Blue-Eyed Star

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3. Chapter Two: A Friend

Her eyes fluttered open to the sound of chirping birds and songs in the distance. Her head throbbed, She didn't know why, so She touched her head in response to what She felt. She found herself laying in a very soft mound of grass. Much like a nest in the ground. There were trees all around. They were tall and seemed like they touched the sky. The ground looked soft, and beautiful plants hugged anything they could reach. The forest looked so healthy even grass grew up the base of the trees. There were many elegant windows carved within the trees making everything seem so mystical. Up above manny bridges webbed tree to tree wherever she looked. To that conclusion 'people must live here,' she thought. She felt uneasy and scared. No one was around, so she wondered about herself.

After a moment of trying to gather anything, any memory She had of her past. Nothing came. It was like She lost something so big it hurt. She stopped and looked around once She gave up. She rose too her feet, feeling brave to go look around. She felt light, and clean. She looked at herself, seeing her clothes; she was fully covered in a very long dress. It reached to her toes and draped longer behind her. The dress was a loose style, her shoulders were to be seen Because of the sleeves were also long and heavy; They fell over her fingers. It was such an elegant dress but clearly meant for taller people.

She widened her eyes and grabbed her hair to hug it for it was something that she felt would comfort her. Stroking her long hair she noticed manny braids mixed in her white locks. She had every right to freak out for she was not familiar with what she wore, where she was or what happened. Many moments passed standing while she stoked her small finders in the now tangling braids. She stepped farther away from her bed trying to feel brave but she felt like running back. But she ran the opposite way forcing herself farther away. She must get out. The trees were so big and it took a couple seconds to pass the next one. She heard singing and her heart raced faster. She turned right and then left trying to get away from the sound. Laughter filled her ears and now she knew she got closer. In panic she ran behind a rather smaller tree half the sizes she passed. She saw no source of the noises but she felt like they were coming to her.

"Then the driad left-" came laughter followed by a "Shhh-" and everything was silenced. She held her breath hoping the things she was hiding from would go away.

---another POV----

A noise of slight jagged breathing, but once it stopped He knew someone was defiantly hiding. Maybe a friend was about to jump out and try to scare them? No... The breathing was too uneasy. He looked back at his companion and saw his expression that faded to concern. 'He sensed it too' he thought, 'that is no elf behavior.' He furrowed his brows, and pulled out a knife from his side slowly walking toward the noise he heard last. Ten paces away one particular tree stood. A shuffle was heard. He wondered if around it the noise had come. Then again a small, very small shuffle. He was so quiet the other creature or whatever it was didn't notice as he walked up close by. His mouth fell open as he satired at a girl. A very strange beautiful all white creature. She did not notice him ten feet away in the shadow of a near tree. Her hands were clamped over her mouth stopping her breathing, Tears started falling out of her great blue eyes, she shook in fear for she did know our presence was near. Maybe this was the girl everyone was talking about?

He thought he better let her see him before she hurts herself. She does need air. So he slowly stepped into the sunlight and whispered in a calming voice.

---switched POV---

I jumped the moment something glimmered to my left; a tall man came into the sunlight. I felt sick and knew I couldn't hold my breath any longer so I breathed out. It was quick for I needed air so badly. My head span, all I saw was him. Everything else around pulled me in and swirled. Strange words slowed out his mouth. They were soft. He seemed strange to me. Something was different about him. His gaze was scary. Eyes of caramel and gold looked back at me. He had very long silk blond hair flowing down his back. Sharp pointed ears was a key feature I noticed and His skin color was soft and bronzed like he stayed in the sun allot. He held a knife but lowered it as I looked. He dropped it once I started inching away. It felt like my heart was about to jump out. He kept walking up slowly but stopped when I moved farther away. 'I should run' I thought, feeling the tree leave my side. I took a chance and looked behind me, and surprisingly another man stood a small ways away. My mind raced for ideas. This time I decided a risk, and with that I picked up my shaky feet and ran again. This time I picked up my long dress and bolted faster than when I came.

