The Valkyrie Chronicles: SHIELD

After settling the conflict in the Alpha Centauri System, Michael Valkyrie is called upon to lead the rebuilding of SHIELD unaware that even as he tears the old one down he will create more enemies. Most of them former agents.


1. 1

During the journey towards Termina Michael was given the full details of the operational procedures of SHIELD in his temporary quarters and the Security Council were displayed in his monitor.  Michael told them that he is bringing his wife, Gabriel, Jen Law, Petra Arkanian, Arsenal and Carrie to aid him and the Council approved but Michael is told that he will be held responsible if something were to happen because of them.  Michael acknowledged and he turned off the monitor before going to bed where Chloe was already on her side waiting for him as he laid back and she laid on top of him for comfort.  Chloe said, “So?”, Michael replied, “Looks like I am going to be very busy, rebuilding SHIELD from the ground up and a lot of people are not going to be happy.”, Chloe said, “Normal.”, Michael said, “Except I am going to have to fire a lot of agents, especially those that have been loyal for years.  That’s why I am bringing you and the others, cause who knows who I will trust when I do this.”, Chloe said, “What’s my role during all of this?”, Michael smiled at her and said, “You have to wait and see.”, Chloe smiled at him and said, “I like your kind of surprises.”, and she kissed him.  Michael said, “Then you will love this, since this Security Council wants me to sit behind a desk and not risk their general.”, Chloe tired to stifle a laugh and said, “Well it sucks to be you, “General”.”, Michael said, “Oh really.”, and Chloe replied, “Yeah.”, then Michael suddenly tired to tickle her as she laughed and she rolled back as he sat on top of her and he stopped as they looked at each other smiling and they began to kiss.  


    The Reliant entered orbit around Termina and on the surface Michael (in his black uniform with four silver stars on each shoulder board), Chloe, Gabriel, Carrie, Arsenal, Law and Petra materialized in an open meeting room with a glass wall display behind them while in front there are four empty chairs that suddenly showed holographic images of people in suits sitting in them and the female of the four said, “Welcome to The Triskelion.  This is the original headquarters of SHIELD before it was destroyed by its former tenants and it is rebuilt from the ground up with some modifications.  For now we like to keep our names a secret till the reorganization is complete and we are satisfied to keep you as the temporary new head of SHIELD.  You may call me number one and from my left 2, 3, and 4.”, Michael said, “Thank You Council, do I have any personnel to work with so we can begin?”, the display behind them lighted up and showed a digital map of the world and various lighted dots all around it and a digital folder on the top left that says, “Assigned Personnel” and number 2 said, “All you need is right there and in your office above us including SHIELD facilities, safe houses and hidden bunkers.”, number 3 said, “So what is your first order of business General Valkyrie as the new head of SHIELD?”, Michael said, “First I want to reinstate Colonel Nick Fury and have him meet me in my office so I can brief him on his duties in charge of Field Operations.  Also I need to meet with Captain America to help find the right recruits to fill in the ranks and once I have their files I will send them to you for final approval or denial.”, the Security Council shifted in their seats as number 4 said, “Nick Fury is the reason why we are here!  He allowed HYDRA to take over and did not see it happening to begin with and conducted operations that we had no knowledge of and keep vital secrets from us and the rest of his team!”, number one said, “I’m sorry general but we cannot allow him back in the field for SHIELD or any other security branch.”, Michael said, “Ma’m, gentlemen, I am only reinstating Colonel Fury to lead Field Ops, not in charge of SHIELD or as my second in command.  If he conducts any operations he will be doing them under my orders and he will be monitored either by myself, my second in command or others with higher rank than him, plus I will personally debrief any agents that he sends out myself and occasionally join any operations to monitor him.  Do you approve this plan of action?”, silence and number 2 said, “I agree with this plan, but you better keep him on a tight leash or else we will find someone else to head SHIELD.”, number 4 said, “And there are plenty of candidates.”, number one said, “I believe we all agree on his and Captain America’s reinstatement.  Is there anything else?”, Michael said, “I want Arsenal to head R & D, my brother Gabriel to lead the new SHIELD M.S. Response Division, and Chloe, Carrie, Law and Petra will head the scouting teams to fill in the ranks of SHIELD.  Does this meet your approval?”, they looked more satisfied than they were earlier and they all agreed.


    Two large steel doors opened and Arsenal walked through and saw a large hanger bay with three unfinished Helicarriers in there docks with various abandoned vehicles, crates and equipment lying around and Arsenal smiled and groaned with satisfaction.  At around the same time, in a run down apartment complex, Chloe and Carrie materialized in the hallway just short of the staircase.  Chloe pulled out a small transparent glass device with letters written on it as she looked up at the door and said, “This is it.”.  She knocked on the door and at first no one answered but Carrie said in a low tone, “She’s there.”, and Chloe said aloud, “We are not here to harm you.  We only wish to talk.”, she raised her hands while Carrie kept hers low and open when the door opened ajar with a chain lock still attached as they saw a face of a older teenage girl with piercings and jet black hair.  The girl said, “Who are you?”, Chloe replied, “I am Chloe Valkyrie, this is my sister Carrie.”, the girl looked at her wide eyed and said, “You both twins?”, Chloe said, “It’s complicated, but I like to talk more in a more secure environment.  Like your apartment.”, she looked at them silently and Chloe said, “We can offer you a better life than with that pig in child services.”, the girl closed the door, unlocked it and opened it again and she stood to the side as Chloe and Carrie walked in and slammed the door shut.  The girl walked past them as Chloe looked a little shocked by the trashy state of the girl’s apartment and even Carrie looked in the corner of the small kitchen and saw a roach crawling over a pizza box and made a disgusted face.  The girl saw her expression before she sat wearing only a tank top and shorts and said, “If you don’t like it you know where the door is!”, Chloe said, “We are not judging you, we are only trying to help.”, the girl said, “Who says I need help.”, Chloe said, “May I ask what your name is?”, the girl said, “Just call me Lisbeth, but it seems you already know that by what you’re wearing.”, she indicated the communicator on Chloe’s belt and the transparent glass device on her hand and Chloe said, “That’s true.  I’m here to offer you a job opportunity, better than the one you have now.”, Lisbeth said, “Better?  In what way?”, Chloe said, “I know you heard of SHIELD.”, silence and Lisbeth looked at them both and made a short laugh and said, “You two?  I guess SHIELD is running low of older recruits.”, Chloe said, “That SHIELD no longer exists.  My husband is leading SHIELD that is being rebuilt from the ground up and we are rebuilding the ranks with people that we know are not corrupt.”, and Lisbeth said, “Tell me more.”, and Chloe sat down.


