The Valkyrie Chronicles: Alpha Centauri

The crew of the USS Challenger are called to aid in a resettlement program in the Alpha Centauri system. When they begin the resettlement they would face a alien race that is bound on conquering Pandora and they are lead by a man who is bent on revenge.


1. 1

The Challenger came out of warp with the rest of the wagon train of various starships following behind.  The Challenger approached the planet Coeus and achieved orbit as the rest of the fleet lingered and Gross said, “Completed scan on the planet sir.  It is ready for settlement.”, Michael said, “Lt. Law send a message to all ships in the fleet.  Tell them their new home is ready and they may begin to disembark.”, Law replied, “Aye sir.”, and Michael and the rest of the bridge crew watched as the ships descended to the planet’s surface.  Michael pressed a button on his arm rest and said, “Arsenal are the buoys ready for deployment?”, Arsenal said, “Yes sir.”, Michael said, “Prepare to launch them on Lt. Malon’s command.  Ms. Arkanian lay in a course around the Alpha Centauri system to deploy the warning buoys.”, Petra replied, “Aye sir.”, Michael said, “Ms. Malon prepare to deploy the buoys.”, Malon replied, “Yes sir.”, Michael said, “In the meantime Commander Gross, scan the planets in the system we pass by so we have a record of all the planets in the system.”, Gross replied, “Scanners are active sir.”, Michael said, “Engage.”, the Challenger left Coeus orbit and proceeded around the Alpha Centauri system randomly dropping buoys that send out a “Quarantine” signal and minor defenses while at the same time Gross scanned the nearby planets and the two suns in the system.  When they returned to Coeus Gross handed Michael a full report from what the scanners revealed about the planets in the system and said, “One planet is totally eclipsed from both the suns and it appears that there is intelligent life on the planet as well as another that is nearby the same planet but is blocking one of the suns and one side is always facing it.”, Michael said, “Can we make contact with them?”, Gross replied, “The one facing the sun I will ill advise as well as the shadowed planet because I detected small random ships flying from there to the planet covered in darkness and found that once they landed whoever disembarked fires weapons on the species on the darkened world and the beings in the dark world swarm to wherever one of their comrades in the dark world are killed and kill whoever sets foot on the planet.”, Michael said, “Does it look like it should be classified as a civil war?”, Gross replied, “No sir, as I do not detect any weapons or ships coming from the darkened world at all and the planet that is blocking the sun is only sending out ships that are either the size of our shuttle crafts or the VerKa to the planet and there are no missiles or any type of artillery or large scale weapons aimed or fired on the shadowed planet.”, Michael said, “Then...”, Petra interrupted, “Captain I read what appears to be four transport ships entering the system and heading straight to Pandora!”, Michael said, “Law notified Starfleet Command and ask them if these ships are authorized to enter!”, Law replied, “Yes sir!”, Michael said, “Ms. Arkanian move us to Pandora’s orbit and get between the planet and those ships!”, Petra replied, “Aye sir!”, the Challenger left Coeus orbit at full impulse and flew with haste towards Pandora.


