The Valkyrie Chronicles: SHIELD

After settling the conflict in the Alpha Centauri System, Michael Valkyrie is called upon to lead the rebuilding of SHIELD unaware that even as he tears the old one down he will create more enemies. Most of them former agents.


2. 2

An intersection in the downtown area was strung with wrecked vehicles and blown out buildings when Captain America slammed his back up against a car and he said, “We are going to need bigger guns.”, and a large Hammer drone walked up towards him with its large gun aimed at the Captain from its shoulder and Captain America looked at a light pole, threw his shield and the pole broke.  Captain America caught it and threw it like a javelin and it speared through the drone.  A Hammer Drone fell from the sky with its foot raised and Captain America leapt away as its foot slammed on the ground where he was.  Another approached from behind him and raised a fist to punch him but the Captain raised his shield and when it struck it crushed its own fist and forearm with a loud ding sound when it hit the shield.  The Captain then slide between its legs and then jumped on its back and slammed the end of his shield on the back of its neck and broke a piece of shielding before he began pulling away some circuits till the other drone came from behind, hit him and he flew off slamming/squashing the roof of a car. With great agility he jumped off the car and landed on his feet on the top of the same drone’s (he was on) head  before flipping in the air and slammed the middle of his shield into the face of the other drone and smashed apart its head before it began stumbling around aimlessly.  The drone he jumped from  fired its cannon on the police as they tried to intercept and a flying jet came in on the other street and opened its rear hatch to let out SHIELD agents with body armor jump out and the drone turned on their direction.  The Captain saw it turn  and he started running at it till  another drone swatted him and he slammed into the side of a large pickup caving in its passenger door.  He tried to get up but was a little dazed and the other drone fired its cannon blasting vehicles and the surrounding area where the agents depart from the craft till one of them fired an M1 grenade blasting the gun apart and the same drone converted its arms and hands and began firing machine gun bursts at the agents as the aircraft pulled away.  Out of nowhere the Captain’s shield struck the drone at the back of the head and it turned towards him and he said, “That’s right big guy, use your head.”, the drone as well as the other turned its guns on the Captain and he raised his shield just in time as they fired and the bullets began bouncing off the shield as the Captain held on in the prone position.  They began converging on the Captain’s position till The Falcon flew in from high above and said, “Hey big boys!”, the two drones looked up and he said as he hovered above and in front of them, “How about a taste of acid!”, and he fired both his machine pistols and when the bullets struck the two drones their shielding and parts began to disintegrate on impact and began spreading about their bodies even as they tried shooting at the Falcon, but he flew around with ease as they began having problems firing as he did and they eventually disintegrated.  The Falcon landed and retracted his wings as the Captain stood up and said, “Thanks Sam.”, Wilson said, “No problem Steve. Is this all of them?”, Captain said, “Maybe, they blasted through where the man hole was in the middle of the intersection.”, they both jumped down into the partially opened tunnel with a few agents behind them as they began to secure the intersection and the ear piece in the Captain’s ear came on a voice said, “I see you’re still trying to win a battle all by yourself.”, the Captain said with a little surprise, “Fury, I guess you took up on the General’s offer.”, Colonel Fury said, “Why else would I be talking to you on this frequency.  Proceed with caution in these tunnels, according to our data there are miles and miles of tunnel mazes that even after a couple of turns you could get lost easily.”, the Captain said, “Copy that.”, and he and the Falcon proceeded with caution.


    They touched their temples and night vision goggles in the form of sunglasses appeared in front of their eyes and they walked ahead till Captain heard the sound of running footfalls on water to the right of him in another tunnel and they both proceeded with hurried caution till they saw four heat signatures and they entered an abandoned subway station when all of a sudden they turned around and started to fire.  Captain threw his shield and hit one in the face before using the shield to deflect the bullets and suddenly there was a large flash that blinded him and the Falcon and were suddenly forced onto the ground.  Their glasses were pulled off and Captain noticed there were two soldiers each holding him and Sam Wilson down on their knees when a voice said, “Captain America, I heard so much about you before I was discharged.”, the masked soldier stood in front of them and removed his mask and helmet and said, “Marvin Flumm, or should I say, former agent Flumm.  In our organization they call me Mentallo.”, Captain said, “If you are a former agent then why are you doing this to us.  We are SHIELD as well.”, Mentallo said, “I’m not part of SHIELD anymore thanks to your reorganization.  Now me and others are going to destroy SHIELD and return them the favor and show them what loyalty is all about.”, Captain said, “Not today!”, and he threw the soldier on his right into Mentallo knocking him down and Captain punched the other in the face before flipping him and throwing him till he slammed his back against the wall and fell on his head.  Falcon was able to grab the other two soldiers wrists , snap them forcing them to their knees before kicking them back .  Rogers was about to reach Mentallo when suddenly Mentallo turned a dial on a watch like device on his wrist and dematerialized.  Rogers touched his right temple and said, “Colonel we have three in custody, but we have a problem.”, and there were moans and groans as the Falcon zip tied the soldiers up.

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