Lucifers decision

Lucifer, the story of the fallen angel. Lucifer is an angel with a high amount of grandeur, but when he makes a grave mistake what will it take to get back in god good graces?

WARNING: If you do not want to hear about Lucifer, or the pinions on god that are NOT my own don't read this story


5. The trial

When everything calmed down I began too think what the trial would be like. Yet again I slip into unconsciousness.I wake to a different voice. Not Nessa's soft silky drawl but something harsher. Like a mixture of nails on a chalkboard and the raspiest voice ever, yet it's loud, and screaming. GEEZ!!!!! Be quiet person!!!!!!!!! Then I realize what he's screaming. "Wake up Lucifer!!!!"Over and over again. Finally I sit up. "Ugh!!!!!!! your giving me a headache!!!!!! I scream. "Oh good you're up." At that very moment I see something that will haunt me forever. Nessa. Looking like she's walked through a wilderness and back. 

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