sidearms or phasers at the large hole and door ways hitting many soldiers as they tried to fire at them but either miss or hit the table.  Then there was a large explosion from behind as the wall exploded and they were all threw up against the table covered with debris.  As they struggled to get up Hardcase appeared through the wall and he went right after Chloe as her back was turned and punched her directly on the spine.  She screamed in pain and one of the agents jumped on him and tried to choke him but Hardcase tore through his grip with ease, twisted and snapped his right arm and kicked him in the back to the floor.  Chloe then threw a punch and hit him across the face only that Hardcase immediately pulled out his knife and stabbed her directly in the stomach.  Petra screamed, “CHLOE!”, and Hardcase pulled his knife out and Petra caught her before she fell and laid her on her lap as she tried to stop the bleeding.  Hardcase said, “A wife of a general is no agent of SHIELD.”, his Harriers entered the room behind him and they rounded up the other agents and one of them said, “Lets kill her.”, and he pointed his submachine gun at Petra and Chloe.  Petra held onto Chloe tightly till all of a sudden a hand went up and pushed the gun down and said, “No.  Let her die this way, it is more painful.”, and they saw it is Animus and she said again, “Lets go, those two are no concern to us when we destroy this building.”, and they left as some of them left and Lisbeth ran in and is shocked to see Chloe lying on her back as blood ran through her hand out of her stomach and onto the floor as the other two agent tried to help.  Petra yelled, “LISBETH!  GET OVER HERE AND HELP ME!”, she came over, looked at the wound and said, “I can seal the wound on the outside but I can’t stop the internal bleeding.”, Chloe said through her grit teeth, “Just do it.”, and Lisbeth grabbed Chloe’s phaser and set it on low setting as they held Chloe down and Lisbeth fired a beam that sealed the wound as Chloe screamed in pain.  Petra took one of the agents radio’s and ordered an immediate evac for Chloe on the outside helo pad.  A voice came on the radio and said the pad is destroyed and they need to head to the aircraft hanger and get one that is still operational.  


    Chloe grabbed Petra by the arm and said, “Petra, I just want you to know that you have been a good friend.”, Petra grabbed her hand and said, “Chloe you are going to be alright!  Just hang on till we get you out of here!”, Chloe then said, “Tell Michael that I will always be with him, and I will always love hi...”, and she fainted.  Petra looked shocked and shook Chloe and told her to wake up but Lisbeth told her she is alright and she merely passed out because of the pain.  Petra whipped her eyes from tears and cleared her face and told Lisbeth and the others to carry her.  She then pulled out her phaser and her knife as she stood ahead of them as they reached the doorway with chaos brewing outside and she said, “I’ll cover for you.  Get to the hanger at all costs and don’t look back.”, they nodded and she pulled out a smoke grenade and threw it.  When it went off they went to the staircase as Petra instead went through the smoke and the first soldier she saw she swung her knife and chopped the soldier’s head off.  She then saw a swarm of them in front of her and in a fury she swung her knife using her full strength and the first soldier that reached her she chopped off his right forearm, caught his gun in mid air as he screamed and fired at the four soldiers in front of her and when she ran out of ammo she threw the gun and smashed the face in of one soldier before she began swinging her knife and chopped off the heads or limbs of others that came after her till the smoke cleared to reveal about a dozen dead or disabled soldiers in her path.  She stood over the balcony and saw The Harriers and others trying to reach the elevator but pulled out a grenade, threw it and it went into the elevator when the doors opened and they jumped for cover when it exploded sending the rest of it crashing down to the ground floor.  They looked up and they saw Petra as she jumped to their level and charged after them.  Hardcase yelled, “Answer kill her!”, once she was upon them Answer punched her directly on the chest and she fell down.  He then brought his fist down on her face but she dodged it and kicked him back on the midsection and he fell back as well.  When she got up she grabbed him and threw him like a toy doll through a glass wall into an office.  When she moved up he tried to punch her in the face but instead she caught his arm and snapped it with ease as he screamed in pain.  She then pulled him off his feet and in one punch she dislocated his jaw before throwing him back and smashing through another glass wall where he landed on a long table.  She then jumped on top of him before he tried to get up and she screamed in anger as she repeatedly punched him in the face causing blood to fly and his face began caving in from the left side of his face till suddenly she smashed through the table and blasted through the rest of his head leaving brain, blood and skull fragments falling onto the floor.


