5SOS Next Door


2. Two

  "I need you to give the neighbors these cookies as a welcoming gift to our neighborhood." Mom said, handing me a basket full of cookies. I groaned.   I made my way to the house next to us. I walked up the stairs, making my way to the front door that seemed to be already opened. Should I knock?. I knocked on the door, and no one came. I shrugged my shoulders maybe their not here.    I looked around the house till I finally found the kitchen. I sat the basket of treats on the kitchen table. I was about to leave the kitchen when I heard my stomach grumble.   I rubbed my stomach and remembered that I didn't eat this morning. I bit my lip and turned around and glanced at the treats. I pulled back the cloth that covered the treats and saw the cookies. My mouth watered at the sight. They look so good.   I glanced around the room. Nobody seemed to be home, eating one and two wouldn't kill anyone. I grabbed one of the cookies and began eating it. I moaned as the chocolate melted in my mouth. I forgot how good mom made cookies. I stuffed a few more in my mouth. So good-   I began chocking. I glanced around for a thing of water, I saw the refrigerator, opening it, I grabbed a bottle of water and and drank from it.      "Who are you?"   I froze, turning around, I saw a man, around my age. His blond hair was quiffed, his blue eyes glimmered in amusement at the sight of me. I felt my cheeks to heat up at the sight of him.    He looked like a sex God.   Feeling completely nervous and embarrassed, I put out all the water I had in my mouth all over the sex God in front of me.   The three guys behind him, who I now just noticed,  tried holding in their laughter which they failed at. Seeing all four of them another thought crossed my mind.   This was 5 Seconds of Summer. The most popular punk band. They were my neighbors.   The blond haired guy, Luke looked at me and amazement. He opened his mouth to talk, but suddenly stopped when he pointed at my face.   "Your cheeks...are you okay?" He said.   I had to get out of here.    I gathered my courage and ran out of the kitchen.       Michael's POV   I woke up to the smell of cookies. My mouth watered at the smell. I got out of bed, letting my feet drag me to the kitchen. I noticed the other guys smelled it to, since there were heading to the kitchen too.   Luke halted, telling us to stop.    "There's a girl in our kitchen." Luke muttered out in disbelief.    Our eyes widen. We hid behind the wall the hid us from the girl. We all peeled and saw the girl.   She had (H/C), that was tied up in a bun. Her (E/C) shimmered in delight as she at those cookies. My stomach grumbled at the sight of it.    "I'm going in." Luke muttered before walking into the kitchen. We slowly walked behind him, waiting for his next move.   "Who are you?" Luke called out, getting the girls attention. She looked at us, mouth full of water.    Then something unbelievable happened. Her cheeks started turning a deep red. When Luke asked her what was wrong, she let it all out.   She spit water all over Luke's face.    Before we could even digest that in, she dashed out of the kitchen.     We all looked at Luke, trying our hardest not to laugh.   "H-Hey, L-Luke-"   "Don't you dare, Calum." Luke growled out.   We all laughed our asses off. Luke shook in anger and marched out of the kitchen.   Somehow I couldn't wait to see the girl again. She's going to make this stay more fun.       __________   Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter!
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