Vampire's Terrain


1. Vampire's Terrain

In a dusty cave at night

The creature comes out

To give a fright

For all in sight

If near, you’ll get a bite

And lose a pint

You’ll have a bad sight

To avoid a fright

During the night

It’s a losing fight

Come during the light

But you might be a victim

Of the love bite

For once you’re in their sight

They’ll have your life

Be careful who you meet

For they might be end of you

Even if you aren’t a tasty treat

You’ll give a sweet

To something not so sweet

Who will drive you batty

For they put you in a trance

With no chance, just a Devil’s dance

Be careful with the creature’s dance

For you’ll lose your soul

All you’ll have is an empty body

Unless they get tired of you

Then you will get your

Broken soul back

If you’re careful

You’ll live a happy life

With a chance to never sight

The creature who will

Drink your blood and

Your life

It means nothing

To come out willingly

Makes you vampire bait

A dangerous trait

Don’t make me wait

For dinner tonight

​My sweet treat.

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