The Valkyrie Chronicles: The Monster

Responding to a threatening transmission the Challenger returns to Terra II to confront an enemy that Michael and the crew of the Challenger have ever faced before.


6. 6


The Challenger held position far from shore as its shuttles from both the Challenger and the USS Newton flew back and forth from the shuttle bay to the devastated cities that suffered from Godzilla’s wrath.  Michael sat in his command chair calmly as the rest of the crew tended to their stations and he said, “What’s his bearing?”, Gross replied, “He’s still staying close to the shoreline and he is presently halfway up the continent on the other side.”, Petra said, “Should we be pursuing him sir?  We could at least follow him and give warning to anyone close of his presence.”, Michael said, “We will once we are no longer needed in the rescue efforts.”, Law turned to him and said, “Sir I have Captain Rai of the Newton on the line.”, Michael said, “On audio.  Yes captain?”, Rai said, “Captain Valkyrie we thank you for your assistance and you have permission to pursue the creature and find a way to destroy it.”, Michael said, “How come I am not hearing this from the Commodore?”, Rai replied, “He was onboard the Persus when Godzilla set it ablaze.”, Michael and some of the crew looked upset by the news and Michael replied, “I’m sorry captain.  Who is in charge then?”, Rai said, “Starfleet has decided that in this situation you are in charge.  My ship will be ready as soon as we get the engines back online.”, Michael said, “Whenever you do captain we will be following the creature behind at a distance.  That way you won’t have a trouble of finding him or us.”, Captain Rai thanked them and once communications ended and the shuttles returned the Challenger departed at full impulse and proceeded down the coast till the last large city was behind them and the Challenger turned to port and past the coast towards and flew between two mountain ranges to reach the other side of the continent.  Law said, “Sir I received a communique from Starfleet.”, Michael said, “Read it.”, Law said, “Captain Valkyrie of the USS Challenger, by order of Starfleet Command with the approval of Zhargosia Command you are hereby ordered to assist in the destruction of the creature that is now classified as Godzilla by forces of the Confederation States.  Once the creature is destroyed you are hereby ordered to the Alpha Centauri System to explore and find a planet where the A.I. created by an allied planet will reside and be quarantined from contact from any other intelligent lifeforms.  At the same time you are to drop sensor buoys near the planet Pandora as we have received reports that a neighboring star system is trying to colonized the planet against the inhabitants will.”, Michael said, “Gross do you know what the Confederation States have planned to destroy Godzilla?”, Gross said, “They have sent their plans of how to trap the creature and the weapon they are going to use is an “Oxygen Destroyer”.  It’s a weapon developed by an allied nation Jopon and it destroy’s oxygen atoms that in a sense disintegrates any living thing that requires or possesses that element.”, Michael said, “That is one weapon I do not want to mess with.  Where do they plan on using it?”, Gross said, “They plan on setting off in the bay outside of Carda.”, Michael said, “How are they so sure Godzilla will come to them?”, Petra said, “Sir he’s changing direction!  Do you want to intercept?”, Gross said, “In answer to your question sir they turned on the nuclear power plant there.”, Michael went over to Petra’s console and saw the red dot making a sharp left turn heading straight towards Carda and Michael said, “Head straight for Carda and have all stations go on red alert!”, he sat back in his chair and the alarm goes off and the light turned red as crewmen rushed to their stations as the Challenger made a sharp left turn and flew over the mountains heading straight to its destination.