    The view screen showed Pandora beneath them and some of the crew admired its beauty even as they saw the approach of the large grey transport block size ships.  Petra said, “Know wonder those people tried to take the planet.”, Michael replied, “It’s not because of its beauty Lt. Commander.  It’s the resources that this planet has.”, Law said, “Sir, Starfleet says that they have not authorized any ships to enter the system but us and the transports.  They also said that another starship is arriving to assist...”, all of a sudden the lights went out and the ship shook violently as Michael was almost thrown off his chair and the red alert alarm sounded before the backup power kicked in.  Once everyone regained their footing Michael said, “What was that?!”, Gross said, “Sir it appears we were hit by an EMP attack!  Main power in all systems are offline!”, Michael said, “Get me Engineering!”, Law said, “I have Arsenal on the line sir!”, Michael said, “Arsenal status report!”, Arsenal said, “Warp core neutralized.  Backup systems running on full.”, Michael said, “When would main power be restored?”, Arsenal replied, “Unknown.”, Gross said, “Sir it appears we won’t be able to restore main power at all.”, Michael said, “Why not?!”, Gross replied, “Our uninvited guests have the ability to send out a constant EMP burst to keep our systems offline until they turn it off remotely.”, Michael said, “In other words they’re using the EMP as if it was a tracker beam and we are sitting ducks!”, Gross said, “Correct sir.”, Petra said, “Sir they are descending onto the planet!”, Michael said, “Put it on viewer!”, and they watched as the transport ships opened what appears to be large hanger doors and smaller various size ships left and descended towards the surface.  Michael pounded on his armrest and got up and said, “Law order Ender and Gabriel to meet me in the hanger bay on the double!  Gross you are assuming command!”, Gross said, “Sir what are you planning on doing?!”, and before Michael entered the turbo lift he said, “I am going to kick their asses back where they belong.”


    Michael entered the hanger bay in his black battle uniform and saw Gabriel and Ender waiting for him and Michael went to the nearest console and called Arsenal and said, “Arsenal can the hanger doors open?”, Arsenal replied, “Manuel only.”, Michael yelled out, “Any able maintenance crews, open the outer doors!”, and two crewmen went to each side of the hanger doors and opened a maintenance hatch, attached a lever and began cranking the doors open.  Michael said, “Ender is the VerKa operational?”, Ender replied, “It hasn’t been affected by the EMP.  It was off went we were attacked.”, Michael said, “Then get on it and prepare to descend to the surface.  Gabriel you are coming with me in the shuttle, unless you have more important things to do.”, Gabriel crossed his arms and said, “No, filing papers and being an errand boy are not important at this time.”  A Galileo 5 type shuttle lifted off, flew out and headed towards the surface.  Michael pressed a button on the console and said, “Mr. Wiggin remain on standby till I call back.”, Ender replied, “What happens if I don’t hear from you?”, Michael said, “Then Commander Gross is your new captain.”, Gabriel looked at him and said, “You didn’t tell me this could be a suicide mission.”, Michael smirked and said, “Is that worry I sense older brother?”, Gabriel grunted as he looked away.  Once the shuttle made it through the atmosphere it flew past a waterfall and a flock of Banshees as well as a heard of Sturmbeests on the plains below before the shuttle landed in a small clearing in a middle of the forest.  The side door opened and Michael and Gabriel stepped out wearing breathing masks and Gabriel said, “So where are we supposed to find these Na’vi?”, Michael said, “From what I heard it would not take them long to find us, or anyone that is not part of this world.”, and they continued walking through the forest passing large trees almost the size of buildings till Gabriel said, “Are you certain they would find us?”, Michael replied, “Yea bro!  It’s not like they are going to let us waltz up to the Tree of Souls and...WAHHH!”, all of a sudden his foot stepped on a hidden rope and before he knew it he was hanging upside down.  Then six blue beings jumped out of the trees and surrounded them with either spears or bows and Gabriel raised his hands and said, “Easy!  Easy!”, while one of them aimed the spear at Michael’s face and Michael made a face and said, “Dude do you really think I am going anywhere?”, the Na’vi warriors began speaking to each other in their native tongue as the one with the spear kept waving it close to Michael’s face as Michael looked irritated and dodged from getting his face poked on and he yelled, “SERIOUSLY DUDE!  Take me to your leader Jake Sully at once!”, they stopped talking and they looked at Michael with either curiosity or shock and Michael said, “Yes I have heard of him!  I need to see him now because I have a very important message for him so cut me loose noWWW!”, and before he knew it he fell flat on his face and he groaned as he got up and Gabriel held back from laughing.  Their dire horses appeared and Michael and Gabriel had their hands tied before they were ridden to a large fallen tree where the bottom was converted/hollowed out as their new Hometree and many Na’vi surrounded them as Michael and Gabriel dismounted and were escorted inside the fallen tree.

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