Just a few poems that I've written/


1. Who Am I

Who Am I?

My hair is long,
And the color of wheat,
But my hands are cracked and bruised,
From working so much.

My Lord is two,
One much brighter and happier than the other,
Who works me hard,
Night and day.

Who in the world,
Am I?

Soot settles under my feet,
While air rushes towards me,
Through a broken roof.
The armor I wear is heavy,
But it protects me from the dangers,
And the depths of a dragon's roar.

My duty is to save those caught,
Within a dragon's mighty claws.

Who in the world,
Am I?

My wrists are bound,
With stripes of red,
And within my hands I hold,
The power to destroy myself and others.

My head is full of things,
That make my life,
A living misery.

Who in the world,
Am I?

In my hands I hold,
A very precious gift;
A gift that I, myself alone,
Could bring into this world.

This gift is my joy,
My reason for life.

Who in the world,
Am I?

I risk my life to protect,
To save those with less,
And to capture those who have wronged.

I'm sent places to help,
But sometimes stay close to home.

I'm often hated,
By those who believe,
My 'type', my life and duty,
Is a horrible joke.

Today or tomorrow,
I am the same.

But, truly,
Who in the world am I?
And who are we,
To this universe?

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