Lucifers decision

Lucifer, the story of the fallen angel. Lucifer is an angel with a high amount of grandeur, but when he makes a grave mistake what will it take to get back in god good graces?

WARNING: If you do not want to hear about Lucifer, or the pinions on god that are NOT my own don't read this story


2. When I woke up

I wake up and feel a searing pain in the back of my head. When I finally lift my head I find that I am in a cell. Me,my glorious self in a cell. A FREAKING CELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think about how to get myself out of here when finally I realize were I am. I've been here loads of times dropping off criminals. I'm in the cells where angels put criminals before they are tried. Which means only two things. I failed my mission. The wrath of the five tests shall be bestowed upon me. What are the five tests you ask? Thinking about it now I realize that the tests are pretty harsh. They test the mortality of a human being, all their rights and wrongs. Then I realize the kink. I have no mortality.

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