    There was a growing sound of multiple large engine noises and she looked up to see HCV-63 crashing into the river bow first and there was an ear shattering explosion as the forward third of HCV-63 exploded blowing in all the large viewing windows facing the river inwards sending glass flying and Petra ducked beneath the table as the glass shards flew and struck many of the agents and soldiers surrounding her.  The Harriers and Animus witnessed what happened to Answer and one of the Harriers yelled out, “WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE?!”, and as they debated how they want to kill her Petra looked around and saw a small arsenal behind her and she crawled in and quickly gathered up a large energy cannon, an MK46 and a belt of grenades and ammo before crawling out.  She then heard a sound of many boot falls and she dropped her weapons and pulled out her knife again and when she saw more soldiers and SHIELD agents that turned mixed in that approached the room and she jumped up to the first soldier and in one punch smashed his mask in and he flopped down on the ground lifeless.  She then put her arm on the table and swept it towards them and the shards of glass flew at their faces and as they covered their faces she flipped in the air and kicked one across the face knocking his jaw off and she kicked another directly in the chest and he flew back smashing through the glass railing as he screamed and fell to the ground below.  Petra then looked over the main atrium and saw a large fire fight going on and there is no obvious front line as both agents and soldiers are all intermingled and fighting each other as The Harriers are fighting as well to clear a path for both Hardcase and Animus as they tried to reach the nearest staircase.  She then pulled out the cannon rifle that is slung across her and she fired it at the chaos below and sent a beam that either incinerated or chopped off pieces of either the soldiers or agents below and she fired her MK46 as well sending many to take cover and she fired another beam from the cannon at the staircase The Harriers were heading and the entrance way exploded sending a few cases of stairs crashing down below and sending soldiers and agents that were in the path flying in the air either on fire or sliced apart as the Harriers, Hardcase and Animus were thrown down to the deck.  They looked up to her in shock as she continued firing her MK46 and they took cover as she fired at them.  A soldier then came up to her right and she hit him as she swung her cannon and knocked him out as another approached to her left and she fired at him at close range with her MK46 blasting multiple holes through him before he fell lifeless with large amounts of blood pouring out.  She fired the cannon again at the crowd below as well as her MK46 after she reloaded.  Animus yelled out from cover, “SHE’S KILLING EVERYBODY!”, a Harrier then yelled out, Sir permission to kill this bitch so we can get out of here!”,  Petra then noticed another soldier coming to her right and she knocked his legs out beneath him as she swung her cannon and he fell to the floor and rolled off the edge of the walkway to the ground below.  


    She fired another blast from the cannon onto the crowd below and spent the rest of her MK46 before dropping both weapons and pulled Chloe’s double bladed sword she pawned from her as she passed out earlier.  Hardcase then yelled, “KILL HER!”, and as Petra heard him she jumped from the walkway down to the ground below and as The Harriers charged after her she split the sword into two separate ones and as one Harrier came at her with his combat knife she swung and chopped his hand off that held the knife as he screamed and she spun around and stabbed him through the back and came out through his chest as another Harrier came at her from behind and without looking threw her other sword and it went halfway through his throat as he grasped his own throat and began gurgling out blood from his mouth.  She quickly pulled the swords out (especially the one in the Harrier’s throat as he fell to the floor and bleed to death as he gurgled up blood) and swung at the others approaching her but they blocked her swords with their armor covered forearms and one kicked her in the chest and she flew back while at the same time they yanked the swords from her hands.  One was about to use the sword against her till she jumped back on her feet and immediately dodged one as he thrusted forward (just trimming her left sideburn) and punched him directly in the face knocking him back on the floor.  She then grabbed the other as he swung down and missed and she threw him over her head like a toy doll as he screamed and pulled two blades from behind and threw them as he flew and they both struck him in the cheek and right eye before he tumbled on the floor lifeless.  The other Harrier got up and swung the sword behind her but she quickly turned, grabbed the sword by the blade while it was in motion, yanked it from his hands, turned it and shoved it through his stomach as he watched in surprise.  A Harrier then grabbed her from behind, lifted her up as he pulled her away from her sword and began crushing her back.  She screamed in pain but only temporary as she saw his combat knife on his belt, grabbed it and brought it down behind her to stab him directly into the top of his head.  Once he let her go as he fell lifeless another Harrier tried to grab her but she ducted, punched him in the stomach, grabbed him and threw him at Hardcase knocking him to the floor.  Hardcase then screamed, “SHE IS A LITTLE RUNT!  KILL HER DAMMIT!”, two then came after her at the same time and she pulled out her combat knife and sliced through both of their faces from left to right and they grabbed their faces and screamed in pain and before she knows it a Harrier grabbed her from behind and knocked the knife out of her hand.  She then jumped and flipped over him before slamming his back to the floor and a Harrier with his face bleeding jumped on top of her, flipped her over and pinned her legs as he choke hold her.  She then grabbed his left hand and snapped it with ease as he screamed in pain and she turned and twisted his right arm, jumped, grabbed his neck between her legs, flipped him and snapped both his arm and neck.  Another wounded Harrier charged after her but she elbowed him in the face and as he grabbed his face in pain, grabbed his right arm, flipped him on his back and brought her foot down on his neck as she pushed her foot and snapped both his neck and right arm.  


