The Valkyrie Chronicles: SHIELD

After settling the conflict in the Alpha Centauri System, Michael Valkyrie is called upon to lead the rebuilding of SHIELD unaware that even as he tears the old one down he will create more enemies. Most of them former agents.


10. 10

Carrie was lying in the hospital bed with leads attached to her and Arsenal stood at the door frame as the doctor told him, “She is stable sir.  All she needs is a nice long rest and there is no permanent damage to her brain, now if you please...”, there was a distant sound of an explosion and the building shook a little causing Carrie to open her eyes (not bloodshot anymore) as she still laid back in bed.  Arsenal turned to the doctor and said, “I stay.”, the doctor replied, “I’m sorry Arsenal but you must... WHAT THE...”, and as Arsenal looked back at Carrie’s room (where the doctor is looking) he saw her bed is empty and the window is left wide open and Arsenal scratched his head and said, “Huh.”, as the doctor ran to find a nurse.  Below the falling HCV-80 the people within the capital looked up and saw the Helicarrier falling and they began screaming and trying to run away but as the Helicarrier got closer it was too late till it began slowing down fast.  Carrie stood at the center of the imminent impact area with her hands held high as she looked up and groaned in pain as her nose began bleeding again and blood started coming out of her ears as well.  She kept her concentration on the Helicarrier even as the debris from both it and its sister ship fell and crashed around her, smashing in cars and partially demolishing some buildings and structures.  The Helicarrier kept falling and falling more slowly as Carrie groaned and grunted loudly till she screamed in defiance as blood ran out of her nose and ears and the blood vessels in her eyes began to show brightly till the Helicarrier stopped just inches from touching the first rooftop.  With great effort Carrie moved her hands around over her as the Helicarrier moved forward slowly at first, then faster till it was over a large park with a long reflecting pool and Carrie lowered her hands slowly till the Helicarrier touched down hard.  After a few moments the captain and bridge crew of HCV-80 looked outside with shock and the rest of the crew (that was still onboard) walked up onto the wrecked flight deck and looked about the city.  Carrie smirked with satisfaction ignoring the sound of sirens and a quinjet landed right in front of her and the side door slid open to reveal The Winter Soldier sitting back and shaking his head when he said, “So are you going to fly off again?”, Carrie replied (out of breath), “Not, in, the, mood.”, and she stumbled towards the quinjet as Bucky came out and escorted her.


    Michael sat in the waiting room nervously when a SHIELD agent came up to him and whispered, “Sir, the Security Council wish you speak to you.”, Michael breathed to calm himself and said, Is there a secured room?”, the agent told him they setup a quinjet on the landing pad for him.  He went to the quinjet and inside he pressed a button on the center table and a hologram appeared to show the Security Council sitting the same chairs like in the Triskelion and one of them said, “We heard what happened.  What are you going to do about this general?”, Michael replied, “Right now I am having all agents check in and help with clean up procedures and detaining those that attacked SHIELD or betrayed us and if anyone questions anything or just don’t feel like working will also be branded as a traitor and Arsenal already activated our own SHIELD Drones to fill in the gaps till our ranks are replenished.”, another Council member yelled in shock, “Drones?!  Did you see what just happened today?!”, Michael said, “I know, but those drones were under the direction of Justin Hammer who we all know aided a known criminal and nearly destroyed the Stark Expo a few years back.  This time these newly built drones will be under the direction of SHIELD and these drones have a built in kill switch so if they are acting against SHIELD they can be deactivated either by the combination of the director and deputy director of SHIELD or by the unanimous decision by the Security Council, plus they can never turn on other SHIELD agents.”, council member one said, “That’s reassuring, but what about Animus?”, Michael said, “Don’t worry I have someone that will take care of her.”, council member 3 said, “Take care?  Do you mean kill or capture?”, Michael replied, “Terminated of course.”, council member 3 said, “But she must be brought in to face charges!”, Michael said, “She is already condemned to death the moment she participated on the assault on SHIELD HQ. let alone the deaths of many of our fellow agents and civilians caught in the crossfire.”, council member 3 said, “What about Justin Hammer?”, Michael replied, “I’m leaving him up to you.”, council member one said, “I believe the best course of action is having him spend the rest of his life in prison.”, the rest of the council agreed and the third council member said, “What about this Carrie?  We saw many videos on the internet with her confrontation with Mentallo and how she stopped the Helicarrier falling on top of the civilians.”, Michael replied, “Carrie is fine.  She just needs a long rest and Arsenal is with her in case there are any changes.”, council member two said, “What about her powers?  Is there anyway you can weaponize it or build a device that can counteract her or anyone else from using those abilities?”, Michael replied firmly, “No.  Even if there is a way I will not allow anyone within SHIELD to pursue that endeavor like Mentallo did.”,  council member one said, “I think it is best if we don’t pursue that endeavor as well.”, and the rest of the council agreed and they wished Michael good luck on rebuilding the Triskelion and the rest of SHIELD.


    Once he left the quinjet an agent approached and said, “Sir a Mr. Scourge is waiting for you.”, and Michael looked behind him to see a dark cloaked figure with a wide brim hat and he sighed and said, “Can anyone give me a break.  Okay send him in.”, and he went inside as Scourge followed and the door closed behind them before they sat and Michael said, “So your full name is Scourge the Underworld?”, Scourge replied, “Yes.”, Michael said, “Sounds a little bit melodramatic.”,  Scourge replied, “That is because of my reputation.”,  Michael said, “Besides reputation have you received my message?”, Scourge replied, “Yes.”, Michael said, “Are there any questions?”, Scourge replied, “If Animus is not the only one do you want me to eliminate the others as well?”, Michael said, “If they are holding a meeting then yes, but make sure there are no civilian casualties or else you will join them as well.”, and Scourge replied, “Yes general.”, and he left as Michael followed to sit back in the waiting room where he was earlier with his brother waiting for him as well but with a bandage wrap across the top of his head and Michael said, “Had too much fun?”, Gabriel just glared at him and said, “Those drones were a pain in the rear to kill.  I hate drones.”, Michael sat back, smirked and said, “Then you will love the SHIELD Drones that Arsenal has built for us.”, and Gabriel looked back at him both shock and angered.

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