The Valkyrie Chronicles: Alpha Centauri

The crew of the USS Challenger are called to aid in a resettlement program in the Alpha Centauri system. When they begin the resettlement they would face a alien race that is bound on conquering Pandora and they are lead by a man who is bent on revenge.


4. 4

When the explosions and flying debris ceased the only sounds are the crackling of fire as Gabriel opened his eyes and looked over the tree to see the crashed Valkyrie and the forest surrounding the aircraft burning.  At first there was no movement as Gabriel was looking and a Xenomorph appeared right in front of him on the fallen tree with flames covering its body as it screeched at Gabriel with its mouth opened.  Gabriel immediately pulled out his six shooter side arm and shot it through its mouth and exited the back of its burning cranium as he fell back.  Gabriel breathed heavily due to shock as the dead creature fell backwards and that is when he heard the sounds of more screeching and howling.  He looked over the tree again (this time with his gun out) and saw Xenomorphs emerging from the fallen Valkyrie also covered in flames as they flailed around and both Na’vi and RDA soldiers got up and began either running or helping wounded comrades to get away as Gabriel looked up to see flying Xenomorphs descending through the trees overhead.  Jake coughed as he began to get up and he saw an RDA soldier standing right in front of him aiming his rifle at Sully.  Jake threw his knife from his back and struck the soldier directly through his mask and into his face before he fell.  Once he did a black Xenomorph stood in his place and stared directly at Sully.  Jake remained still as the creature began baring its teeth when suddenly it jumped towards Jake as he raised his hands forward in a defensive posture only to notice that the creature actually jumped past him and tackled an RDA soldier that was behind Sully and as the soldier screamed the Alien shot its jaw like tongue at his face killing him.  The Alien looked back at Sully as he was surprised before the creature turned away and disappeared into the foliage.  Gabriel looked around and saw the Xenomorphs attacking and killing the RDA soldiers or swarming around the AMPs as one of them grabbed and threw each Alien that came after it till one jumped on its back and crawled on top when a soldier shot at it and the Alien screeched as it drew blood and it acted like corrosive acid and burned through the glass before falling on the operator’s right eye and he began screaming.  As he clawed on his eye the aliens took advantage and broke through the glass where the hole is and pilled on top of the operator as the AMP flailed around till it dropped on its back and the aliens scattered taking a piece of the operator with them as well.  Gabriel even noticed that as the aliens attacked they intentionally move around the Na’vi or attacked the soldiers that are attacking and he got on the radio and said, “Brother though’s creatures that are on Shadow, they are attacking the RDA as if they are trying to help us!”, no response and Gabriel yelled, “Michael do you read me!”, still no response, “MICHAEL!”, and multiple large shadows are cast and he looked up to see three Valkyrie’s escorted by two Dragon’s as they descended upon the Tree of Souls ignoring the chaos around them.


    The bomb bay doors opened on the Valkyrie’s and the pallets of Daisy Cutters were pulled up to be dropped as an airman went from pallet to pallet announcing each one armed.  The pilot of the lead Dragon said, “Two minutes to target.”, and a Lt. Colonel in fatigues leaned forward to see the Tree of Souls approaching and said, “They will now pay for our brothers and sisters they took from us before.  As well as mine.”, an operator to his right yelled as there was a loud beeping noise, “Sir we have incoming!”, the Lt. Colonel looked at him with anger and yelled, “WHERE?”, the operator said, “Above!  It’s coming from space!”, the nest gunners on the lead Valkyrie were shooting all around when one of the gunners looked up with alarm and yelled, “WHAT THE...”, and the VerKa appeared from above with its right fist pulled back and the pilot screamed in anger as the VerKa slammed hard on top of the lead Valkyrie creating a loud BANG noise (throwing most of the gunners in the nests into the air) and slammed its fist into the cockpit crushing the top half nose of the shuttle.  The Valkyrie was about to go into a nose dive but Ender shifted his controls hard and the VerKa quickly got up as the Valkyrie started to fall nose first and began running back till it reached the end of the aircraft and Ender pulled back his joysticks while at the same time shifted the levers forward making a clicking sound and he yelled, “YAHOO!”, and the VerKa jumped off the edge so high it past the other two Valkyrie’s and it drew its beam saber (which was now raised) as it approached the Dragon in the rear.  The commander at the last Dragon and the pilot looked up in shock as the commander said, “This is impossible.  IMPOSSIBLE!”, and Ender yelled as he brought down his beam saber and the commander and the pilot covered both their eyes as they and the operators screamed as they vanished in a blinding light and the Dragon was cut clean in half with the cockpit vaporized.  The wrecked halves of the Dragon smashed into each other raining debris down to the forest below as the VerKa smashed through the trees and landed on the ground hard on both its feet and left hand down.  


    On the bridge of the Challenger repair crews ran around the bridge and worked beneath the consoles into the circuitry as the panels were removed and tried to restore power.  Amongst the commotion Gross yelled out to Law, “Has Mr. Wiggin reached the surface?”, Law replied, “Yes ma’m!  He has also intercepted the main force and landed right in the heart...”, she stopped as she turned back to her console and listened in to her com device and Gross said, “Lt. what is it?”, Law turned back and said, “Ma’m a Federation starship has arrived!”, Gross said, “On screen!”, the viewer showed a Miranda class starship appearing out of warp and approached the RDA transport ships on full impulse and Gross said, “Do they know they have the capability to fire an EMP pulse?  Law hail the ship and tell them...!”, Law pound on her console and replied, “I can’t ma’m!”, Petra cut in and said, “It’s too late captain!”, and they watched as the Miranda starship’s running lights went out as an energy surge like image passed through the viewer and reached the starship.  Even as the wave hit the powerless Miranda class starship continued its forward momentum and passed the transports overhead except the forward saucer section rammed into a large protruded antenna that was above the lead transport and the starship headed straight to the stratosphere.  Gross yelled out to the command chair console, “Arsenal did you restore transporters?”, Arsenal replied, “Unable ma’m.”, before Gross could yell back Petra said, “Captain it’s too late.”, and they watched as the Miranda class starship began reentry.

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