The last one

I never understood why others trusted me.....but now I know I have a reason to live outside of the dark


14. Waking up

The next day was dark, the sun hidden in the thick black clouds, although it wasn't raining. Yawning, I sit up a little. I look over to where the houndoom and Amber lay. Amber, was still curled up in front of the strange houndoom, laying her head against his chest. The houndoom lifted his head gently, making sure not to wake Amber. He looked at me. I looked back at him. His burning flame eyes looking back at me. It almost felt as if that went on forever, then he looked at Amber, who was still asleep laying against his chest. He then gently licked amber's ear. What the hell is he doing... I thought. When Amber didn't wake up, he nudged his nose on her cheek. Amber then opened both eyes, her eyes squinting, still half asleep. She mumbled sleepily. she was looking at the ground, not yet noticing at the houndoom. The houndoom nudged her ear. Amber looked up, her eyes still sleepily squinting. Her eyes shot open wide. She then jumped up, San stood in front of the houndoom. "W-who are you! GENGAR!!!!!! HELP!!" She screamed. I sighed, and walked to Amber. "THIS GUY WAS SLEEPING WITH ME, GENGAR!!!!!!!" She ran behind my legs. I looked at The houndoom, then back at Amber. "Amber... He came here in the middle of the night" I sighed. "WHAT!?" She barked. "WHY DID YOU LET HIM IN... HE MAY BE TAKING ME BACK TO THE PACK!!!" She was still hiding behind my legs. "As you may see, Amber.... There is no door to my cave........ It's not like he could knock." I said rolling my eyes. The houndoom stood up. " I don't want to take you back..." He said gently, his bright red eyes shining. "Yeah right... That's what they would all say.. 'I don't wanna take you back'. Then they would trick me! Well I'm not falling for it!!!" Amber growled, her tail under her. "Amber if he wanted to take you back, wouldn't he have attacked me last night, then take you away?" I said looking at Amber. "Well.... I guess so..." She looked at the ground. "But still.... I don't trust him...." Amber then looked up at me. I nodded. The houndoom walked behind me and nuzzled ambers back leg, pushing her gently out from behind me. She walked out from behind me. The houndoom stood in front of her. He then walked behind her. I watched, just standing there. What is he doing now, I thought to myself, still watching. Moving his head down, He looked at her hind leg. He nodded, And walked back in front of Amber. She stood still, and looked at the houndoom in the eyes.


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