    Hardcase and Animus stood before her as Hardcase looked at Petra with anger while Animus looked shocked and Petra said, “Is that all you got?”, Hardcase yelled, “Those men were trained to kill people like you!”, Petra replied, “Well they weren’t trained hard enough.”, Hardcase yelled, “Then I will kill you myself!”, before she knew it Hardcase leapt right in front of her and landed a punch across her face before he grabbed her, lifted her up and threw her as she smashed through a glass table.  When he approached her she threw a punch at his gut but it did not phase him and he grabbed her by the throat, lifted her up and began choking her.  She kicked and tried to break his hold but to no avail, but she remembered the smoke grenades and she pulled the pin on one before shoving it in his face as the smoke detonated into his eyes.  He let her goes as he put his hands to his face and groaned loudly in pain and she began punching his ribs but to no avail again and he threw a blind punch in her direction but missed.  Hardcase said, “So you think the sake can hide you from me?  I am a superior soldier as well!”, Petra tried to see through the smoke when a hand grabbed her by the throat but not trying to choke her as she saw a fist flying at her face and repeatedly hit her even as blood flew from her nose.  She threw her foot up and connected with something soft as she heard a painful grunt noise as Hardcase let her go.  The smoke thinned enough where Petra was able to see him and she grabbed him and threw him up smashing into a table when suddenly there was a roaring sound of a quinjet and Petra looked to see Animus trying to reach the open ramp but before Petra could reach her she was grabbed from behind and Hardcase put her in a headlock as she watched Animus board the jet and took off as Animus looked down on her and smiled before she flew away.  She struggled from his grasp but he squeezed tighter and tighter till her vision started to fade till she found a sharp piece of metal on the floor, grabbed it and stabbed Hardcase on the right shoulder and he screamed in anger and pain as he let go.  As they stood Hardcase pulled the metal out of his shoulder and he said, “You are going to die, just like your friend back there.”, and he smiled and screamed in anger as he charged at Petra with the metal shard over his head and when he brought it down she grabbed his hand with both of hers and they both grunted as he tried to push the blade down while Petra tried to push it away.  Petra was forced on her knees as he kept pushing the metal shard closer and closer to her face and Petra then used all her force and grabbed his right hand, spun behind him, pulled his right arm all the way back and kicked him so hard he flew to the other end of the atrium crashing through all the tables and chairs in his wake till he hit the wall on his back.  She charged at him and he threw the metal shard at her but she turned her head and dodged it as she came up and backhanded him across the face sending blood flying out of his mouth.  She then grabbed the back of his collar and slammed his back to the floor and as she faced him he spat blood at her face and kicked her feet beneath her and fell to the floor before he jumped on top of her.  Just as he was about to punch her in the face she head butted him and he fell back off of her temporarily loosing consciousness.  He then immediately pulled out his sidearm and pointed it at her only to have it kicked out of his hands in one kick and it flew far away.  At the same time Petra took off her belt and wrapped it around Hardcase’s left armpit and neck tightly and she pulled his head to face her and she said, “You are indefinitely fired.”, and she pulled a string connected to all the grenade pins and she ran behind a wooden desk as Hardcase screamed, “NOOOOO!”, and he desperately tried to pull the belt off till he disappeared in a large explosion.

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