    Michael walked down a hallway with windows showing the capital and the river before him and Steve Rogers as he wore a leather jacket and pants and Michael said, “So are you in?”, Rogers said, “Not sure.  The last time I joined SHIELD people kept too many secrets and it turned out to be a cover for HYDRA.”, Michael said, “Well I assure you we won’t make that mistake again, and this time we are starting from scratch.”, Rogers said, “As what the Security Council told you and already provided you with the tools and places to start.”, Michael replied, “That’s true, but I have a close friend that is making some minor modifications.”, they waited for the elevator and Rogers turned to him and said, “Under secret?”, Michael said, “For now, till my friend’s modifications are built and ready to be played with.  I don’t want anyone going to sabotage them.”, Rogers said, “May I ask what they are?”, they entered the elevator and begin their descent and Michael said, “I’m taking you to them now.  I believe for the new agents of SHIELD all of them should be shown what they will be using without anything hidden for only for the selected few.  Just in case one of them is indisposed and someone has to pick up the slack.”, Rogers said, “And what about Nick Fury?”, Michael replied, “He will be your supervisor.”, he looked at Rogers and saw his disappointing expression and said, “Still sore from the last time he was your boss?”, Rogers said, “More than sore.”, Michael replied, “Don’t worry, he won’t keep any secrets from you.  If he does or you suspect you notify me or my wife or close friends I told you about and we will look into it immediately.”, Rogers said, “What if you are keeping secrets too?”, Michael turned to Rogers with a serious expression and said, “Captain Rogers if me or anyone of my close staff are keeping secrets then that means something is wrong within SHIELD in a case we may have a mole and we don’t want to risk anyone’s lives.  If you do suspect us keeping secrets then that the sign that you better watch your back and prepare to go dark at the moments notice.”, Rogers looked a little surprise but kept an even expression and said, “Noted sir.”, the elevator went dark as they proceeded underground till there was light and Rogers looked in awe as he saw three Helicarriers in there hangers being loaded and Michael said, “I’m sure you are familiar with those.”, Rogers said, “Are they the same ones that were destroyed?”, Michael gave a questionable moan and said, “Yes and no.  They are the same Helicarriers as the first one with some guns and batteries from the ones that were destroyed, but they are controlled by the operators on the Helicarriers and not run by computers or a self guided system that was used previously.”, Rogers said, “Then that’s a relief.”, Michael said, “It sure is.”, Michael pressed a button on the panel and the song, “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer played and Michael clapped his hands once and began dancing with Rogers looking at him in awe and Michael said, “What Rogers?  Never saw someone dance before?”, Rogers replied, “No.  It’s just....”, Michael continued to dance and Rogers just nodded his head as he smiled and said, “Never mind.”, and he continued to look out into the hanger as Michael danced and Michael said, “Come on Rogers!  You believe that is hot stuff too right?!”, and Rogers just laughed politely as Michael danced behind him as he said, “Hot Stuff!  Yeah!  That’s what we got!”, and Rogers just continued to laugh as he looked out into the vast hanger.


    A door opened to reveal a closed out meeting room as Nick Fury stood there waiting for someone till he turned to the open door and saw Michael welcoming him with open arms and a pleasant smile as he said, “Nick Fury it’s a pleasure meeting you here!”, Fury stared down at him and said, “Says someone who sent one agent and revealed my position out in public.”, Michael said, “I’m sorry I’m not too much into that cloak and dagger stuff, nor can we wait till you are in a more private place to discuss what I have to offer.  Ms. Arkanian did tell you right?”, Fury said, “She did, although I am not too thrilled being offered a position that is lower than what I previously served but I guess I have no choice.”, Michael replied, “Exactly.  The Security Council was not too thrilled of me requesting your reinstatement but they agreed to the part that I will be watching you and so will others.”, Fury said, “So everything I do will be monitored and possibly questioned?”, Michael replied, “Only if it seems you are trying to keep secrets from all of us or do anything without permission from me or other agents above you.  I can assure you your job would not be miserable.”, a long silence as Nick Fury was in deep thought till he replied, “What will be my rank?”, Michael said, “The same rank you left, Colonel.”, Fury then said, “I’m in.”, before they shook hands the door opened behind Michael and Gabriel stood and said, “Brother we have a situation in the downtown area of the capital.”, Michael and Fury turned to face him and Michael said, “What kind of a situation?”.

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