    As the Challenger arrived outside of Carda, Michael and the rest of the bridge crew noticed a large number of ships anchored either close to shore or out to sea from the bay in the shape of a crescent moon and Michael said, “It looks like they have it all planned out.”, Petra said, “Sir I read two naval fleets present!  Sir that’s over two dozen ships!”, Michael replied, “I know the number that makes up a naval fleet commander, do you read the “Oxygen Destroyer” amongst them?”, Gross said, “Yes sir.”  On the surface a crane lowered what looked like a missile on a personal landing craft as soldiers stood beneath it guiding it to its cradle.  When it was lowered the side panel opened and two soldiers with keys went up and at the same time turned them and a clock that read two hours began a count down.  There was a high muffled sound and the crew on the personal craft looked up and some went over the side to see but only saw other ships and open water.  Michael yelled, “WHAT?”, Gross said, “Confirmed sir!  We lost the tracker!”, on the view screen the whole raining scenery remained the same until a large, clawed, lizard like hand appeared out of the water and slammed down on a DDG and dragged it beneath the waves as one of the female crewman screamed while others gasped.  Michael yelled, “ALL HANDS TO BATTLESTATIONS!  Send out the VerKa!”, Petra said, “VerKa already launched sir!”, the VerKa was already on top of the main body and held to both the saucer section and the starboard support to the warp nacelle as it looked down onto the water.  Ender moved the camera and looked onto the surface but did not see the creature till its same hand thrusted out of the water and came down onto another warship but on the stern and tried to drag it beneath the water.  Ender pressed a button and pulled on a lever and the VerKa pulled out its beam rifle and aimed from its hip and fired and the short beam hit Godzilla’s hand and it suddenly went underwater releasing the ship as it limped away and there was a muffled sound of a roar.  An alarm went off in the cockpit and Ender pressed a button and his visual changed from normal to inferred and showed a heat source glowing brighter and brighter and he yelled, “PETRA EVASIVE MANEUVERS NOW!”, and the ship shifted hard to port as a large circle of water turned bright blue and suddenly atomic fire fired out and just missed them.  Ender locked onto the heat source and fired his rifle again and the beam hit the water and saw a dull green light as it hit something.  There was nothing on inferred anymore and Ender switched to scanners and saw on the radar before him a large object is approaching fast beneath the water directly towards the Challenger and Ender pressed another button and the VerKa holstered the beam rifle behind it and drew its beam saber when suddenly a wall of water flew up as Godzilla appeared as it roared and outstretched its gapping mouth at the Challenger.  At the same time Ender yelled as the VerKa jumped and landed on Godzilla’s neck and chest as it grabbed hold of the creature.  The monster stumbled back as it was surprised and the VerKa swung down its saber at its left arm but the creature moved fast enough where the beam saber instead of cutting its arm off it burnt its scale skin.  The monster roared in both anger and pain and it quickly brought down its teeth onto the gundam’s right arm and began trying to tear it off.  The cockpit began jerking around as alarms were going off and Ender yelled, “GET OFF!”, and he repeatedly thrusted the left lever forward and the VerKa’s left fist began punching the creature’s face as it tried to chew its arm even as the gundam just dropped its beam saber.  Suddenly it ripped its right arm off from the shoulder and with one swipe of its right hand it hit the gundam in the face and it flew back hitting the water.  Godzilla first stared down at the damaged gundam but then it turned towards the small craft and began walking towards it.  As Godzilla walked towards it the ships did not fire and when it was upon the craft it stopped and the creature looked at its surroundings.  


    The bridge crew watched and Petra said, “Why can’t he take it?  It’s right there!”, and Gross said, “Maybe it is wondering why we are not shooting at him.”, on the surface the crew on the warships were looking at the creature as well and a captain on one of them yelled, “FIRE!”, and the DDG fired its one gun at the creature, following its missile payload and Godzilla started turning away and the other warships fired as well.  Michael yelled, “Fire all weapons!”, and Malon pulled down two levers and pressed a button and the Challenger fired both torpedo banks as the ship moved to port and fired phasers as well in rapid short bursts.  Godzilla stumbled at first and roared as it swung its arms in annoyance till it fired its atomic fire at the Challenger.  The ship shifted hard to starboard just in time and kept on firing as the creature fired again but the Challenger shifted to port when suddenly the VerKa flew right between the Challenger and Godzilla and first aimed its beam rifle at the monster’s face with its left hand as Godzilla gave pause.  Petra yelled, “ENDER WHAT ARE DOING!”, and Godzilla made a snarling look as its back started to light up when suddenly Ender thrusted the left control lever down and grunted as the VerKa shifted the aim of its beam rifle down towards Godzilla’s feet and fired a full burst.  The green beam ripped through the water and it exploded into the bottom of the bay and the ground began to crumble as Godzilla fell when it roared beneath the waves.  As Godzilla fell the crumbling bottom beneath the creature created a whirl pool effect and while the warships were able to escape the landing craft carrying the “Oxygen Destroyer” was caught in its wake and when it fell beneath the waves it exploded.  The water then began to bubble and there was an earth grumbling sound like an earthquake and Godzilla reappeared from the water with its arms clawing the air as it gave a loud thunderous roar before it fell beneath the waves.  As the creature fell it was sucked into the whirl pool effect and continued falling past where the ocean bottom was till the earth crumbled around him as the water still boiled from the “Oxygen Destroyer”.  The waters receded back to its normal state with half the bridge cheer with excitement while the rest sat at their stations and watched till Gross said, “Captain I do not read Godzilla anymore on scanners.”, Michael said, “Did you use all forms?”, Gross replied, “Yes sir, all scans are negative.”, Michael sat back in his chair and gave a sigh of relief and said, “Then it’s over. Godzilla is finally dead.”, and the rest of the crew sat back with ease while the rest disciplined their excitement.

The Challenger and the Newton class starship orbited Terra II as Michael looked over the log and signed it before giving it back to the yeoman and said, “Are all stations ready?”, Gross replied, “All stations report ready sir.”, Michael said, “Very good, and what of the Newton?”, Gross said, “They are staying behind till a salvage ship arrives to retrieve the Persus and the other starships destroyed by Godzilla’s wake.”, Michael said, “Then we must proceed on our own to the wagon train awaiting us to head to Alpha Centauri.  Ahead warp factor five.”, Petra replied, “Yes sir.”, and the Challenger left orbit of Terra II to deep space before it went to warp leaving a blue streak trail.

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