Aeonian voices


1. Peom

Every corner I turn of this unblissful town 

I hear your voice, a whispering sound,

You may be far, but you're so very near

The disembodied voice is almost clear


What happened was tragic of course I'm upset

You said you would watch me from the day we met

I didn't take this literally but now I do

Since your departure I still hear you  


You loved me and hated me in short space of time

For a second, moment, hour you were mine

Do you want me to feel guilty? Or take away pain?

Please stop these Aeonian voices they're driving me insane 


  I'm sorry if I hurt you in any way or form

I turned the flower to dust and dust into a storm 

Without this Storm would you be here now?

At the time of the matter I thought it was only a row  


I didn't cause your death but could I have done more?

I don't think your realise it was my heart you tore

I wish I could take back something's that were said and done

Maybe I should have agreed to move with you to the sun?

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