---different POV---

It wasn't long until she decided to run after she saw my friend. He followed her and I did the same. We need to report this. We can't have her leave, it's very unsafe outside the borders.

Once he decided he called after his friend with his native language and told him to report this immediately and he would catch her. And they both split ways with understanding.

She didn't stay too far from him. He was taller and maybe that was an advantage, but he had to admit she was fast. She turned left and gave him a surprise sharp turn, but passed easily without a falt in his speed. He felt how close they were getting to the border of the domain and worked harder in his speed to be able to reach her in time. Several minuets sped by. She was very clever and defiantly was thinking ahead on how to loose him. She took many startling cuts left or right and it did slow him slightly. In moments he was In arms length just about to reach for her when noise ahead reached him. His eyes widened, just what he feared was ahead. By now they were way outside the border. A piercing screech sounded ahead. The girl kept running but was slowing by the frightening sound.

She quickly looked back at the man who was very close. He looked panicked. This was a bad sign, even if he was the enemy to her at the moment. When she looked back in her running direction a great black animal stood not far away. She skidded to a stop, and starred in the face of a huge wolf not 5 feet from her. It was as tall as her, it's matted fur dark gray, and drool fell from it's sneer. Her whole being had froze. The huge dog launched to attack her when that elf whom followed her, tackled the beast. The dog bit and struggled as he pinned it down. The dog was stronger than it looked and rolled with him down a ledge of a river bed that ran along the path she took. Several splashes were heard and coughing sounded. Everything was so quick, there was barely time to change feelings for the guy who saved her. Now she very much regretted running. She dragged herself fast to the rivers edge to see if the man survived.

There below where she stood frantically he grabbed ahold of a bolder so he would no be carried away by the strong forces. He laid halfway on the rough rock panting from his energy spent. The dog was nowhere to be seen In the wild waters. The river was deep and no bottom could be seen. She didn't even think when she found herself climbing down to a lower ledge near him. It didn't matter how scared she was anymore. He needed help more than she did.

--- different POV---

Everything ached and his shoulder throbbed from a deep gash from the dog. Blood flowed but not too much to handle. His hands started slipping so he struggling to hold on. Looking to his right, he saw the strange girl climbing down to him on a near ledge. She came closer and stretched her arm out for him. Her eyes were unreadable, and her small face was filled with mixed emotions. Her hand reached as far as it could, and it was enough to close distance to reach her wrist. They both held tight and she pulled with all her strength. It was just enough for him to reach over the ledge to help hoist him up. he pulled him self up the rest of the way and collapsed to rest again.

'Heavy' she thought, feeling accomplished. much amusement would have filled her but shame hit her after remembering her run earlier. She sat down to catch her breath too. 'Was he trying to keep me safe the whole time?' Her soft face expression fell and she could not look at him.

A moment passed and he glanced at her to see how she was but her face was covered by her white hair. He noticed her shivering, and thought to try and make progress in communicating. He coughed and began to sit up.

"Thank you," he said kindly hoping she understood. She glanced at him shyly.

"I don't understand," she whispered facing him.

He leaned closer, his eyes squinted searching what she said. His eyes widened once again but with delight.

"You speak in common toung!" He gasped in her language.

---her POV---

She tilted her head in question and understood. He spoke her language. who is he? She nodded saying "yes?"

He then smiled. ...Everything stopped inside; Her heart skipped. when he showed a kind face. She stopped breathing. He looked so beautiful; eyes lit up with kindness seemed as if he glowed. The only expressions she saw him have we're terrifying but this was the opposite. How could someone so terrifying look so beautiful and kind in two seconds?!

---his POV---

He was happy they could communicate, but his face changed once she stopped breathing. He searched her blue depths and saw pure shock in them. Her milk colored cheeks turned light pink and somehow made her look twice as innocent.

"Are you alright?" His tone changed to worry, "what's going on?" She shook her head and bowed deeply hiding her face. There was no understanding what happened. Then shot his head up looking intently at the sky. Noise of footfalls reached his ears. He decided to pick up his aching body and called out in his native tong. And moments later manny other people came to the high edge above them.

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