Elise Cartman is an 18 year old girl who's life completely changed when someone new and unexpected decided to make a show.


2. Chapter 2


     "Elise, you home?" I heard Damon call from down the stairs, I reached over and shut the water off, submerging myself into the bathtub, looking over and watching the tea lights flicker. "You look cozy." Damon leaned against the door frame with a grin on his face. 

"Maybe just a little bit." I said not making eye contact. He walked across the bathroom and sat down onto the stool by the tub. 

"I don't know what happened tonight between you and Stefan, but you know you can tell me anything."  he leaned over the side of the tub, dipping his finger tips into the water, moving the bubbles around. 

"I'm fine. He's just an ass." Damon chuckled. 

"Oh trust me I'm aware of that. But seriously.... What happened?" I sighed and sat up leaning over so my arms were against the side of the tub by Damon. 

"He thinks that I can do better than you, and that you treat me like an errand girl." Damon rolled his eyes. 

"Babe you must know that's not true, and I'm sorry if I make you feel like that but we both know not to listen to Stefan, especially when he's mad at me." I reached for his hand, covering it in water and bubbles. 

"I know." I let go of his hand and sat back against the tub. 

"You know,if you're going to sit there and just get my hand all we and soapy, you might as well invite me in." He grinned, the gin he has all the time that makes me fall in love. 

"Fine." I smiled. "But if the water gets cold I'm kicking you out." 


                                                                    Stefan p.o.v.

     I don't think I will ever understand, why does she want to be with him, why, he uses her, he doesn't deserve her, I do, maybe that makes me sound selfish but I don't care at this point. I took a swig of my drink and listened to the sounds of laughter and water splashing from Damon's bathroom.  It makes me sick to my stomach, hearing them be all happy, as i sit here drinking myself away watching the clock tick as my eternity of unhappiness continues to go on, it's how its been since Katherine. 

"Hi" I turned around to see Elise wrapped in a light blue robe, her arms crossed standing in the middle of the door frame. 

"What do you want."  I watched her walk over to the liquor cabinet and pour herself a drink, then walked over to me. 

"I want to talk." I rolled my eyes. 

"About what?" I said as i took another drink. 

"What you said earlier, about how you wished I didn't love him, what did you mean?" 

"Why do you care, where's Damon, go be with him." 

"He just went out the back to go hunt" she sat down. " So feel free to answer the question." She batted her eyes and took a drink. 

"Have you ever stopped to think about the fact he's not the only one that loves you? That he's not the only one that cares for you, waits for you to come home just to see your face, is happy that they can see you smile?" 

"I guess I've never really thought about that..." She lowered her eyes from making contact, if she was human I'd be able to tell she was nervous and uncomfortable by her heart beat, but with her being like me, I don't have that luxury.

"Of course you haven't, you're in love. And for some reason with my brother and I fail to understand why." I snickered. 

"Why are you saying all of this? What is your point?" I sighed, debating if I should say what I want to or if I should just let it go. 

"Because....." I hesitated, she looked at me. 

"Because what Stefan?"

"Because I love you." I looked up at her, she looked at me her beautiful green eyes confused, filled with many emotions, she looked down, moving her drink around in a circular motion. 

"I don't know what to say." I continued to look at her, the beauty of her, the little strands of hair that never seem to be tucked back, everything about her intrigued me.

"Don't say anything." And then I made my move, I leaned in, taking my hand up and pushing her hair back behind her ears, leaving my hand on the back of her neck, then I kissed her. 


                                                                            Elise's p.o.v.

     "Because I love you." I always knew that Stefan cared for me and in some way did love me, I've lived with him and Damon for a long time, we all loved each other in a way. But the way he was saying this to me, the way he looked at me, I could tell what he was really saying. 

"I don't know what to say." I looked down, moving my drink around, not sure what I felt, if i really loved him back. To admit there has always been a part of me that loves Stefan, and yes, maybe more than just a brother, or someone close to me. 

"Don't say anything." I looked up to see him leaning in toward me, reaching his hand up to tuck my hair back, and then he kissed me. I was in shock, I didn't know what to think, I pulled away and then looked at him. And then he kissed me again, and I kissed him back. 


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