No more

This is my poem about self-harm and depression. It comes from the heart and my deepest feelings.


1. The Poem

I have been alone, surrounded by darkness,

And I’ve seen how heartless,

This world can be.


I’ve been crying,

And I’ve been screaming.

For someone to just help me.


But no one hears the pleads and cry,

So I’m left alone to try and survive.

One lie, two lies, three lies, four,

Can I tell anymore?


I know it’s not easy,

And I know it’s hard.

But I will get through this,

With no more scars.


Only time will tell,

Just how lost I’ve been.

Like a raindrop in a snow cloud,

I am never seen.


No more cries, no more pleads.

No more cuts, I will no longer bleed.

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