The Valkyrie Chronicles: The Monster

Responding to a threatening transmission the Challenger returns to Terra II to confront an enemy that Michael and the crew of the Challenger have ever faced before.


4. 4

The Challenger flew high above the clouds as Michael, Chloe, Gross and the rest of the senior personnel assembled in the conference room with the view of the rear of the ship and the sky of Terra II behind Michael as he sat and said, “I am not going to bother and ask the amount of damage Lizardo has done to the country behind us as we all know, but what are our options of destroying him?”, Petra said, “Torpedoes or any projectile weapons are no use against him.  So far the only weapon that is good is phasers but that only leaves medium scars and does not inflict any fatal injuries to this creature.”, Ender said, “We haven’t use the VerKa.  The weapons on the Gundam may actually hold the solution.”, Michael said, “Do we have any skin or blood samples from the creature?”, Crow replied, “The repair crews found small creatures that seem to have come from Lizardo when he treated us like a child’s toy.  They are about the size of your hand if a little bigger and it seems these creatures are attached to it either to feed on the radiation or its blood like leeches or clean any dirt or grime from its scales.”, Michael said, “Learn more from them doctor, they could hold the answers we need to destroy Godzilla.”, there was a constant beep sound and Michael pressed a button and said, “Yes Lt.?”, Law’s image filled the view screen to the right of the conference table and she said, “Sir we have reports that Godzilla has surfaced to the far left of the Indo island chain and has set fire to a local village!”, Michael said, “Casualties?”, Law replied, “A dozen fatalities, the rest were able to escape just in time.  Although I have to report that as soon as it set fire to the village it retreated back into the ocean.”,  Chloe said, “Indo?  That’s over 5,000 miles away!  How can he swam that far in three hours?”, Michael said, “Thank You Lt. keep us updated.  Viewer off.”, the view screen turned off and Gross said, “Sir I believe there is another way we can stop him.”, Michael said, “Go on.”, Gross said, “If the Verka is unable to kill the creature or the combined force of the starships arriving then I believe the only choice we have is to somehow send that thing back where it came from, if not deeper.”, they all looked at her puzzled except Michael and Chloe said, “It came from a now extinct volcano!  I don’t know about you but that seems obvious that lava cannot kill Godzilla!”, Gross said, “I’m not talking about killing him like Michael tired to do before but this time bury him.  I suggest we find the weakest part of the planet between the tectonic plates and the deepest so once he falls hopefully he would fall so deep that he will live the rest of his life deep within the planet and not be able to climb out.”, Michael said, “You mean entomb him alive.”, Gross replied, “Exactly.”, there was another beep sound and Michael pressed the button and said, “Yes?”, Law said on audio, “Sir six Federation starships are entering the atmosphere and heading towards our position.”, Michael replied, “Notify the commander of the fleet I should arrive on the bridge shortly.”, and he pressed the button again and said, “That concludes our meeting.  Commander I want more details of your plan and I want you and Arsenal to work together to see if it is possible.  Arkanian, find the weakest spot on the planet that is located between two tectonic plates and find out how deep it is and report, dismiss.”.


    The red alert goes off and everyone ran or walked fast down the passageways as well as crewmen on the bridge as Michael remained seated and yelled, “Report!”, Petra replied, “All stations report ready sir!”, Gross said, “Southeast Am forces have mobilized and are about to engage Godzilla!”, the alarm noise goes off and Law said, “Sir Commodore Tall on the Spencer has sent a message!”, Michael replied, “Read it.”, Law said, “All starships except the Challenger will engage Godzilla directly.  The Challenger will take position to the rear and deploy the VerKa with its beam rifle.  When Commander Wiggin has a clear shot he is to terminate Godzilla with extreme prejudice.”, Michael said, “Tell him we have received and understood.  Ms. Arkanian, ahead warp factor...”, Gross cut in and said, “Sir we cannot engage warp power in their atmosphere!  We will literally tear the planet’s sky apart!”, Michael replied, “Ms. Gross we need to get there as soon as possible!  What is our top speed that won’t tear the planet apart?”, Gross replied, “Full Impulse power sir.”, Michael turned to her wide eyed and yelled, “WHAT?”, Gross said, “I’m sorry sir but that is as fast as we can go in this fragile air.”, Michael said, “But we will be two hours late!”, Gross said, “I’m sorry sir but Starfleet has given us limited options in this situation.”, Michael sighed and turned forward and said, “Ms. Arkanian, full impulse power.”, Petra replied, “Yes sir.”, and the Challenger sped ahead high above the clouds.  By the time they reached past the coast where Godzilla made landfall it was already late afternoon and Michael said, “Begin descent.”, the Challenger flew down and past the clouds as they obscured the main viewer till they past and saw the coastal city was engulfed in flames as if the city has suffered through a bombing raid.  One of the bridge crew gasped and Malon said, “My god.”, Michael remained calm and said, “Commander do you have Godzilla’s location?”, Gross was looking down her scanner and said, “Yes sir.  The creature has moved inland but is still trying to keep close to the shoreline.”, Michael said, “Ms. Arkanian, follow Godzilla’s trail.  When you have him on the edge of your sensors report immediately and have the ship ascended back up above the clouds.”, Petra replied, “Aye sir.”, Gross said, “Sir I have a report from Dr. Crow.”, Michael said, “Go ahead.”, Gross said, “Crow has found a way we can track him if he should escape back into the ocean.”, Michael replied, “Good.”, they flew past of what remains of the city that is in rubble or still burning and the Challenger flew over roads and highways outside the city that is littered with abandoned or crushed vehicles as Godzilla had walked through.  They all watched in horror as they saw one stretch of highway that is still ablaze with black dots littering away from the fire and Petra looked sadden and said, “What are those black spots?”, Michael replied, “Bodies.  Burnt bodies.”, and one of the female crewmen gasped and tried to muffle her cry as the Challenger continued past and saw a railway passing the main roads leading to the mountains and the landscape changed from grassy to sand and they saw a derailed train with bodies littering around it and along the roads (even away) as the bridge crew continued to look in shock and sadness and Michael said, “What killed them?”, and Gross replied, “Sir I have scanned the bodies and the surface beneath and I detect the same radiation from Godzilla except it is a lot higher than before.”, Michael asked, “How can that be?”, Gross replied, “It appears that when Lizardo absorbed the radiation from that power plant the radiation within the creature increases.  Also whenever he uses his atomic fire it is also filled with radiation and therefore even if you are not hit by the flames the fallout from each burst or from the creature’s back can still be lethal.  They saw flashes of light in the distance and Law said, “Sir the fleet has engaged Godzilla!”, they heard what appears to be thunder in the distance but they all knew that is the sound of both the planet’s forces and Starfleet as they attacked.  Michael said, “Law, notify Ender to take position.”, the hanger bay doors opened and the VerKa Gundam fired its rockets and catapulted out. 

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