Blue-Eyed Star

Why am I here? Who am I? What am I? And lastly, who are you? I can't remember.
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2. Chapter One: A Fallen Star

CHAPTER ONE....................

Atop a particular tree stood a wise creature, an owl from what you would guess. But what was different was the size. It was ten feet tall. His eyes of yellow shines from any glimmer of light. His feathers were gray and even by looking you can sense his age. He was not like any bird, yet still to be called a bird. He could Speak and understand various languages. No bird was like him.

He gazed upon the three moons that were held in the sky every night. "Another normal day,"he muttered in an aged voice. Taking a yawn he fluffed his feathers and settled into a comfortable position. The forest was mellow and slowed along with restful music far off in the wood. He closed his eyes to the sound, letting in the melody that hung around him. He thought to himself 'already tired? My how the years have passed.'

As many minuets left and the melody was already over he opened his eyes looking ahead. The mountains stood tall and strong like a great wall. He noticed stars all over the sky but just above the mountains he looked at, something was different about them. He thought he saw a shooting star but it stopped dead in it's tracks. He squinted his great eyes in disbelief. But before he knew it, it fell upon the middle mountain.

The once slow owl jerked his eyes wide. He must figure out was was going on. He spread his wings and set off in an unexpected speed.

An Hour passed but he arrived way before anyone did. For what ever hit the mountain was still there. Cautiously the owl flew closer circling around his objective. He was close enough to see. But he was taken aback from what he saw. It was no rock he suspected before, but a small girl. Like a doll she floated as if on strings. But none held her. She clearly did have wings but they did not flap to hold her up. Her whole being was still, except one thing; light glowed within her chest pulsing like a heart.

Once he thought nothing else would happen he landed near her to see if she would wake. All her colors were pure white as to what he saw for the moment until her eye lids lifted. And at the same time she breathed in a full breath. Her eyes reviled to be a royal blue, but no pupil was seen. From what he knew all normal beings would have some sort of pupil, but no. She had only a beautiful iris.

Immediately the light faded within her and just like that her wings molted and disappeared. All with a blink of the eye she fell to the snow. She looked exhausted. He looked back from where he came remembering his task that was set. He looked at the girl whom was fast asleep from a faint. "She needs help" he gruffed, thinking deep about the situation. Why had a random creature like her appear? Maybe she is a good creature? She's asleep now so why not take a risk? He walked up and lifted her with his talons, careful not to hurt her and flew high heading back where he came.

By the time the morning star rose peaking from behind the mountains, the old owl reached his home forest. He did not land yet for he knew nothing of helping such a creature like this. But knew of who may. Many kinds of creatures lived upon that planet but with a closer related creature to what he guessed was a similar to the girl, were the elves. They were clever creatures, wise, and good friends, especially to many. Surly they would understand the situation and help figure out what was going on, and maybe why this strange girl came.

Here on your own if you don't know where the elves live you could get lost for days in the woods. Even in the air you can't see. Though this owl knew one clue to another till he finally found the settlement. They looked like normal great trees close to each other. But when he dived down to the ground, everything was clear.

Every eye around looked to the great bird and hurried to him to greet. But this time the owl looked serious and said "make way!" He stood on one foot, in the other talon he held the girl. But he made sure no one could see what he held till someone he trusted would come.

"Coraneron, what a surprise my friend," said a clear voice of a male elf that walked up. He had a kind smile on his lips as he walked up to his old friend. He was very tall, almost as tall as the great owl. The owl bowed slightly yet he quickly after, set down the girl who was rather hidden from everyone within his fluffy feathers. Manny murmurs were heard, but after a second of one move of the hand from the elf, everything went quiet. "This is an interesting matter," the owl said looking cautious. The elf took notice and got down on his knees looking at the condition and strangeness of the girl. Concern filled his face, for he never had seen a being like her. He sensed her atmosphere noting she was distressed. He took her in his arms and bowed to his friend, "we will take care of her," he willed, "my friend we must talk." After he tuned and called for more people to help, they took her to a suitable place for resting.

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