Flip of a coin

This is the life of Jacqueline Smith, she's been through many things and after 5 years she gets dodgy texts. Does her coin flip ( her world turn upside down) or not??

Find out by reading ����

A fanfiction of Nate Garner ❤️��
And Daniel Skye ��❤️

May contain disturbing things such as depressing and sexual content, age recommended__ but if u guys think it should b different let me know


1. Chapter 1: Jacqueline Smith's past


That's the question that comes up most, along with the other questions that come to my mind each and every day, that's the question that comes to my mind when I'm doing absolutely nothing...it's also the question that comes up whilst I'm in any mood, a positive or negative one.

Sorry, typical of me to jump straight into the situation without even introducing myself!

My name's Jacqueline, but people tend to call me Jack.

You've heard of that story right?, the one about the poor boy selling a cow for some beans, you probably know it best from the part when he climbs up the beanstalk?? Well anyway THAT'S called a fairy tale, you're probably thinking 'I already know all this' well so did I when I was 3 years old so you're clearly going to know aren't you, haha! Anyways back to the point, fairy tales are just a form of fantasy, I didn't believe this when I was 3! I don't even live in reality I live in a cruel, unlucky, wasteland called 'Earth'.

'It can't be that bad' people say to me, but...they just don't understand. When I was born I suffered a heart failure that caused my Mum to go crazy and she had to go to rehab, by the time I was 2 she came back home, my parents broke up and my Mum ran away and I haven't heard from her ever since.

I don't live with my Dad, he abandoned me in the middle of the night when I was 7. He left me with my older brother, Stanley which was only 9 at the time, I found his Facebook account (ik bad thing to do) and he is happily married with four kids. We moved in with our Uncle but after a year he had spent so much money on booze, because he had a drinking problem, he didn't have enough money for us to live with us so he put us in a care home.

After time a couple came and wanted to adopt me, so they did, shortly after this they decided they wanted to foster me. This was a big thing especially since they were planning to move all the way from London, UK to Pila, Italy. This was a big move and I didn't want to leave Stanley alone so I told them this and they agreed that they'd take him with me for out fun days for the following 2 weeks.

At first it was amazing, we were just like a normal happy family but the second week the couple were different. It was like they hated Stanley. They would buy me nice fancy food but only bought a packet of crisps or a very small scoop of porridge for Stanley to last him from 10AM 'till 5PM. Once I tried to give Stanley some of my food but the man kicked my leg under the table, where it was out of site. He would go back to the care home desperately needing food but the carers thought that he had the same filling meal that I had so they ignored him.

On the last Friday that I saw the couple we had our day out with them and had just arrived back in the care home and Stanley collapsed on the floor. He was rushed to hospital. After the doctors ran some tests they recognised the fact that his sugar levels were low, they also realised that he had numerous bruises and a fractured rib.

The carers were asking if I knew anything about this and I told them about the couple not feeding him properly and the incident when the man kicked me for trying to help my brother. Shortly after this the police started to question me, I had no idea what was going on but I wanted my brother, I was terrified! It was later found that my brother had been abused by the man every time me and the lady would go somewhere alone, she was very nice, it was the man that I despised. After this my brother was very shady and protective towards me.

After that another life changing thing happened; our Uncle heard what had happened to us and worked really hard to become a stable guardian so he could get us back (which was successful) but eventually died of heart failure whilst my brother and I were in school. This was heart breaking.

Many other things have happened to us over the years but we remain focused on the present and future not the past.

I'm now 15 and Stanley's 17. Since he's over 16 he lives on his own in his apartment and I'll be moving from this care home too in 6 months!! YAY!!

Well I guess you know enough about me, Jacqueline Smith and my past now, how about we crack on with this 'story' or whatnot this Pumanana02 is saying about me, which she may say is her making it up but these things have happened to many people...enjoy!!

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